Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 68

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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157 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 68

  1. 死小三車撞你不死我就踢死你!!!真噁心!!巧克力愛你就算了..他媽的人家都不愛你..你就厚臉皮的纏著人..希恩給你臉還不要臉!!人家對你好你嘛珍惜一下!!不要搞到人憎鬼厭的地步才罷休好嗎?!!不好意思..我入戲太深- –

  2. zhenjun really couldn’t move her legs, but after a while her legs got better. after all, she ran into the car =.= she just wants Jiahua by her side so she kept up the ‘no feeling in her leg’ act. arg =.= he’s just going to hate her for taking her body for granted @[email protected] also, what happened to the chocolate contest 0.o

  3. if   i were   zhen  jun i will  punch  this   fat  lady  for   bumping      me .  palibhasa kasi  yun  gusto  niyang  lalaki  di  siya  gusto  kaya  desperada  ang  baboy  ,  jia hua  is  so  stupid  to   believe  that   zj  cant   walk

  4. 爱情跟愧疚真的不能混为一谈…人生不是她想要得到什么就可以得到什么.. 希惠真的是旁观者清啊!

  5. This show is a bit Waisting time. How can chocolate and xi en so stupid, if love each other just get married lah, why care so much. Even at first get married because of chocolate’s mum. Why now no any news from his mum???? 🙁

  6. Omg xi en should just break up with chocolate for reals. and not see each other for awhile.. maybe a few episodes. chocolate is going to take her for granted if shes always there for her., wish chocolate can fight for xi en !!!!!!!!!!!!

    007 & xi hui more scenes from them please i can watch them forever 😀

  7. I stopped watching this drama about a month ago and coming back to it today and just watching chocolate & xi en’s scene in this episode only, i’ve rediscovered why i liked this drama in the first place. For all those complaining, maybe instead of following this drama so closely, why don’t you take a break from this drama and then come back.

    Also to all the commenters who are saying, this show dragging, its stupid etc. If you really think that then why do you still bother to watch this show? Just by clicking on to this drama’s episode links shows that you still like this show and your thinking the opposite of what you’re saying!!!!!

  8. 雖然政君真的很過份!但總有一天會有人搓破他的謊言阿~
    所以大家先別批評,雖然真的有點再拖戲  但這跟事實很像阿
    沒有愛情是完美的 偶爾一定會吵吵架  但該在一起的最後一定會在一起
    大家先耐心的把他看完,到最後會是幸福  完美的


  10. OMG!  I cannot stand this Zhengjun character anymore.  We should complain at ISET blog for Ti Amo Chocolate. 

    What kind of physco would hurt herself to prove Xiao Xiao and Willie were wrong?  Get a life!  It’s so hard to watch this drama with such unrealistic plot. 

    I agree with other posters regarding the script writer.  Doesn’t ISET have any decent script writer?  This drama is getting so crazy!

  11. I just hope haifeng has been trolling 007 for all this time, since the mom did say he bought 120 dolls from her for an orphanage. Then we’ll get a happy ending 😀

  12. How stupid can Xiping be?  He totally ignore his mother’s warning about talking to stranger.  He brought Zhao Haifen into his house to show Zhengting’s room.  Good grief!

  13. I think people needs to relax abit here lol.

    Regarding the comments that says “007 needs to settle Haifeng asap” and “the scene with Haifeng is getting draggy” etc….

    Seriously, i think its only the 1st week that he appears…its extremely sad that he only appeared 4 out of an 80epi drama and was requested to go out lol. Oh and for the first appearance he wasnt even appearing as a whole – just his shoulder was shown! How sad lol.  

    Personally i dont think its that bad to have him around, it’ll be very weird if he finds a trouble with 007 in 1 episode and the next episode 007 successfully got rid of him….then his nick would not be 007 but Superman. =X

    • It won’t be so draggy if the script writer writes in how 007 is going to resolve the situation with Haifeng rather than just having say it.  Everyone knows that it’s impossible for 007 to watch over the Hong family on his own so what is he going to do?  Without a solid plan that he’s just blowing smoke and letting Xi Hui and Hong Ba down.

      • He did tried to resolve, no meh? Or did i mistaken?

        The first time Haifeng came to disturb Xiping with the crackers, 007 went to him to warn him at the billard house. That was sort of like an introduction that Haifeng came into the story….it cant be first scene then 007 got rid of him right??

