Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 74

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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108 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 74

  1. 政君發春的樣子真噁心,,他媽的笑個屁呀!!噁爛的女人還求婚?!我求你吃大便滾到一邊喇!!還吻你?!!我一巴就給你扇過去!!還去巧克力店找碴?!!要是我就一腳給她踢下水..看你要把水全喝掉還是自己爬上來!!噁心的臭三八死小三!!!!!!!!!

  2. is weird how the script makes a ‘handicapped’ person so feared by the ex…that the ex would do anything just to pls her… so lame & highly unlikely… it’s not like she’s powerful or super rich or has anyone supporting her in her endeavours… just doesn’t make sense… 

  3. if   i  were   xi  en  i would  forget  , jia hua  ,  he  is  such  a trash  if  i were  xien  i would  slap  jia  hua   non stop  for   breaking  my heart   he dont   deserved   your   love

    • totally agree. so fake…bad acting on her par.  Maybe she should stop  wearing skirt to show off her legs…If she is paralyzed, then she shouldnt be sitting like she in a talk show being interviewed. seriously.

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the way ZhengJun sits on her wheelchair? It seems like a really uncomfortable sitting position…

  5. Choc. Had became a brainless man.. Lol … ZJ Bitch let her fulfil what she wants and let’s had a runaway Groom. That’ll be fun.. From Heaven to hell is the best way for Bitch like that to give up. Yeh…

    XE forget about Choc. Useless man, can’t protect own love. He is rich why can’t they just eloped ? Stupid ! ! What is the point of giving him wealth here..

  6. I am currently doing a worksheet about Wildlife Conservation. A wild animal like Zheng Jun should NOT be conserved. She should just be tortured and killed.

  7. first claim to love choc, then tried to use jia rui to forget choc. then die also want to hold onto choc and refuse to give up, even force him to marry her. and then when jia rui kiss her she kiss back. [and what kind of kiss is that? they look like birds trying to peck each other]
    zheng jun just screams BIMBO BITCH.

  8. 垃圾 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 我猜這戲一定有哪個人是電視台哪位大老的力捧人士
    否則導演  編劇怎會這樣亂搞

  10. 真棒!看來政君你的腳已經不是家驊會為你放棄希恩的責任啦!!!

  11. 为什么巧克力给我的感觉好像不答应政君的要求,政君念一个咒语就能杀死希恩。他拒绝政君到底会有什么可怕的后果吗

  12. Now that QKL is getting married to the woman who almost wreck the Company, where is  QKL’s father? He initially tried to get his 2 sons to run the company. Now that one of them has to be the slave to that women, even to go at late night to wash her hair, the other one is wallowed in his stupidity to push her to his brother. What happen to the Company? Is the father gonna do anything? why is QKL’s grandma & aunt not doing anything?

    • Qiaokeli’s dad wasn’t very nice towards XiEn and insisted that she underwent some health checks because he was worried about their future…(think XiPing). Well, where is he now? 
      His son is about to walked into the biggest bobby trap + forced into a loveless marriage by a mentally unstable ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’…Is this father going to step up to the mark?

  13. Ughh!!! I still hate Zheng Jun!!! Why is she even in this drama? and I feel so sad for Xi En =( but yeah anyways the preview sucked I don’t like it!! Y did Chocolate go save Zheng Jun??? and ughh Xi Hui i starting to get annoying too! like idk but she is just some small girl who wants trouble!! but in this episode I can see that Chocolate still loves Xi En very muh well I knew he did but this proves that he doesn’t even like Zheng Jun a bit!!! =) also kiss me? really? Zheng Jun is mental!!!! and good job Chocolate for saying I only kiss the woman I love!!! Love u Vanness!!! and u know what! in the end, Jia Hua should give hr a big slap on he hideous face =D and I will help too =P

  14. They are just taking time to make this drama longer .Actually It could have ended where xi en and jia hua gets married because jia hua found his mother , zhen jun started to let go , his dad approved ,also xi en’s dad wants him as a son in law.

