Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 79

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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100 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 79

  1. i actually disagree. while 007+xihui is a cute couple n all, i really like jiahua+xien’s storyline. And this drama is suppose to be about them. it was so touching to see jiahua finally call his stepmom ‘mom’ :3 and.. why is xihui so clingy? @[email protected] i love 007, but i find their storyline to be draggy 😡

  2. Just watched eps 76 – 80 at one shot… this ep just got me in tears! Esp when Jiahua called stepmom “mum”. (: As disastrous as this series was, it was still endearing at parts. I just CAN’T believe that Bobby Dou has become the second lead. Madness, but he’s so hot! (:

  3. xi  hui  slap   ru  zhen  ti  for   always   leaving  her  and   making  her   worry .  bagay  sila  ng  amo  niya  parehong  average

  4. xihui & 007’s kissing scenes: ep 47, 61, 79

    just a recap for all the xihui/007 shippers before we watch the final episode and *hopefully* have a happy ending for them, with another good kiss scene (hoping!) hahaha.

    agree with most of the commenters here that xihui/007 completely took over the show though supposedly being the secondary leads.

    well, i personally feel it is overall a good drama still though the middle-end parts got really draggy with the whole ZJ issue but looks like it’s wrapping up well. (hopefully, again)

    can’t wait for the final! 

  5. Character development of all the couples accentuated CKL and XE’s relationships, highlighting their love, devotion and ideals for one another. CKL learning that money, social status does etc does not buy love and family happines; Hong family shining as family filled with love, protected by sense of honor and purity that is almost counter culture – I find this truly refreshing; CKL and XE overcoming evil with good works, patience, hope etc leading ZJ and JR to turn around; CKL and XE’s purity in their love – I just LOVE it all including 007 and XH’s storyline and family at Ti Amo Chocolate. Gonna miss it, I will still rewatch an episode every night for quite some time, I always pick up something different each time.

  6. I like first 40 episodes….. Where Xi en and QKL were getting to know each other…. Falling in love…. Really really cute. Love it..

  7. just imagine, if 007 and XiHui had a happy ending at ep 78 or 79, will someone want to watch ep  80 ? If it is not 007 and XiHui, I would stop this drama long long ago. 

    • I know! I watch this show because of 007, I was going to stop watching like 25 eps ago……I pretty just watch 007 part only.

  8. I think XiHui is getting better with her acting as the show comes to the end. I can totally feel that XiHui is crazy in love with 007……even more than the love 007 has for her. She will do anything for him and she will never give up any chance to be with him.
    This show is showing stronger bonding with 007/XiHui than the lead couple. I really don’t think 007 was going to be the second lead, the second lead was the brother or WZ. It is because 007’s great acting and strong character make him stand out of this show. Good for him but also show the bad set up with the writers…….this show is just way too long.

  9. 看了第一集和最近的片頭,原來的三個編劇不知何時全被換掉了,後來的五個編劇肯定協調不好,劇情變的亂七八糟,星期一用這編劇的,星期二用那編劇的,讓主要演員好像都快演的人格分裂,我們看的人也都快跟著瘋了,前50集幽默風趣,雖然主角們愛的辛苦,但是讓人覺得甜蜜。後來的戲就明顯只為拖到80集了,第一次看到有戲的男女主角要結三次婚才成功的,也是第一次看到配角的劇情後來超越了主角,真是為難了兩個主角的好演技,王子公主都幸福快樂了,還得多拖兩集,要不然最後兩集只剩七惠,怎麼叫"愛上巧克力",不過看了今天的預告,最後一集看完時,本劇可能還是要改名叫"愛上007"!要不然改名叫"愛上巧克力色的007"好吧!編劇編的亂,看的人也瘋了!最後要説的是電視台真是太狠了,大結局竟然放在星期一,要過三天才知道七惠的結果,真是讓人快變成海鋒要發瘋了。

    • Cannot believe a production, as significant as the TV station exec claimed, went ahead and changed the talented writers in the midst of the production! It’s very upsetting and unprofessional of the exec… It wasn’t because JH & XE’s storyline was weak, it was manipulated & altered by the decision makers.

    • 原來偷偷換編劇了!!