        Then then 2nd time was when Haifeng lure Xi Ping to the billard house, 007 went to him, but he just sworn not to matters with the triad anymore, so i dont think he can do anything on that scene except for just bringing Xiping home and thats it.
        So Haifeng challenged 007 to meet him at night to settle things between them, and it was when the racing came about….right? But too bad 007 was injured…and thats when Hong Pa accepts him….

        Then the 3rd would be when he came to Hong’s house, threatening him to do illegal stuffs…..Is it really thaatttt draggy??? 

    • Ya i think the Hai Feng appearance or story is acceptable not draggy. But as viewers i guess maybe we cannot any longer, we just want 007 to settle Hai Feng part as soon as possible, so we can see 007 & Xi Hui loving scenes!

  14. For the past few eposide, i actually read the comments first before i go into the new eposide!!! I watch because of Xi En And Qiao Ke Li, but the storyline getting….arh….. somehow it doesn’t match after stupid bitch Lu Zheng Jun appreared. In fact i dun mind there r scene for that bitch but isn’t it too much for her, as if she’s the main host!!!!
    It was very good at the beginning, I m sure most of u agreed with me! Quite a pity that the storyline getting out……… arh… feel very upset really. Think lots of ppl will giving up soon like me before it actually goes to 80ep!

    • Well said! The storyline somehow doesn’t match. Where is all that Qiao Ke Li wants to take care of his mom. All mom’s things have disappeared altogether.

  15. All the comment below was better than the story create by the script writer. The script writer really don’t know how to write good storyline. *_~

  16. 陸政君的把戲快點戳破啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!編劇編這什麼爛劇情,最好再扯一點調錄影帶出來看政君是自己衝去撞車的!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!還有在病房捏腳的畫面!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 爛小三戲那麼多是怎樣,還有那個趙海鋒看了就噁心,
    巧克力一味的袒護小三, 質疑自己的女朋友,也不想想西恩都讓成什麼地步了。她也是合理懷疑,要不然再讓下去巧克力就被搶走了!!!!!!!!!她X的最近走這戲路越看越氣ˋ^ˊ

  17. as much as i hate this evil “haifeng” man, i think we have to thank him. isn’t he the one 007 was running away from the first time he met xihui? so, actually, he helped them get together…

  18. 妈的!越看越火大!本人一开始是因为乔乔和吴建豪才进来看的。怎么剧情把他们弄得这么讨厌? 这部戏最值得鼓励的就是7惠恋,自然不做作!希望剩下来的集数会有更过他们的镜头。

  19. How did Hai Feng know that 007 is Lao Ban? I don’t recall anybody pointing at 007 telling Hai Feng that 007 is Lao Ban. Hai Feng just seemed to automatically assume 007 is the boss.

    • i think xiping called 007 laoban when he found him at the pool table/where evil man hangs out/when they kidnapped him. 

  20. Hope all the bitch acts that ZJ do will be unfold soon…let JH knows how stupid he is!!!!
    Getting real bored with JH, XE & ZJ…now I watch this show is becos of 007 & XH no longer becos of the main leads…….

    Think this show is going to fail with the kind of storyline…boohoo :((

  21. 西恩可以再繼續白癡沒關西 什麼叫不可能不可能 不要胡思亂想 白癡 失去巧克力只能說你自己活該 愛讓阿 乾脆不要成全他跟正君在一起好了 裝啥大方

  22. wtf 討厭死政君了!bitch心機女!!看了就討厭!西恩也是自以為大方  一直讓一直讓 這樣等到失去巧克力之後就沒有資格傷心難過!

  23. wtf 討厭死政君了!bitch心機女!!看了就討厭!西恩也是自以為大方  一直讓一直讓 這樣等到失去巧克力之後就沒有資格傷心難果!

  24. Too many misunderstandings and miscommunication… this is one suggestion that Wei Li and Xiao Xiao did not do is to maybe RECORD using their cell phone or video camera etc that Zheng Jun CAN WALK.. (especially the scene where Wei Li Saw her move her legs) because words is not providing enough evidence because both Jia hua and Xi En don’t believe either one of them just by words… or at least record a conversation between Jia Rei and Zheng Jun where she fully says.. I WANT TO damage my body to GET HIM BACK!

