Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 80 The End

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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155 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 80 The End

  1. Can someone please help me with the last episode which is 80 the end. I want to know the soundtracks that has been used in this episode but I can’t find it at all and I need some help and there is one specific soundtrack I am looking for which is the scene of the piano which is in the scene (27.58- goes for a short time) I also I want to know that music piece. If anyone can help please comment below please. Thank you

  2. Well, on my opinion, I wouldnt have watch the whole drama if not for Hong XI Hui and Lu Zhen Ting.. I think their love story is much more outstanding than Hong XI En and Fang Jia Hua..

    I like how the story goes.. A 30 years old ex-mafia leader who is fearless, good in fighting, macho and full of leadership would go soft hearted, wearing pink just for his 21 years old girlfriend.. I really like that,.. For me they are the perfect couple… The kiss, the glance between their eyes.. Its all perfect… Lu Zheng Ting is the best.

  3. 吴建豪的那首歌几时会出呀??我一定会再看的。很喜欢耶!好看。希望吴建豪可以快快出新戏啦╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╯ GO!

  4. Hi!
    I want to thank the CAMERAMAN for capturing the various emotions in the eyes of actor, MR BOBBY DOU ZHI KONG, whenever he looks at “Hong Xi Hui”. His eyes speak VOLUMES!!!
    I also love the actor who played the role of “Wei Li”. Whenever he appears with “Xiao Xiao”, I laughed so much because of his reactions to her love for him!!! I also find him VERY SEXY when he is asleep!!! Can anyone tell me his name? Thank you very much.

  5. how come vanness and 
     Xi En  married? what happened if they have problem child like 
     Xi En’s brother? doesn’t make sense and not realistic….

  6. 這戲其實講真的..20集就夠了..來個80集誰受得了呀!!幸好結局美滿..不然我會氣死!!最爽的是看到那隻紅眼臭78溺死..其他人都可以找到屬於自己的幸福,,雖然有些地方是轉得很硬..劇情有點牽強..極度嚴重的拖戲..但我還是撐過了80集..給我自己拍拍手:-)

  7. the last part on 007 and xi hui so unrealistic, how could one with serious head injury (according to the sister, Dr said even if he recovers he will be in vegetable stage) miraculously recovers and walk out of the hospital…they want to make it sound really special that both of them has a love so strong that it can with stand  catastrophy but really too unrealistic..

  8. Someone at Daily Motion has posted scenes of only 007 or Xi Hui from ep 8 on.   There is even one short film with a review of their story.   It’s great.  Type in 七惠 and it’ll lead you to at least one of them and you can find the rest from there on.  Enjoy!

    Bobby Dou and Yao Yao really have good chemistry together as 007 and Xi Hui.  You can feel their love for one another with every hug, kiss and especially the way 007 looks at Xi Hui. 

  9. the   ending  is so  ugly  , the   ending  should be   xi  en  and   jia  hua  have  many  kids  and live  happily  ever  after  ,   nice kiss  but   it  should not   be focus on xi  hui  and   ru  zhen di  they  are  not   the  main character  here  , they  are  just  supporting   cast

    • Although Xi En and Jia Hua are the main leads, but Xi Hui and Zheng Ting are more outstanding in this drama that is why the script writer has to change and put them in the last episode, or else, a lot of audience like me will not watch. Frankly speaking, if this drama did not have Xi Hui and Zheng Ting, I would stop watching long long ago.

  10. the ending was disappointing.  the focus at the end of the story should have been with xi en and qiao ke li and not with the other two.  way too long!

  11. Still Wang zi disappear without reason in the storyline? This creepy. After all finally THE END. The queen of sop is way much better!

  12. Even though the storyline towards the end got kinda weird, still thanks to everyone who worked on this drama 🙂

    Especially bravo to all the actors and actresses….thought they all portrayed their roles well.

    <3 巧恩 =p

  13. Ok 16:45 was really creepy. 

    Awesome kiss by 007 and Xi Hui at 35:55. I like how they manage to look like they are in love! (Maybe they are?) I had to fast forward so many parts to get there. Weili’s baby looks…. shell shocked.I can’t believe this show has ended! It’s been a long and rough journey, but so thankful I stuck it out to the end. The shining stars of this series: Bobby Dou, Yao yao, Hong ma, Ah Ben, Jiahua’s stepmom.  The ending was so terrible though! Oh – em – gee. Why did they end on such a strange note? Maybe the writers read our initial comments, to want Xi Hui to have a shotgun pregnancy (albeit fake one) – at the cost of a very puzzled and embarrassed 007. Lol. 

