Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 69

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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158 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 69

  1. 那麼噁爛的女人不要就罷喇..幹嘛跟希恩分手!!你腦袋裝屎嗎?!!這樣的決定最痛苦不就是你自己嗎?!!虐待自己是比較爽嗎?

  2. I actually prefer longer dramas, I don’t like the ones that end abruptly. And after this eps u guys still think its boring??

  3. i really don’t get this, a few episodes back, when jun was still really nice and accepting their relationship but now…??

  4. Geez! This drama just keep postponing the episodes! Sp tired of these now! Just get these done! The story is getting boring!

  5. 大家先別氣,
    是不是跟事實很像 『 愛越深傷害越大』

  6. 其實巧克力是為了不要讓希恩傷心,

  7. 为什么政君不可以像罗芸放弃伟翔一样理智的放弃家骅,搞每一个人那么惨,可见编剧疯了

  8. 政君哪是甚麼公主病啊。明明就是神經病!007整個帥呆了,整個劇我最喜歡看他和洪希惠。家瑞根本就腦殘,這麼大的人不知道分黑與白就在那裡起鬨。政君如果不去配海峰配家瑞也好反正一個瘋了一個腦殘

  9. 难怪我就在想怎么要80集,原来还有这么sb的事情都有。编剧怎么编的?还不如不要爽快的结束多好!真不知道该说巧克力是傻还是脑残。

  10. 家华简直就是个lg,真是倒霉,看到现在结果是这样早知道还不如不看。浪费时间!

  11. i think the hong family will be the key in bringing jia hua and xien back together, hopefully they can influence zhengjun for the good also, I am thinking maybe even the vampire looking nemesis of 007 lol. Love seeing their loving, gentle, loyalty to each other, especially to xi pin, and all the common sense, loving words of encouragement etc even 007 finds it a comfort to be in their home. overcome evil with good ! go vaness 🙂 and i have to say vanness did such a great job here, genius twist when jiah hua ended relationship with xi en…cant wait to see what next 10 episodes bring…just show how relationships are complex, never easy and communication makes or break a couple.

  12. 媽媽媽媽的,巧克力你是白癡還是砂輝??!!希恩是人耶!!不是鬼不是什麼耶!!你傷了他的心你很爽是不是!

  13. I also love how 007 peeked out of the room. Is the Director trying to show him feeling the Hong family warmth & noisiness? 

    Best of this episode: Xi En & Xi Hui sisters siblings-love relationship. How many pple share beds with their sister? I think Xi Hui is really mature, she probably knows Xi En is upset but she does not ask abt it, she just asked Xi En to help her dye her to cheer her up. 

    I seriously have no idea what Jia Hui is thinking? Find it quite illogical that after he is still willing to take care of Zheng Jun knowing the truth & what she had done to Hua Ren, and to think that Hua Ren is his dad’s labour of hardwork!

    No 007 & Xi Hui interaction today~! But it was nice to see 007 having breakfast & enjoying the Hong family warmth. Think Hong Ma accepted 007 though reluntantly from their exchange of eyes contact? 

    • I believe the reason why he chose to take care of Zheng Jun is because she said that if she can’t get happiness, neither will Xi En. So if Jia Hua really chose to neglect her and be with Xi En, Zheng Jun will still come up with some excuse to break them up.

      • yea i agree. i think choc is scared zj will harm xi en or herself and constantly do things  to break them up. trying to protect xi en in a way.

  14. 什么吗?将烂的决定都可以做出来。 知道政君不折手段还说什么责任啊?烂头了。。而且故事太长了。。不要再拖了。。不然真的不想看下去了。。

  15. this drama is driving me mad… I don’t even know why I’m still watching this… a waste of my 70hours… are the characters idiots? OMG gahhh… 

    I must say thou, the beginning was so good, but now, it’s just being dragged on and on. 

  16. Zheng Jun is clearly a mental person.  Who can condone such crazy and neurotic behaviour ? It’s like a “fatal attraction” movie.  Imagine marrying her and seeing her kill your “hot neighbour” cos she was chatting a little longer with Jia Hua.  I understand the difficulty that Jia Hua is facing as he is a responsible guy and didnt want Xi En to be dragged into this insidious abyss of dealing with a mental Zheng Jun.  I cant wait to see what happen next.. Hope zheng Jun and Jia rei will end up together cos they both deserve each other for screwing up other ppl’s lives.  I watched this show becos of Vanness Wu .. love him … Go Vanness !!!

  17. 又在自以為是!!