    I dont know, but thats my thought but I guess that since this is a TV drama i dont think anyone is going to do that and just drag out the story instead..

  25. Really really annoyed at this episode! Zheng jun is crazy and pathetic. She would go as far as cutting her own leg so she can receive pity from jia hua. I feel so bad for xi en but right now it honestly seems like jia hua doesn’t even deserve xi en. And go Wei li and xiao xiao! Let the lies of zheng jun unfold!

  26. 了無新意鬼打牆的拖戲,每個角色都越來越令人厭煩,完全可以快放甚至跳過不看..真可悲

    • I agree, my sister gave up this show about 2 weeks ago.  I am still watching because of 007, but I usually take about 3 mins to watch the 45 mins show.
      This show is pretty bad……

  27. love how everyone is writing like super long comments (practically essays) to express their frustration towards this drama ! 

    btw does anyone know what drama will be airing after this? 

    • I think reading these comments are more fun than watching the show! I spent much more time reading all the comments than watching the show.  is that so sad?

    • it is sad to see how the lead actor and actress character are not gaining much support….. AND it is loosing it’s popularity in this show AT LEAST 20 episodes ago…….. what 

  28. I just can’t stand it anymore.  As much as I enjoy 007 and Xi Hui’s storyline, this bit with Hai Feng is dragging too long.  It needs to be resolved.  Hai Feng is correct that there is no possible way 007 can protect every Hong family member at all times. We’re just waiting for the next shoe to drop and this time Xi Hui will be in danger.  What will 007 do to put Hai Feng away for good?  Please let it be resolved quickly.  
    Actually, the guy who plays Hai Feng is quite good about being creepy and psychotic.   He makes a good nemesis for 007 but it needs resolution rather than letting it drag on and on till when, episode 75?  That would be rediculous.  I’d prefer to see romance between 007 and Xi Hui since the storyline between Jia Hua and Xi En sucks.  Besides, there are still loose ends to tide up.  Xi Hui will have to get into university and graduate then 007 has to propose (they have to show a happy ending for this adorable couple).  There are loose ends for Jai Hua/Xi En plus Zheng Jun/Jai Rei but I don’t care about them even though they’ll still need to give them screen time.  Oh, don’t forget about Jai Hua’s mom bit too.  
    BTW, didn’t Jai Rei say he’d care for Zheng Jen so how come it’s always Jai Hua at the hospital now.  If Jai Rei will at least keep to his words rather than retreating in disappointment things will go better for Jai Hua/Xi En.  It’s all Jia Rei’s fault.  007 called it right.  Is Jia Rei’s love going to be steady and selfish enough?  What a fail!?
    We definitely need something lighthearted for 007/Xi Hui.  Throw in a young suitor for Xi Hui when she’s in the university.  I’d love to see 007 get jealous and a little insecure.  I think Bobby Dou can do that very well.  This is still inline with the story because their age difference is something that 007 worries about.  Even though 007 knows Xi Hui loves him very much, it does not hurt to throw in a monkey ranch to fire up 007’s romantic side and maybe he’ll finally tell Xi Hui to stop calling him Boss.  I understand Boss is probably a term of endearment for Xi Hui but it continues to point to their age difference.  Or maybe he can ask her to just skip from 老闆 to 老公.  

    • I agree with the hai feng bit being a little draggy… i think the cycle of hai feng approaching the hong family and 007 demanding him to stop has happened like 3 times already… and it reaches the same conclusion every time 

      • Another reason why the Haifeng part needs to be resolved is that 007 kept saying he’d take care of it, but how.  If it’s not taken care of quickly he’ll lose credibility with Hong Ba/Ma as well as the fans of 007/Xi Hui storyline because 007 is suppose to be the hero and man of action here.  He needs to take care of Haifeng once and for all or there simply won’t be a future for him and Xi Hui.

    • Totally agree with you for every part you wrote!!  I think we all know we are not writers, but we all know how bad this show has became.  I dont think it can drag any longer.  The ZJ/Chocolate/XiEn relationship story is going from bad to worse.  007/XiHui/HF storyline is also draggy, it is the same show for everysingle ep for the past 4 days.  Even we all think it is bad and draggy, it will last to 80eps still…….