    It’s been a great ride with all the commenters (the audience has grown!) and I loved reading all of the comments in English and Mandarin. 

    For those of you suffering from chocolate withdrawal, do remember to catch Once upon a Love with Sunny Wang and Cheryl Yang. Great, earnest, beautiful drama. (: 


  14. This is a very romantic show.  I just love seeing Bobby.  He is so good.  I hope he will do a show where he is going to be a main character

  15. “只要维持二十秒不懂,我就给你两千块”
    Ahh this part was so sweet, 🙂 <3

    i still cant believe it, all 80 eps and i finished it! 🙂 ahhhhhhgh im gonna miss it so much 🙁 ive been watching this drama since june! Can't wait for new dramas with 007 in it! And also Vaness Wu, he's an amazing actor. 🙂

  16. 所有的演员们,你们真的辛苦了。每个演员演得非常成功, 尤其是吳建豪和曾之喬。希望他们两个可以再次合作。爱上巧克力真的好好看哦。。希望可以有爱上巧克力二哦,但不要太多集。哈哈

  17. Anyone noticed that both 007 and Xi Hui were wearing white colored clothes at the church where they met again.  It’s like they were angels.

  18. 對於007的清醒,記憶的恢復,然後無意間聽到希惠的琴聲而相認,直覺是:真是太瞎了,真是瞎到爆。但是神可以創造奇蹟,編劇也行,外加所有愛上007新舊粉絲的念力,讓我們再次見證了醫學無法解釋的奇積。

    至於結局,就皆大歡喜囉。雖然希惠假懷孕的梗沒啥創意,但是當洪爸驚呼"懷孕",讓莫明其妙的007大叫"ㄚˊ"的時候,真的是很好笑。面對洪爸的亂停車開紅單指責,007 欲言又止的無辜表情真是讓人笑到爆,讓人感覺又回到當初開始看"愛上巧克力"的時候,每集都有笑梗的快樂。


  19. Awww, I love this ending but there should’ve been more of Xi En and Jia Hua and Jia Rui and Zheng Jun =P but so sweet and Xiao Xiao and Wei Li got a baby hehe and also Zheng Jun is pregnant =P ahaha love Xi Hui’s joke hilarious but Jia Hui ad Xi En still behind but I love them <333 Amazing job to the cast =D wish there are more episodes but great job I am totally gonna miss this drama/show wahhwahh but I love Vanness great job hope he has a new drama coming out and hope it is with Joanne =P love u so much Vanness <333

  20. The ending was ok. Wish there was more of jia hua and xi en though, since they’re the main couple. I’m sad this is over… I’m gonna miss this series
    well, good job to the cast!! (:

    • I’m thinking they didnt have more of jia hua and xi en in this episode was because they were trying to wrap things up with Xi Hui and Lu Ge…Jia hua and Xi en already had their “happy Ending” when they got married, had their honeymoon and then bid their love and goodbyes to start a new life in France..

      Plus.. in this episode it confirms that things between his dad, brother and the company are all in great shape since his chocolate ideas are benefiting in sales and profit of Dad’s company and Jia rui is getting praised by dad for his hard work in his share.. 

      I think we all know the last 10 episodes were practically rushed to make sure it heads into a happily ever after.. since Zheng Jun gives up Jia hua, ends up with Jia Rui, then Xi en and Jia hua and FINALLY we get to LU Ge and Xi Hui .. and somehow in the mix of all the craziness around the other couples.. all of a sudden Xiao Xiao and Wei Li gets their happy ending with a baby..

      The writers must’ve been either staying up late  or had no sleep to come up with this crazy but somewhat “wrapped up” ending… Overall I think for all the things that went around in this 80 episode series.. it finished.. Decent.. as in good.. not great.. I mean the ending wasn’t super good but it wasn’t super bad either..There were things they  could’ve fixed but I think It did alright. 