  15. just saw the actress who plays Xi En’s mom posted a wedding pic on her blog, you can see a new wedding photo of JH & XE.  life is good again 🙂

  16. I never like Yao Yao as an actress.  Her role in Office Girls and Ti Amo Chocolate are both annoying.  She is so loud. 

  17.  OMG! Xihui is being stupid here.  Her parents worry about her safety all the time.  Why did she have to go to Zhengting’s place? 

  18. for someone who watched daily from ep 1 till now, today’s episode.. is so so bad.
    i practically left it at background and did other things while it runs. sigh.
    cant explain the amount of disappointment. i had high expectations for this drama.

    one girl manage to spoil everything.
    whats worst, a bitch who plays with a pair of brothers. disgusting. gross.

  19. honestly, ZJ is a air head!  so she wants JH in any inconceivable way yet, she continues to upset JH, the writer truly is dumb!  if she would act (which she’s good at), she can act caring, gentle in trying to win JH’s heart but, completely laying her evil self on the table is not doing her evil deeds any good.

    but i’m glad, because i don’t want to see her for another sec… i wonder if the actress is an tv executive’s relative so she’s getting huge screen time… sigh.

    •  or, sleeping with the producer/writer……as many do to get the part.

      They get pay by the show, and one can see who gets to appear  in the show more.  sigh…. the actress is sooooooo ugly and awkward, not sure why she is here!!!!   Nothing to do with the role she plays, she is simply irritating.

  20. Yes!
    In the next episode, JH wil see that ZJ can walk on het own feet! Hehehehehe, how ’bout that ZJ?! >= D

  21. when they were showing flash back videos of zheng jun and jia hua, it made me realise that right from the start, even before the plot unveiled her evil side, i already hated her face…. 

  22. Everyone, lets just lookkforward to the next Bobby’s drama hopefully with Yao YAo as main lead in a 20 episode drama. 

    Why they repeating this kidnap story??? 

  23. omfg!
    ZJ is a totally bitch !
    hope JH let her die in the fire..
    god damn it..
    I don’t think that’s gonna happen but I’m hoping it..

  24. China fans said the Script writers 编剧 changed. At the beginning of the show, when the theme song is played, can see the script writers name changed. This probably explains the failure of the plot? Was wondering why these few episodes revolves around Zheng Jun only… so little of 007 & Xi Hui!!!!

      •  sleeping with the producer la……don’t you know?  what else?  no qualification whatsoever, why she?!  appears EVERYDAY, even no storyline.

  25. 家樺是白癡嗎 我的天啊 沒必要把它寫成這樣吧都知道政君是故意給車撞的
    我就不信不聽政君的話 政君會怎樣 再去給車撞一次??
    我看沒人理她 他就只能唱獨角戲吧

    • Indeed a good one! Finally!! I hv a feeling that Jia Hua won’t get married with Stupid Bitch Fox…
      So Xi En Jia Hua supporter, hv a good rest then.

  26. 他媽的!家樺幹嘛去救那該死的狐貍精???由她死了然後跟希恩結婚不是很好嗎?

  27. Sorry but how come I can’t find 007 and xihui tonight? I thought they are on from what I saw in the comments below…

      • I hope the reason why 007 and Xi Hui have so little screen time these last few episodes is because they’ll filming the kidnapping and rescue for next week plus more romantic scenes.

  28. 政君 你快死吧。。我越看越生气。。为什么每一集都是政君。。我真的不想看她。。很讨厌政君!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!快死!!!!!!!!

  29. Why would 007 agree to get the antique for Haifeng?  He must know that if there a first time then there will be a second, third time, and so on.  Unless he thinks he must separate from Xi Hui because he cannot keep her from harm.  

    It’s funny that 007 cannot say ‘no’ to Xi Hui at all.  I wish sometimes he acts more like the old boss and be more stern with her for her own sake.  Xi Hui must understand she gets in the way of things by making 007 worry for her while he already has so many things to handle.  She is still immature about this.  It does not matter that she cannot stand not being with 007 but the reality is that she cannot help but will only hinder.