    • the scriptwriter(s) did well for the 007-xihui storyline, but even this story thread is in danger of going downhill soon if the writers keep recycling the haifeng part. and yes, the writers should throw in a love rival to 007 – someone handsome, smart, rich and young;  it’s about time he tells xihui that he loves her. oh and i like your suggestion about 
       老闆 to 老公.

    • I think the reason why Hai Feng part is draggy…is because they have limited scene every day….

      If we were to combine either week’s episodes and count the amount of time Hai Feng appears…i think lesser than Xi Ping ah….So how not to be draggy? They spent 30% of the time talking about how Zheng Jun wanna get back to Jia Hua, and another 20% on how guilty Jia Hua is, and another 20% on how naive Xi En is, and another 10% on how pathetic Jia Rui is…….

      Only balance 20% for 007 and Xi Hui….out of this 20% they need to split abit to Hong Pa, Hong Ma, Xi Ping, Hai Feng and…Haru….=X

    • I think you can be the script writer! I was really laughing at the ”
      he can ask her to just skip  from 老闆 to 老公.” 
      Really now all of us just looking forward to more loving, longer, romantic scene between 007 & Xi Hui, hope productions can  fulfill our wishes since Xi En & CKL story has already gone downhill. 

  29. OMG i never thought i would hate ZhengJun this much, as first i thought she just loves JiaHua too much so shes a little annoying, but now she is just evil, her face expressions just makes me want to slap that bitch.

  30. When ZhengJun first appeared, i hoped she was gonna end up with JiaRui. Ha. But now, fuck no. She deserves to rot alone with a billion spiders and centipedes and scorpions crawling all over that, in reality, not-all-that-pretty-face of hers. 

    I kinda wish she went into a forever type coma when the car hit her…. 

    • I told you ZhengJun should be in jail with the vampire and live there and now maybe chocolate could go to jail with her too….gee!  might as well let three of them die in a big accident…

  31. Can I just “BEEP” Fang Jia Hua?! He is DAMM FARKING BUSTARD!!!!! How can he see Xi En as someone who would wanna dunno test wat of Zheng Jun, they were almost already going to get married, and he is now DOUBTING Xi En, how could he!!! If I’m the script writer I’ll write Xi En leaving Jia Hua, let him suffer!!!! Somehow as I watch their relationship process, like after Jia Hua found his mum, he’s been taking Xi En for granted, like wat hurtful things he say, he just know that Xi En would be like wont leave him!!!! Even if the script writer don’t write Xi En leaving, I hope can be like maybe go missing a few days when Jia Hua needs Xi En the most!!!!!!!

  32. 巧克力我真的是不知道怎么说你啊,你真的相信哪个狐狸,陸政君斗不相信你自己的女朋友希恩啊。 看了这一集我对巧克力非常失望的。如果你那么容易放弃你和希恩的爱情,你真的会后悔的。
    可怜的希恩啊,到今天已经68集了他和巧克力斗不能在一起. 到什么时候他们俩个才可以在一起啊?

  33. “No Eyes to continue to watch” !!
    I am so disappointed with u, Fang Jia Hua!
    Xi En, u must be forgotten that u r 不败女孩!
    Fang Jia Rui, u supposed to tell everyone that Stupid B*** ZhengJun actually ruin the co business!!!
    The scene become more and more “out”!

  34. Wow all the characters in this show have annoyed me at some point in this show, jia hua (treating xi en so bad), xi en (for being a pushover + her initial prejudice towards 007), hong ba when he kept being unreasonable, xi hui when she was immature and loud, jia rei (how he’s so pathetically in love with zhengjun), hao jie (omg… especially her and her fake flirtatious expressions… ), and the epitome of annoyance … zheng jun …..  EVERYONE EXCEPT 007 LOVE HIM 5EVA! + XI PIN OF COURSE! XIAO XIAO, WEI LI AND WANGZI <3 

    • Come to think about it, of the dramas that i had watched, this is the first time i dislike the main-lead couple and love the other couples more. Even Wei Li & Xiao Xiao more adorable than Xi En & Chocolate, they have better chemistry than Xi En & Chocolate. 

      • Yes, even weili and xiaoxiao have better chemistry than xien and ckl. There is a certain degree of reserve and restrain between the 2 main leads, its very obvious when they kissed or tumbled together on the bed, it’s so contrived. Whereas 007 and xihui are so natural with each other – when they kissed, bellowed at each each other or when one comfort the other. 