      最後二三十集的家驊希恩,是我看過最沒靈魂的男女主角了= =

    • Unbelievable…. I wish there were more of good storyline about QKL and Xi En. even ending doesn’t seems like it is about the main actor and actress. Poor Vanessa and Xi En.

  10. 007一定賭希惠會要咖啡,故意在咖啡裡下安眠藥!看著希惠一步步中計睡著的表情倒是蠻可愛的!

  11. well i should go to sleep now. not nice to be up whole night watching chocolate :)))  But all 9 last episodes are done now ;P

  12. i honestly wouldn’t mind a “not-entirely-conclusive” ending for 007 and XiHui. I feel like there’s so much to be played still in their story, a sequel should be ordered soon (with them as the leads). anyone with me??!

  13. I love this episode =) it’s so sweet!! Especially Vanness and Xi En but I feel so sad for Xi Hui and 007 =( hope they will have a happy ending and I hope Xiao Xiao and Wei Li will have a hapy ending and so will Zheng Jun and Jia Rui =D this is all getting better expect for the part about 007 and Hai Feng =/ hope he will be okay! but this whole drama is awesomeI would give it a finity stars =P I love it <333

  14. I’m glad xi en’s dress actually look decent this time compared to the one she had to wear before.. hahah.. things are finally somewhat wrapping up.. PHEW.. FINALLY! 

  15. Finally Chocolate calls his step mom, “Mom” because it was her that raised him and took care of him like he was her own son.

  16. I agree with QQ. The final episode will focus on the culmination of 7-hui’s relationship.  I find this odd as this is normally reserved for the leads or the main storyline, so it plausible that the script may have deviated very much from its original intent in the course of this drama production. 

  17. It’s absurd for Xihui to call her own boyfriend “boss”.  When is she going to call her by name?  It doesn’t right in a romantic relationship. 

      • i think it might be odd, because it’s “boss.” but doesn’t XiEn still call her boyfriend “Chocolate”? Maybe they just really like nicknames in this soap opera..

  18. I can’t believe the last episode is on Monday. I’m going to miss watching this everyday, even though the middle of the series was draggy. I wish they started closing up stuff earlier cuz the ending kinda feels rushed now…

    • The script writer/s did well on this part, and Bobby executed it naturally. Having 007 removed the grain from xihui’s face and eating it up without a second thought to it (instead of discarding it as what people would normally do) really conveys effectively the intimacy and deep bonding between 7-hui. Well done.

  19. in case people are wondering if Choco & his WIFE (yes, finally she’s mrs. fong) will appear in ep 80?


  20. Can they show 007 kiss XiHui first for once?  (ok, for the second time)  it seems that XiHui always show her affection to him and he never really hug her or kiss her first?  (well, he almost did but ZJ interupt them with the fire).

    can they show that in the last ep?

    • I think 007 holds back his affection because he’s afraid that if he could not resolve the situation with Haifeng, like if he ends up died or seriously hurt, then Xi Hui will be even more sad.  But he clearly loves her very much from his words, putting up with her antics, and willingness to sacrifice for her.  

      The writers are really weird.  Just a couple of episodes ago they showed 007 not willing to discuss a future with Xi Hui (talking about having 4 kids) yet today he said they’ll have many more dinners by themselves in the future.  If anything, 007 should know there’s even more danger ahead with Haifeng now.

    • Ya, its kinda of boring and unimaginative (now) to see xihui foisting her lips onto 007’s. Seems like the script is pandering to the 7-hui shippers. It’s overkill.   

  21. One note to mention, it is very interesting that they put 007 and XiHui ending after XiEn and Chocolate. Isn’t the show always has the main characters “close” the show with the big ending? This show is so messed up which they have the second couple do the closing….because it will attract more people to watch! This is the first show I have ever watched with second couple (or they may be even the third/forth couple in the original script) win the hearts of the audiance!

  22. I dont know why a smart guy like 007 will be set up by HF again and again?  Shouldnt he just bring his own equipment?  I know it is the writer’s problem but it is just doesn’t make sense.  Other than the time they went out on the date, I never see 007 is relax at all, even with XiHui, he always hide his feelings.  I hope he will finally at ease after this…….which we will never see since the show will be over!