      It’s been a long journey everyone~! But it’s over.. now to figure out what I want to watch next! 🙂 

  21. I’m sad this is over. Now there’s one less thing to look forward to each day…
    the ending was ok, but it felt rushed. It’s kinda weird how most of this episode focused on 007 and xi hui even though jia hua and xi en are the main couple. But I guess it kinda makes sense since they were in Paris. I just wished there was more of them in this episode.
    and good job to the cast!! (:

    • my thoughts exactly.. for what its worth, the cast did a great job with what they were given.. I’m sure they were put through a lot from others but they endured it. 🙂 

  22. Haaha, Honpa was hilarious 🙂 damn taughter is grownup and he still is like ” yadyada damn daughter !”
    Kind of hurried up yeah.
    But did i understood correctly that Xiao Xiao and Wei Li had a son O_o haaha that was one of a, a bit surprise 🙂

  23. Question:  Did 007 expect to kill Haifeng and bear the consequence when he left Xi Hui or did he decide to work for Haifeng, therefore, breaking his promise to Hong Ba?  Either way, he will not have  a future with Xi Hui.  However, It seemed like he was hoping to have a future with Xi Hui in episode 79 when they sat down to have dinner but all along it was like he did not expect to come back.  It’s rather cruel if the date and dinner was only to let Xi Hui know how much he loved her  then he’s right that he was being selfish.  It’s too cruel to show Xi Hui what could have been when all along he did not expect to come back alive or had to go to prison.

  24. I think they used too much time at the beginning of the episode dealing with Haifeng and rushed the ending part.  The kiss when 007 and Xi Hui finally meet again is just too week for a second chance that he didn’t expect.   Another ridiculous part is that how can 007 still be so embarrassed giving Xi Hui flower after at least 2+ years of dating?  

  25. awww I’m gonna miss you all and the show ;(
    hope there’s part 2 and see more chocolate in the future ! ;(
    aww.. why Taiwanese shows have to end like that…
    I’m gonna miss Lao ban XD

    • Let have a Ti Amo 007 and focus on the time when Xi Hui is in the university to 007’s proposal instead of that stupid faking pregnancy bit.  Xi Hui deserves it for all she’s gone through to be with 007.

  26. Wouldn’t 007 think Xi Hui fooled around with another man since he didn’t get her pregnant?  Faking pregnancy to get married is a stupid trick.

  27. ok…. is not that im a pessimistic person or anything 
    but really, that was the ending? 
    im quite disappointed…..  

  28. I love the show but the ending is kinda suck:( I mean I don’t mind the ending but I wish they didn’t have to put it so fast. I still wish that the main couple have the baby too. I mean they all went to Ti Amo Chocolate as a reuion. So why don’t they have their baby with them too. The ending was filming too fast. I wonder why that when the show are really good but when it come to the ending, it suck. Why? -_____-

    • Because both Xien and Choc went overseas to upgrade themselves…i think Xien was doing something about chocolates and Choc went to study business? So it really dont make any sense if they were to have babies that way.

  29. It is so funny, this big ending is all about XiHui and 007 not XiEn and Chocolate!  isn’t so strange?  I love 007 but he is not the main character for this story.  I agree with some people, instead of Fall in Love with Chocolate, they should change to Fall in Love with 007. 

  30. 说不出的感觉….. 虽然是快乐的结局,但有种"似有没有"的感觉….



    原以为了Vanness而看, 谁知最后,我要说的是,"爱上007"!

  31. 已经习惯每天晚上看到007,不知明天要做什么。舍不得老板。不能再看见你,可惜结局太赶了,不然一定很好看。应该还可以更感动的。

  32. I guess they showed Xi Hui and 007 finding each other at church because it’s a miracle that 007 wakes up like a normal person.

    • I know!  they really could show 007 kiss her first for once!  especially that he gets the second chance in life and after he lies to her so many times.

  33. Even though it’s a sweet ending it still is rather ridiculous.  How can 007 wake up from a vegetated state and start walking around like normal?  I also didn’t like that fact that Xi Hui had to fake a pregnancy to get married.  It would have been better if they showed 007 proposing to Xi Hui.

    • Agree.  Once again, XiHui is the one who keeps moving forward with the relationship……..and also how childish is that to lie about pregnancy to get married?!

  34. I actually didn’t mind the ending but yes, the flaws are  big enough to put a hole into. I distinctly remember him being in a coma and the doctor stating that if he woke up he’d likely  have brain damage.. and yet he walks away without any doctors in the hospital noticing apparently. 

