Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 75

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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83 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 75

  1. the mom’s arm is scary thin… does she has anorexia or diabetes? cause given her body size and her age…. she shouldn’t have that skinny of a arm…

  2. i really hope QKL will join the chocolate competition with Xi En! 🙂 That’d probably bring back their past memories they had together and make their relationship stronger.


  3. 看了這幾集越來越覺得洪希惠是白癡是不是啊!

    • “保護好自己就是幫忙了啊”,深有同感!!!!


  4. 你看吧!!







    • 我同意。自从‘girlwithgoldfishpout’的出现,这整部戏就完全失去了中心与平衡点。

  5. Yes, finally Xi Hui and 007’s problem with Hai Feng will be solved and now it’s Zheng Jun, Xi En, Chocolate and Jia Rui’s problem. I just hope that Xi En will be with Chocolate and Zheng Jun with Jia Rui. hehe next episode 007 and Xi Hui so cute <333!!! But Zheng Jun??? does she have to marry Chocolate?? and what will happen next?? =/ Just 5 more episodes till this amazing drama ends… =(!!! I love u Vanness =D!!! Go Xi En and happy ending for all! <333

    • I think you summed up all my thoughts pretty well…even though I wish jia rui would end up with someone else but if zheng jun really does fall for him and jia rui is truly happy then I don’t really care too much…and I seriously think the only thing keeping zheng jun from falling for jia rui is the  regret that she has with the whole leaving jia hua 5 years ago and that she can’t get over that she possibly/might have spent those 5 years all happy with jia hua instead of all alone with nightmares abroad…she really needs to let go of the regret and move on with life…

  6. What’s wrong 海芋 Calle Lillies?  They are beautiful flowers and many people use them as wedding bouquets.  

    • I think what she means is.. don’t people usually give flowers in a bouquet form.. and usually they’re roses… But because 007 is special everything is ok… not to mention those aren’t Calla Lilies… which is the funniest part… he gave her morning glories… Calla Lilies have a long tube-like body… not to mention.. they can’t be potted with out dying… They need sufficient space and water….. 

  7. OMG 007 and xihui so sweet!!! 

    And i guess zheng jun start loving jia rui already, that’s why she say cannot be disrupted by him in the preview… 

  8. how smart XIHUI is to walk back to crazy man’s place with no accompany ?
    walking back in trouble and draging negotiation power is totally STUPID.

    Still, 007 is soooooooooooo cute!!!

  9. They should let something happen to xi en. Then Jia hua will kick away that bitchy zheng jun no matter what, cause xi en is so important to him. 5 more episodes….don’t understand why so many scene on zheng jun. why oh why!

  10. Woohoo! 007 is so sweeeet today! 

    To be frank, i really cant be bothered about the storyline anymore. But can they at least try to film it better? The scene of Xihui trying to escape was very poorly filmed. When she faked a stomachache, the guys who caught her actually asked –  “怎么了” & “有没有怎样”….seriously if i worked for the triad and we are in the mid of “kidnapping” someone, i dont think i can be bothered if shes feeling well.

    And why would she wanna run with her killer-heels? And the worst part was when she screamed for Police – the guys believed her – and she managed to escape (again) with just ONE PUSH….? Seriously??? 

    Then she went back to the billard house, she managed to spray the men away…its a good plot to make her look all gutsy and stuff, but it just dont make sense that she was being surrounded by these men – why would those at the back stood still watching her spraying the first man and then let her spray on themselves? Were they too shocked about the wonders of pepperspray (if that is it)? 

    Sigh, i dont even wanna go on.

    Now i just wanna rewatch the sweet part of 007 & Xihui. My heart actually skipped a beat when he said – “为了你等再久也愿意”….this is soooooooo unexpected! The rest of the scene is so hottt i actually melted. =P

  11. the way the show is going i think right till the very last minute of the last episode then they will show choc n xi en. no more sweet moments. then all fans would be pissed cuz we didnt get our share of choc-xien couple. sigh. OH GET THEM BACK ALREADY. I DONT WANT TO SEE ZHENG JUN AT ALL =.= 

    cut all her screen time and it would be awesome.

  12. 結局應該是這樣的:

      • 100% agree with you…if not, she should go to jail for the evil part she did while helping at the WL with 家樺 and caused all those trouble for the business…

  13. 007真的要坐獄嗎? no wonder he is doing sth sweet to XiHui… It’s so sad that da writer does not know how to end this drama. It’s good that we will see him put on the pink shirt… Can’t wait for tmrw’s episode..!!

  14. Xi Hui is getting smarter ~!!! Now her brains moves faster than her body~!!! This makes her more worthy & compatible with Boss. 

    I actually feel like crying when Boss takes initiative to hug her when they are at his house. Did you see his face? He was so upset but had to force a smile in front of Xi Hui. But this also shows Bobby’s acting is simply bravo~!!!

    I have a foreboding feeling again. They will have a happy ending, i guess he will temporarily leaves and when he returns to Xi Hui they will be together. I really hope to see a marriage scene coz Hong Pa said he agrees to them getting married after he returns. But what is the decision that he had made? 

    Can’t help but agree with Guest that 007 maybe caught by police & sentenced to jail? But since he was the one that assisted the police, he may be released??? 

  15. 已經沒看20集了, 為何劇情進展是0?
    聽網友說還有5集, 真期待編劇還能編一個怎樣的爛結局!!!

  16. 我的天啊, 为什么还在拖巧克力和希恩的戏啊?只剩五集了, 什么时候才能看到他们俩个好的结局啊.


  17. I have a bad feeling that police will come while 007 turns the antique over to Haifeng so that both he and Haifeng will be arrested by 007’s design.  This is the only way he can keep Haifeng away from the people he loves.  This is why he’s so sweet to Xi Hui because he knows he’ll have to go to prison. Hong Ba said before not to feel lucky not having to pay for the crimes he’s done before because everyone has to pay the fare even if they’ve taken a wrong turn.  So maybe 007 will go to prison while Xi Hui goes to university and they’ll be together after she graduates.  

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