  18. Which one do you prefer:
    1) Jia Hua who declares his love for Xi En early on but every time when things go wrong will disregard and withdrew from Xi En.
    2) 007 who withholds his love over and over again from Xi Hui to protect her but ultimately accepts that they love each other too much to let one another go.  
    3) Jia Rei who is too timid to love period.  Not even a choice.  Can’t stand that kind of man.

    I have a feeling that both couples will be together in the end but I’d rather have 007 than Jia Hua because it’s no fun being jerked around by someone who claims to love you.  Once 007 admits his love for Xi Hui, he’s all in no hesitation, and you can clearly see he mans up to protect Xi Hui and her family.  Jia Hua is just the opposite–he retreats from his responsibility to Xi En and leave her hanging out to suffer even though he thinks he’s doing what is good.  Who know when he’ll let Xi En suffer on her own again.  I will no trust this kind of man to be my future partner because he’s simply not dependable. 

    • Thank you for the good analysis on the 3 male characters 🙂 

      Agree. I rather have 007 as my soulmate or life partner. He is the kind that once he decides to love he will not hesitate at all. He will go all the way to protect Xi hui & Hong’s family. Don’t need a guy like Jia Hui that only proclaims his love but the things he had done hurt Xi En so much time & time again. Whereas 007 though he has never confess his love but he actually loves Xi Hui deeply. Action speaks louder than words.  

  19. there are only 11 episodes left, the writer better step it up or go home!

    thinking back, wasn’t the reason jia hua was kidnapped because zheng jun’s brother 007 was involved in gang and they want to pick a fight with him?  if so, the involved party (007 & zheng jun) should rescue jia hua… what’s the guilt behind this crap? 

    sometimes when different adversities are thrown at you all at once, it’s not easy to stay clear & level headed so though i want to personally knock some common sense into jia hua’s lame brain, he’s only human.  i can only hope the remaining chapters will be sweeter for jia hua & xi en. come on fashionista grandma fong & chocolate mommy, we need you ladies to steer this to the right direction.

    • Talking about different adversities being thrown at you all at once then you cannot beat what’s being thrown at 007: Haifeng threatening Hong family to drag him back into the mafia; his sister seemingly paralyzed; his sister becoming the evil home wrecker; building a relationship with Xi Hui and her family.  That’s why 007 is the mature one and not Jia Hua.

      • That’s why they are two separate characters, they each have their strong and weak points. 007 fans will always favor him and jia hua fans will do the same. I don’t believe in comparing two different life experiences, each has its own walk of life; for better or worse.

  20. Jia Hua  loves actually Xi En. but since he feels guilt he takescare of the not so nice person in the show.
    Also since he is kind hearted and sees all what happened being his fault ( ohh  im that older brother type ) he is into that scene a lot…

    What is sad  tho and well Hong family has changed him also, the way how they treated eachother etc….

  21. 結論:

  22. zeng jun doesnt deserve a brother like 007, someone like jia rui. she causes all unnecessary troubles,   but i know that in the end, she will get nothing . LOL. i dislike her character

  23. 這劇情越來越恐怖了… 趙僵屍要對洪家洪希惠不利,政君爲了愛不停陰謀傷害自己扮可憐…


  24. This is just so sad :'( Why is Jia Hua not being smart? He knows that he loves Xi en but he’s breaking up with her? What the… anyways I feel so sad for Xi en and stupid Zhun Jun; why is she being so mean and stupid but I’m not hating Vanness Wu, I luv him <3 but seriously his role is really making me mad but yeah, I hope the next episode is happier 🙂 ohh and where is the preview? They need to put it in to make it more interesting!

  25. i hope some guy comes into the story line and goes after xi en. let chocolate know whats the pain of having someone snatched away from him.
    but of course xi en, still loves chocolate alot, so they’ll somehow end up together. but honestly speaking im starting to think chocolate doesnt deserve xi en. thou i like vanness alot = the character hes portraying is pissing me off. sigh

    • thats what I’ve been thinking >:( why is there not some OTHER guy for xi en.. jia hua takes her for GRANTED waay too much !! Before I was hoping that jia rei would be the one to comfort xi en when jia hua gets back tgt with zhengjun but that doesnt seem to be happening 

      • totally!! i dont think jia rui suits xi en thou, aft all his heart already totally filled with that betch zj. it’ll be even worst if jr and xi en ends up tgt. the whole fanclub of tiamo choc would flip!
        i hope theres a 3rd guy to make vanness realize that xi en is really sought after and all. heh!