    That said.. there have been stories of people walking away from comas perfectly fine so it’s not necessarily not unrealistic.  I got the impression that  him being able to find her was sort of a we’re connected  by our souls and I’ll be able to find you wherever you are type deal. I.E… she dreams of him drowning in the water  right before he goes diving.. and he knows exactly where to find her once he wakes up because  her music led him to her. So.. him waking up was the producers’ way of saying that because he promised her he’d live well for her,  his soul kept that promise.

    Also, the baby was Wei-Li and Xiao Xiaos’. Zheng Jun is pregnant at the end of the series and Xi Hui faked a pregnancy so she could get married. 

    Granted.. I personally started seriously disliking the Joanne Zheng and Vaness Pairing towards the end just because with the way both characters were acting  and backing away from each other repeatedly throughout the series.. their story got old very fast and by the end they were probably my least favorite of the main couples. 

  35. all worth it in the end to see the perplexed look on 007’s face when xi hui was pretending to be pregnant so they could get married!!- poor guy was so confused!! *ROTFL*

  36. lucky yaoyao!! I wanna kiss 007 as well!!! hahahahaaa … and, where´s qiaokeli!? and xien?? horrible drama, Thanks for uploading! GO TAIWAN!!! NOT china taipei !!!

  37. Finished..really finished. I can’t scold ZhengJun every night or go gaga over 007 anymore. Gosh, what am I gonna do tml night at 10pm?! =(


  38. I’m a bit confused, who’s baby was that at the end?
    && good ending! I’m going to miss the feeling of looking forward to it every weekday x:

  39. this drama… have too many flaws.

    1) they pronounced him brain dead. [007] so why did he suddenly wake up and be perfectly fine? doesnt make sense does it?

    2) the ending is so rushed. as in really the last few minutes of the show. they shoudlve just used the front part to make a proper ending instead of focusing on 007. hes not even the main. gosh. 
    and it wouldve been nicer if they cut short zheng jun’s crazy woman parts and make a proper ending for 007 instead of trying to rectify the situation only at the very last episode.

    3) last episode yet the main couple appeared for… a minute? or two. what kinda ending is this.

    4) and the most ridiculous one to me. EVERYONE HAS A BABY BUT NOT XI EN AND CHOC?!?!?!
    even zheng jun and jia rui. -_______________- the ones who shld have news to announce shld be xi en and choc. maybe aft the ‘act’ by xi hui then they come out w the real news. sigh… disappointed.
    not even a kiss to end the show btwn the main couple. 🙁

    but alls in all, thank you for uploading the drama every night, really appreciate it.
    thank you fellow commentors who made it through 80 episodes together~ we somehow chat and comment evrey night on the drama, vent anger together and all. hahaha!!

    i’ll miss vanness, hes such a good actor. bobby too! 
    the script didnt do them justice, but they certainly pulled through till the end! 

    tiamo chocolate~~~ <3~

    • In terms of 1. At the hospital zheng jun told hong ba she lied to xi hui so xi hui doesn’t have to go through the pain that there is a possibility 007 would not wake up

      • erm i meant brain dead. they announced him as zhi wu ren, bcuz when one nearly drown, water will get into the brain. i believe thats why they pronounced him as vegetate state. not that hes dead… 🙂

    • 1.  That’s what we called love and determination.  It does make sense.  Have you heard about miracles???
      2. It is not rushed at all.  It was a good ending about everyone in the drama.
      3. At least they showed their faces at the end and returned home after two years which I think it was so surprised to see them so happy together and plan to have a family.
      4. Maybe that was the plan for episode 2?? I doubted but that was they’re planning.  How did they have a baby if they’re abroad studing. Come on, be realistic!
      All in all, this is an excellent drama played by everyone.  80 episode seem goes by so quickly.  I really miss watching it every day.  Vanness, Bobby (007?), Joanne,   張勛傑,賴琳恩, 瑤瑤, MC40, 小小, All the ones they played the parents and grandmother.  You all are great actors and actress.  Thanks, looking forward for more drama from you guys in the near future.

      • miracle yes, but its too far fetched from reality. they shld show that bobby had some difficulties aft he wake up and xi hui stayed by his side. [cut the time whr he drown and all, its really unnecessary for the kids and xi hui to keep shouting for him.] and helped him recover. wont that make more sense? -.-

        maybe to u its not rushed but thats how i felt. just my 2 cents worth.
        and yes, the plus point abt the ending is hw everyone ended up happy.

        i think you meant season 2? oh i definitely hope not. they dragged and spoilt the whole drama after halfway. [i watched it everyday of showing from ep 1, i have very deep feelings for tiamo chocolate thus the disappointment.] well yea, the studying plays a part, but the oldest daughter and older son end up slowly than his bro and zheng jun…..

        oh well. everyone have their own opinion on the drama.