    Xi Hui is kidnapped.  How is 007 going to save her?  At least there is going to be some action next week.  Hope it will be a satisfying resolution.  Both 007 and Xi Hui would sacrifice for one another so I wonder if one of them will be hurt for the another’s sake? 

  30. I hope next ep will be great since this is dragging on way too long, hope they wont just solve everything in the very last ep. 

  31. I feel sorry that the writers have to make XiHui kind of childish again, not listen to 007 and Hong Pa to keep herself save so 007 doesnt have to worry about her.  They need to show that so she can be kidnapped again!  sad for the character since we all thought she is getting more mature now.

    • Hmm, I actually think that the portrayal of her as such is okay and human-like. I personally think that the viewers (including myself) expected a tad bit too much from both 007 and Xi Hui ever since they started dating officially. Ya, 007 is matured and all, but as Daddy Hong says, he is trying to hard to bear everything on his on shoulders. As for Xi Hui, yes, she has matured a little, but maturity is a process, just like how all of us learn from mistakes and grow up 🙂

      From what I have observed about Xi Hui since she and 007 officially date, Xi Hui loves 007 so much that she is willing to endanger herself and put herself at risk. Her emotions and actions are very much flooded by her love and concern for 007, so much so that she has not been able to consider her family’s worries for her. I do think that this is very typical for a person who is madly in love, especially for the first time. No matter what her parents/sister advise her, it’s like coming into the left ear but coming out from the right ear. You know how sometimes we don’t listen to people but finally realise how wrong we are? Similarly for Xi Hui. The first time she was kidnapped, I think it only made her
      realised that she wants to be with 007 through all the ups-and-downs.
      But she hasn’t learnt that her love for 007 is not everything in the
      world. And she also hasn’t really learn that there are limits to what she can do, and is still not able to think ahead. She is still acting/talking faster than she thinks, not taking into consideration the consequences. There’s still quite some growing up for her 🙂 But I guess that’s what charming about her in some sense, the guts and spunk that she has. But perhaps, a reign of wisdom on her actions might do her better 🙂

      I personally hope that from this second kidnapping incident, she will learn that, though loving 007 and wanting to face all the dangers with him is noble, but not always wise and right. Hopefully she will also learn how to consider the feelings of her family, and not be overwhelmed with just romantic love. Like what Xi Hui said today, life is not only about romantic love 🙂

      Just my two cents 🙂

    • China fans said the Script writers 编剧 changed. At the beginning of the show, when the theme song is played, can see the script writers name changed. This explains the failure of this plot, sudden twists in characters & such… 

  32. yay! looks iike all the issues are gonna get solved in one-go next week! the kidnap, the fire, the walking ZJ etc etc! hope is back!!!!!!

  33. 最后六集了,为什么这狐狸陸政君海没死啊? 看来她真的是编剧的情妇啊。。。几乎每一集都有她的画面. 看了,听了他的声音 斗有点恶心. 什么芳太太啊,我的天啊,太恶心了吧。
    巧克力啊,你也应该醒了吧。 看到狐狸陸政君的脚可以动你知道她是骗你的,所以快点回去希恩生边。
    希恩你真的非常勇敢的女孩. 你以顶要加油哦。

  34. dude…she needs to burn to death that way theres less ppl for 007 to worry about. plus shes such a fucking bitch who cares if she is alive or not.

  35. i just Fucken wanna punch that Zheng Jun Bitch, sorry for the language, OMG since she came, OMG i freaken hated her guts. 

  36. 好期待星期一的到来!:- )



    方太太- 洪希恩。

  37. i really want to smack zheng jun face when she showed how satisfied she was when she’s controlling chocolate

  38. Okay, so this ep just proves that ZhengJun do like JiaRui.

    Anyway, I beginning to find XiHui a little irritating in the sense that maybe she should have listen to 007 HongPa. Love how she fight for her love but sometimes it might be a little burden to others. =/

    It’s Friday again! =( Gonna wait until Monday for the next ep. 

  39. Zheng Jun is such a bitch. Excuse the language, but she is one. I’m sure everyone who’s watched this show will agree with me. 

    • 快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧快點被火燒死吧 and no more her future show either

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