Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 78

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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86 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 78

  1. :/ so sad that i do not understand kanji and the language. Half of the things stay ununderstood. Yeah from the actions you can see what they are up to.but words give so mutch more.

  2. 導演自以為帥…自從他跟張小雯離婚後…就對他印象…造型師也很壞,把政君做得跟Las Vegas的Drive-thru便宜新娘

  3. am i the only one who think that it’s ridiculous that xi en’s father, who is always so protective, would let jia hua marry xi en so easily after he has hurt xi en so many times?

  4. I don’t like ep 78 as the story line about the wedding is really very ridiculous. Why everyone has to co-operate with zhengjun, even jiahua’s family, the grandmother, the aunt and his father. They are all aged people why must listen to this stupid zhengjun, the script writer was just thought what they wanted the scene to be but he/she had forgotten that it was ridiculous and unbelievable. We, the audience have our own view and thinking. Although sometimes we may have not to look it seriously after all it is for amusement but it was really too fake.

    I still prefer 007 and xihui part, the chemistry is there and I believe many of us will like this couple more  than the rest. Hope they have a good ending.

    • Totally agree with you.  it is ridiculous …. and why does zj manage to get away being a crazy person making everyone does what she wants. scriptwriter yooo hook what are you thinking//????? Also, it makes QKL and Xi En looks stupid too.

  5. I think xien look good in her wedding gown with long hair. This hair style not suitable for her. Prefer her in long hair. 😛

  6. i feel like XiHui is still really young, so maybe they’ll do one of those “5 years later…” she graduates, and he comes back for her?

  7. YAY!!! xi en and jia hua are finally married! But poor 007 and xi hui. They still have problems to resolve… Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode ((:

  8. so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! love this episode <333 I even cried =P Vanness looked so cute hehe and Xi En looked pretty =) but I didn't really like the preview… but now that Xi En + Jia Hua is together and Zheng Jun + Jia Rui is together only Xi Hui and 007 or maybe Wang Zi Yi… ??? =P

    • they don’t look ugly!! they were pretty =)  maybe I agree a little cuz b4 her hairstyle was different but still they both looked pretty and that’s all I have to say

  9. 穿著禮服握著家瑞的手的政君~最美麗 :”)
    <3 Love this ending :")
    加油~剩007 & 希惠 的 婚禮摟:") !!!

  10. I skipped all the other parts except for 007’s part but I felt like screaming at my computer after watching the preview even though I still believe 007 and Xi Hui will be together in the end.  I hope the writers are not going to drag their happy ending until the very last episode on Monday. 

    On the other hand, love the way 007 took the pool cue from Haifeng and the fight scene on the boat.  007, the character, is really so macho compared to many other idol drama characters and his bravado is balanced with a quiet thoughtfulness.  Bobby Dou delivers this character in spades.  I look forward to watching his upcoming dramas.  I hope the script will be worthy of the actor.

    • i do same thing like you did ,i very like Vanness,also i very like Dou Zhi Kong….so i very hope 007 & xi hui will have happy end…god i have wait another 24hours to see 79Ep…

    •  They are going to drag their happy ending to next monday, this is their plan to keep the viewers. Otherwise the ratings may go downhill, but just feel cheated~!!!! 007 & Xi Hui parts are really short~!! So annoying, is like you are enjoying then it stop & skips to CKL & Xi En part

  11. 有沒有發現政君在穿婚紗時臉好像發水麵包,髮型很難看,她的胸部也很難看,好像用了很多墊子!!!! 很丑!

  12. why doestn choco think its wierd that the whole hong family is at him and zhengjun’s wedding = =. ohyeh its a tw drama

    • Exactly… The presence of hong family means the family of exgirlfriend is here…=.= people are arguing whether you should invite an ex to a wedding and now his wedding is inviting the whole of exgirlfriend’s family…=.=

  13. lol though out the whole wedding till the end of preview my palms were covering my mouth HAHAHAHA. TOO EXCITING, im definetely gonna miss tiamo chocolate when it ends. ITS BEEN SUCH A LONG JOURNEY <3!

  14. Lols. not much comments tonight.. haha, it is due to the switch back of story line?.. Too good to see them together again and get rid of the irritating zheng jun. haha… happy ending?.. but this drama seems very typical taiwanese style! 

  15. 浪漫的婚礼,巧克力和希恩好幸福,好高兴哦。
    还有最后两集, 迫不及待想看哦。。

  16. Lu Zheng Jun, I’m not scolding u anymore but still no good comment on u!

    Today’s Ep feel so happy ever since long long time…Well done Qiao Qiao and Vanness!

  17. Such a romantic proposal, wedding vows, absolutely beautiful !!!! Vanness and Joanne has great chemistry, well done :))))))

    • 提到’不自然’…为什么戏里每个一人,大的、小的、老的、少的都那么‘听话’,一一照着‘girlwithgolfishpout’的意思去做?都变白痴还是中了邪?

      • 在等待‘奇迹’的出现…终于盼到了。巧克力和希恩,一定要幸福喔!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
        ps: 看在今天有喜事就不要扁那个死爱枪风头的’girlwithgoldfishpout’

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