          • but honestly the way they;re trying to fill the remaining episodes, they are just repeating and repeating. i rather they intro a quick 3rd guy and then end the show. not let zheng jun spoil the couple again n again n again n again.

    GOT IT??
    it’s not his fault that the directors are making this drama look so draggy and stupid..
    and making him look blind and stupid..
    he knows what’s he doing !
    so stop the hate
    or just leave and don’t watch this drama anymore.. if u don’t like the way he’s acting right now…
    and don’t come here with your hate and your bullshit !

    •  i don’t think anyone’s specifically “hating” on Vanness Wu himself, just his character as QiaoKeLi. You’re being overly critical and not seeing/reading things clearly. Although if you say you “hate” ZhenJun/Lai LinEn as a person and/or character as a whole, I wouldn’t be too against that considering the fact that she IS a bitch in reality.

      • u should read 8 comments down from here
        and you will see this person hating on him..
        n look more deeper down n ur you will see other girl saying stuff …
        Im not overreacting or something… but it really pisses me off seeing how ppl are being unfair with him…

    • wow you are honestly overreacting. people dont hate vanness, they hate his char. plus even if they hate vanness, well come on, haters are everywhr. even idols themselves know they will have haters.
      plus tbh its just a drama. the hate even if really exist bcuz of this drama wont last long. at most till the drama ends.

  27. all these happen because jia hua is too wishy washy. u love xi en. she loves u. and she tolerated enough of your rubbish because of your guilty with zheng jun. god seriously. JUST IGNORE THAT BITCH. ZZZZZ

    • yeah.. he’s wishy washy.. Zheng Jun is acting like a big baby.. A REAL BIg one… I know the air in this post is quite heavy and hateful.. but I think we all should remember it’s a drama and don’t let it get to us.. just enjoy your FRIDAY EVERYONE (or weekend if you are not in the USA)

      And a side note.. you can tell Xi en will become a good mother in the future because she’s making sure that her sister is getting up in the morning and doing what she suppose to be.. 🙂 

      • totally agree with [email protected]:disqus! i know it’s a drama, just that i cant believe the writers are all spoiling the story line.. sigh.

        the story used to be so good! [oh btw, wow, ure frm the us, u understand chinese??]

        and yes, she will be a good mother! bcuz of hw she grow up being the eldest, helping the family and so, shes not like ZJ whos been pampered her whole life. thats why xi en is really mature, and considerate. and shes so sweet about everything! plus shes brave enough to want to fight for her own happiness. love xi en’s char!

  28. Wow.. Jeng Jun has a little kid’s mind…. 

    jj: If you do that, I’ll hate je 4ever >= (

    come on.. how old ARE you? =   _=..It’s like, if you give her a lollipop that it will be all good again.. o.e and QKL is the lollipop.. – rolls eyes- 

  29. Argh! Today’s episode was such a waste of time. I really hope jia hua only broke it off with xi en to get revenge on zheng jun!!! I really can’t stand her! Even 007 was telling jia hua that it isn’t his fault… I hope Monday’s episode will be much better.

  30. to be honest i actually want 
    Zheng Jun and vaness wu to end up together as you people can see 5 years ago they were together and plus because of him zheng jun had even killed someone everybody says shes a bitch but that’s just because she loves him and in the beginning she wanted to let go but vaness wu’s younger brother kept persuading her so please don’t blame zheng jun shes actually nice but to me shes kind of pretty

    • ewwwwl no. i cant believe you condone her actions. shes sick in the mind. if jia hua loves her since 5 years ago he wouldnt have fallen for xi en. obviously he doesnt love her anymore thats why he moved on and fell for xi en. zheng jun should just accept it that its over and not do petty little stupid actions to break them up.

  31.  那個陸政君不是要去療養院啦…是要去精神病院啦…快點送她去啦!


  32. Jia hua are u being stupid or just blond ??????? I’m tired of watching this drama i’m out !! Now i definitly hate u Vannes Wu !!!!

    • it’s not Vaness fault…
      it’s the story line awfull and stupid..
      making him look bad.. ok?!
      he’s just doing his job…

  33. 希平太可愛了啦!

    “希平知道哦,雞蛋出來之後就會變成小雞 然後小雞長大以後就會變成炸雞 炸雞很好吃哦!“

  34. If Chocolate is going to accept Zheng Jun’s craziness and break it off with Xi En than he deserves to be with the crazy psycho. Xi En deserves better than him. Chocolate thinks he’s doing Xi En a favor but instead he’s hurting her more. But he should suffer with Zhen Jun and Xi En should find a new meaning for herself.