    • 1) They didnt pronounced him brain dead…brain dead and coma are 2 very different things. 

      3) I think so too, they could have switched epi 79 (Xien n Choc’s wedding) with 80….but…i have no idea how would that affects the views ratings though.4) Of course! Both Xien and Choc actually went to study/upgrade themselves, so how can Xien gets pregnant halfway? Except for the above, i agreed with the rest of what you wrote. =)

      • erm, they did. they announce him to become ‘vegetable man’ [zhi wu ren] and they also said he will not be fully normal even when hes awake. 

        yea i agree… they shld swap 79 and 80.. well, idk, but does it really make sense that ZJ got preg [and her tummy’s alreayd so big omg] and even xiao xiao’s child look so big! like, 3? idk! 

        • they left for 2 yrs right? erm it only takes 40weeks for full term pregnancy…you know that right? So since ZJ and Jiarui were in love 2yrs ago, then 2 yrs later ZJ got pregnant i think thats pretty normal…

          as for Xiaoxiao…trust me when i said for babies at age 3 they are busy running around already. That looks just like a 1yr old baby.

  40. Awwww:( last episode today:(
    Everyone in this drama acted well and I think xihui did an excellent job for this episode.
    The ending touched me:((((

  41. Lovely, 但是很不合理。

    1. 台灣的警察有那麼遜嗎? 叫人家去臥底, 結果在交毒品的地方居然沒有埋伏? 那要怎樣抓壞人啊?
    還要有人報警,然後才很無能的追 (也不知道自己在追什麼, 還被逃掉)。  看到臥底的和壞人一起掉下海也沒人去幫忙? 什麼跟什麼啊?

    2. 007 有那麼笨嗎? 混黑道是混假的喔? 海峰幹嗎大費周章請他去撈毒品, 而且只有撈上岸就好? 他手下沒人會潛水嗎?  潛水有那麼難嗎?  007就這麼容易上當?!

    3. 潛水的人怎麼會隨便用別人準備的器具? 既然已經知道要潛水, 怎麼會什麼都不帶? 而且下水前沒有自己檢查一下?  編劇一定不知道潛水人是怎麼回事。

    4. 腦缺氧到要成植物人的人, 一醒來就可以全台北市趴趴走?  身上的衣服是哪裡來的, 台北市是這樣隨便走走就四通八達嗎? 太扯了。

    總之, 故事很牽強。

    • I know!!  What a stupid ending!  There are too many flaws in today’s ep……well, many eps.  They drag on so many eps and rush everything in the last hour.  The whole ep doesn’t make sense, even it is a happy ending.  Maybe we can remember the name of the writer so we can avoid the show from the same writer next time.

  42. This draggy drama should have come to an end maybe 40 episodes earlier. But nevertheless, i still think it has a great ending except that xi en haven have a child.

  43. LOL I dun get the part that 007 went to find xi hui when he woke up in the hospital. How he knows she’s thr and he got energy to walk thr mehh?

  44. 主角变成陆政廷和洪希慧不是方家华(巧克力)和洪希恩,不过故事结局很圆满。

    Vanness 其待你的下一个作品。


    ~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Ending~~~~~~~~~~~~

  45. 最后一集是我最喜欢的,因为它是非常快乐的结局.

  46. 007 haven catch his breath yet and xi hui wants him to promise her. And please, he survived!!! Can’t she wait a little longer???

  47. a little disappointed with the ending, seems in a hurry to end the series.  But still acknowledgement to the following 1) to the uploader, thank you for patiently uploading the series every weekdays 2) to the commenters, goodbye to my fellow commenters, till we comment again in other series, really enjoy reading all the comments 3) to vanness and bobby, i’ll miss watching you guys every night, hope to see you guys soon in other series.

  48. 愛上巧克力播完了!

  49. I’m so glad that 007 and Xihui have a happy ending ! I was like crying for the first 20 minutes while watching the drama , and then I smiled throughout the last 15 minutes !!! And I LOVE THE PRODUCER OF THIS DRAMA WHO MAKE A VERY PERFECT ENDING FOR ALL OF THE CASTS ! Ti Amo Chocolate , daebak <3 ! 😀

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