  23. If 007 really died , I’m gonna kill the producer of this drama . 真是的! 为什么每次都是好人得到不好的结局?! Really hoping for 007&Xihui happy ending .

  24. no offence but i think ZJ looks really ugly at the wedding, her hair and her dress … :/
    and too much make up/ she definetely looks much much better without heavy makeup!

  25.  星期一就是80集的到来。




    • I totally agree with you.  She should stop calling him 老板 like 40 eps ago!!!  I really don’t understand what is writer’s problem with this?  Why cannot she just call his name instead?  is she going to call him 老板 after they married?  so strange!

      • This shows that the age gap between them is even bigger! normal couples dun do that, they’d call each other’s nicknames but this show dun have any couples doing that.

  26. 觉得有一个女朋友像系惠这样,很烦哦。。。 谈恋爱,也是要给对方一点空间。。 让他去做他的事。。 而不是,每次都要在一起做每件事。。。 真的很烦哦。。。

      • that’s true. 007 was in a gang. so that’s different. xi hui just want 007 to be safe cause she loves him. i understand cause my boyfriend is in a gang and i do worry about him 24/7.

        • woah this is a little too much info but I can understand because u love him no matter what like Xi Hui’s love to 007

    • 如果“他的事”跟一班男生会做的事一样的话,希惠应该也就不会这么粘啊。可是007去做的事情又不是正常人回去做的。那么危险的是,那么危险的人,只要爱男朋友的人都会担心吧。。。

      • 就是因为这样“007做的事是那么危险的事”所以才不让希惠去啊。。。 担心一定会担心。。 可是也不可以这样要一直黏在一起啊。。 这样会让007很难做事的。。

    • 我同意樓下兩位的說法
      希惠都會這麼替希恩想了 怎麼可能自己卻像小孩想綁住自己男朋友
      他會這麼做是因為每次007都會趁他不注意或是睡著 想去解決黑道的事情

      不會有人希望自己愛的人離開了自己身邊然後發生了甚麼事情的 : )
      要換個角度去想 我是這樣認為啦~

      • 不过,男朋友也是知道这是危险的事,所以才自己去面对。。 是希望心爱的女友,没收到伤害。。。 如果女友,一直要在一起面对。。。 是没有用的。。 可能还会让事情变得跟槽糕。。 没有帮倒忙,还要让007多照顾一个人,在这么危险的地方。。。

  27. even though monday is the last episode, i think that the ending will be quite rushed? somehow there seems to be too many loose ends that are left around.
    they should give xiaoxiao and wei li a ending,
    then show jia rui and zheng jun maybe.. go overseas tgt or something?
    then 007 still unable to break free from the triad matters and its already the last episode.

    lets hope they manage to squeeze in a satisfactory ending!
    [thou, will there be an extension of the drama to clear up the ending like inborn pair? idk. but inborn pair was a little draggy, though they manage to save and end the story properly and the 4 additional episodes was awesome.

    tiamo chocolate, finally coming to an end thou. alls in all


    vanness has proven himself to be a truly awesome actor!
    bobby too!

    • i’m not a Van Ness but he really impressed me and friends in this drama, especially the hell the writer put him and Xi En through.  though his character became very distorted and at times, disappointing, but his portrayal was spot on.  looking forward to his future work and possibly another one with Joanne will be nice, to mend the flaws of this could’ve-been story line.

      • yes! i totally agree with you. he really portrayed his role very well, the ‘tiredness’ the ‘worn out’ the anger in the char, everything! he portrayed it really well, and he did very well in the beginning as the happy go lucky jia hua. but the story line disappointed us… 

        i would like bobby to work with a stronger actress too. i think xi hui’s char get a tad too annoying at times. and i think xi hui isnt a really good actress [understandable since yao yao is considered new.]

    • im sure he wont die! im sure there will be a miracle for the good guys ^^ lets hope finally 007 and xi hui gets together and zhf gets caught!

        • yes!!!! me tooooo!!! i will miss vanness alot! heh! but im glad they finally ending it, afterall its really too draggy = unless they have a good story line to continue which is quite impossible. lets just hope bobby and vanness have new dramas coming up!

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