    Hong Family’s drama is a little ridiculous! Where is Chocolate’s Mom? All the character building and story building to have him and him mother meet for what? One teary hug? That’s it? After searching for 28 years? Where’s the chocolate competition that he worked so hard to get into? All done? Found mom and that’s it? So many loose strings and unsatisfied answers. The writers suck!

    Thank god there is only 11 more eps left; it started off as one of the cuter tw dramas however has ended up being one of the more retarded dramas. 80 eps is way too long. Plus the main characters are no longer liked by the audience. People are frustrated.

  35. Loved it when 007 peeked out of the room in his jammies! Hahahaha – he should wear more round-neck tee shirts. 

    What’s with the look that 007 shared with Hong ma during breakfast? Anyone knows?

    Zhengjun is emotionally blackmailing 007… how awful. But yet 007 still manages to say the right things and tell her that he won’t care that she hates him, just cares that she won’t do the wrong thing. 007 fangirl I am. The weight of the whole show is now on his shoulders…. poor dude.

    On another note, the flashbacks of the show just made me realize how much greater it was when Joanne Tseng and Van Ness acted in a comedic fashion and the drama was more lighthearted. Loved the Lady and the Tramp udon scene! The sudden turn into a melodramatic and intense drama just didn’t work. Van Ness’ character seriously has brain damage. Xi En is practically throwing herself at Jiahua, and even though he now knows the truth, Jiahua is still being an idiot and broke up with Xi En to take care of Zhengjun. ?????? I am so perplexed. What on earth is he doing this for? 

    • Hong Ma worries about Xi Ping’s safty and she thinks it is 007’s fault that it happened to her family.  I think she really wants him to leave.

      • I hope not.  How could 007 leave  if he has promised xihui that he would protect her and her family, and that he would not desert her again.  

    • Yesss he looks so cute when he peeped out in his Pj and i think he looks so much younger lol. 

      Indeed, and its just 10 more episode to go…they should resume back the liveliness and focus on making chocolate and everyone drown in sweetness and thats it. Sigh. 

      And i wonder what is Hong Pa doing at 007’s home? 马石叩头 (Men’s talk)? 

    • xi en is so stupid for throwing herself at jia hua and letting herself be so easy …. and just tolerating jia hua’s stupidity 

    • Probably 007 trying to get assurance from Hong Ma knowing that Hong Ma knows Xi Ping being kidnapped is related to his bad blood with Hai Feng? I think Hong Ma look is like accepted him but reluctantly. 

  36. so there goes my time to watching this drama! 80 episode with such storyline?? kill me pls!! seriously wasting my time.. wtf wrong wif this drama!!!!!!

      • losing fake “fans” ….
        the real ones stay here for him 😉

        he’s doing a good job…
        he made me cry and laugh in lots of episodes…
        can’t get sick of him.. 😉

  37. Jiahua just needs to grow up. I don’t know what his problem is; one track mind or something?

    This episode actually made me appreciate the actress behind Fang mama. She’s really talented – I first watched her in In Time with You. I think she’s acting really well in this show. Very natural. I felt her pain a few episodes ago when she cried to Jiarui about Jiahua’s treatment of her. I think Jiahua should call her “mum”, she cares so much for him! More than Hao Jie, who has disappeared from the face of the earth. 

      • Hahaha, ya I realized that when I posted my second comment above (before I even read your reply below). I HAVE NO IDEA what this guy is doing.

    • I liked In Time with You, if not that you mention, i would not have realized that is the same actress. I like her better in this show. I like her dressing, hairstyle and most importantly the way she carries herself. Elegant, generous & humble rich man’s wife. 

  38. Xi en. You can breakup with jia hua. You deserves a better guy. But Jia hua should really
    Grow up. And zheng jun. should send her to mental Hospital. -_____-” speechless..

  39. I think xien and xihui were great in playing out their roles as sisters in this episode. there’s good screen chemistry between these two gals. love the segment where both sisters  bantered and shared some lightedhearted moments together in xihui’s room. it effectively conveyed the deep bonding, affection and love between the two sisters. kudos to xien and xihui for their excellent execution.

  40. Jia hua please see everything clearly can anot!!! Xi en always get hurt in the end…. Seriously. Can’t stand this triangle love anymore. 看不下去!!!

  41. Jia Hua better suffer as much as Xi En does!!!!! She better not forgive him easily~ I’m gunna watch this for that!
    I hope it doesn’t end like Meteor Garden when the girl just so easily forgive that selfish guy!!!

  42. …..what is the purpose of today’s episode? 

    Are they trying to emphasize that 007 is actually very smart and kind? Or that Xi hui behaves more mature and is brighter than Xi en? Or Xiaoxiao is getting cuter and Weili is getting more handsome? 


    • this episode seems to be making a desperate attempt to shore up xien’s plunging popularity. looks like the scriptwriter is reminding viewers that xihui’s spunk and gumption as well as attitude  and pursuit towards love (which viewers have grown to love very much)  is actually as much a part as xien’s original character and personality. if you recall xihui’s words, she told xien that she had learned from xien to be dogged in getting what she wants, especially 007.

  43. 我覺得家驊最後一定會和希恩在一起啦!

  44. 這個編劇至少要有最基本的常識和邏輯吧!政君的腳,醫生不可能檢查不出來,用小槌子敲膝蓋自然而然就會動耶!而巧克力的工作應該會忙得焦頭爛額,那有時間照顧別人!而且方家那麼有錢,應該會用別人來照顧並且也會請最好的醫生來啊!又把巧克力寫得那麼愚蠢、感情用事、沒有理智的人,讓觀眾會不喜歡他!反觀007是有理性,但是最後還是順著有可怕心理的妹妹?!妹妹之前說007是黑道,很無恥,而自己更是卑鄙!不是很矛盾嗎? -__-

  45. 巧克力我真的是不知道怎么说你啊,你真的让我很失望。你已经只到陸政君是骗你的,为什么你还是要更希恩分手呢?那你真的是很容易放弃你和希恩的爱情。你真的有够笨的。
    可怜的希恩啊,他伤了很深,希恩 你 一丁要加油哦。。。

    • 搞不好是在累積能量,先把政君捧上天,再用力砸下來!!

  46. only watching to the end because i just want to see chocolate reaction when he finds thaat 007 sister was lying..and come begging to xi en!!! haha

  47. 因为愧疚才给予的关心和照顾,这就是陆政君想要的幸福吗?

  48. why? after discovering ZJ is the culprit behind the Company’s crisis and she was the one who knocked herself against the car, chocolate still decide to part with XE. 

    • ckl has grown accustomed to his sense of guilt towards ZJ and so consciously would choose to remain with ZJ and inevitably stay away from xien.

  49. 007 is more clear headed than jia hua!!!!!!!! Jia Hua’s so stupid!!! Even 007 (her blood-related brother) is telling jia hua that zhengjun on purposely ran towards the car and it’s not his fault!!! 

    • the next episode must be pretty boring….. 
      xi en was crying on hau che shoulder ( choco’s mum)
      xi en was crying in the bathroom
      xi en’s dad saw choco at 007 home with lzj (as usual his eyes turn really big and looked surprise/angry)
      lzj knocked her feet while sitting on a wheel chair…. unsure if anyone witness the scene

  50. feel so bad for 007 🙁 having to worry about his sister, and also the awkward moments with Mama Hong who is worried about Xi Ping 🙁 sigh. 11 more episodes. hope the angst won’t drag too long. we want bling bling times for both couples, pretty please!!

  51. today is a total waste of time! this drama is really becoming more and more draggy…
    maybe jia hua is going to take revenge? like other idol drama, the male lead will be the bad guy for a while then take revenge and patch back with the female lead?

    need to wait 2 more days for the next episode, 11 more to go! hope to see more 007 and xi hui

    something fishy is going on with hong ma and 007, maybe hong ma will ask 007 to leave the house?

    hope next week will be better! what a waste today episode!!!

    and i agree with Liiloo_lii, where is the heck is Jia Rui, he promise 007 that he will take care of Zheng Jun, now he is like totally gone just because Zheng Jun dun wan to see him! pathetic!

    Used to like Jia Rui a lot, he is such a gentleman, but i didnt know he is so weak!!! feel bad for him..

    lets hope the ending is:
    – Jia Rui and Zheng Jun
    – 007 and Xi Hui
    – Xiao Xiao and Wei Li
    – Wang Zi and Hannah
    – Jia Hua and Xi En
    – Xi Ping found a girlfriend?
    – Hai Feng capture or die!

    Zheng Jun the bitch with her Gong Zhu Bing! disgusted!!!

  52. 陆政君真是一个悲剧人物。在她身边的方家骅,了无生气、行尸走肉,只有愧疚。原来,这就是你口中的“幸福”。可悲!

    • Ya. Show alway like that. But zheng jun very bad and jia hua don’t know what he thinking make himself and xi en get hurt.

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