        • Do you think….if the script writer /director read this by chance….they will ask Xiaoxiao and Weili to kiss too?! Lol.

          I think maybe theres too much negative comments about the leads, thats why they created – 007 & Xi hui. 
          But there are still alot of complains so they created another couple – XiaoXiao & Wei Li. 

          And this 2 couples created such a great chemistry….seems like they are holding the show instead of the leads…thats sad for Vanness and Joanne….

          • you made an interesting suggestion. maybe xiaoxiao and weili should kiss, we can do with some comic relief.  

        • I agree with Jan and Yaflute… their kissing scenes are so awkward and unnatural… dont get me wrong.. i’m a fan of both vanness and joanne but maybe not together as a couple? 

          xi en and jia hua seem cute in the on-the-surface fluffy type of love ….  I never really thought they had much chemistry :/ like normally in dramas you want the main couple to be together so badly and feel like super sad when they part (i.e. Autumn’s Concerto) but I just can’t feel it for this couple … 

  35. I know it is very sweet between 007 and Xi Hui…….but I agree with one comment – I never heard 007 said he loves XiHui to her???????

      • I hope so, he always just smile when Xi Hui said ” you love me…..”, kind of strange.  He is very sweet to her, but I think I just feel all the loves from XiHui and he just accept it.

        • Give this character some time to soften =)

          Did you watch the previous 30 episode? Noticed how he treated her in the beginning? I think alot of aunties were scolding 007 because he has been pretty nasty and strict to her lol. 

          So, if they suddenly ask him to whisper all sweet nothings to her, then its very twisted already…just like how they suddenly twisted Xien and Chocolate’s character….

    • 有道哩!!

  36. Zheng Jun is cutting her own leg??? Haha that’s wonderful maybe she can kill herself for real. Chocolate and Zheng Jun belong together! Chocolate doesn’t deserve Xi Ein, she should leave him to suffer with Zheng Jun. they need to wrap up the storyline soon as there is only 80 ep.

    Princess sickness! First time I like Xi Hai ever or at least haven’t wanted to slap her.

  37. 气死我了!such a 大医院,护士和医生都死到哪里去了?
    spinal injury 可算是 一件‘大事情’,yet not a single cut/bump/bruise or even a ‘black+blue’ on Zheng jun. 骗鬼啦!

    For goodness sake, if you let this ”神经受伤的病人“keep pulling your leg (excuse the pun), well might as well ask her to pull the other one because it’s one with bells on!

    巧克力, 拜托啦! it’s time to take those blinkers off!

    • exactly…… also as a brother where is 007???? Than again a so call boyfriend jia rui is missing from the scene too ……..,

  38. 真是的,好好的一部戲,沒有所謂壞人的溫馨愛情小品,最後就這樣被愚蠢的編劇給毀了!-___-

    這樣下去,都不想看了! ><

  39. Skipped most of the parts on Xi En, Zheng Jun & Chocolate. Xi En is so naive, she doesn’t believe Zheng Jun is faking her legs injury. I used to think she is quite mature. She is so naive. I am so tired of watching their triangle relationship that I am starting to dislike she & chocolate. Especially chocolate. 

    So little scene of 007 & Xi Hui today!!! 

    I was actually expecting 007 to scream at Xi Hui for scolding HaiFeng but he did not. He really changed coz of her, so sweet. The tone he speaks to her now is so different, so gentle. 

    Agree with Hapi. For a tough & reserved man like 007, I really find it hard to believe that such words (我不会让你后悔爱上我) come out from his mouth. Is a too sudden change in him that is quite unnatural. 

    Actually i more worried about Xi Hui, coz of Hai Feng words after Xi Hui scolded him. He will not let the matter rest and will harm Xi Hui. Wonder how is the script going to turn out? They can’t possibly kidnap her again. 

    Whatever it is, please let our 007 & Xi Hui have longer, more intimate, more romantic times. Please x3 

    • Ya, crazy Haifeng’s intention is rather worrying. He is not going to let xihui off for heaping insults on him. I think as a result xihui will be mortally wounded or injured, and this will propel 007 to confess, admit and declare ‘all’ of his feelings to xihui. Whatever it is, hopefully there will be more screen time of 007 and xihui  for the remaining 12 episodes, they deserve this since they save this drama from spiralling down hill.

      • 🙂 Seems like light at the end of the tunnel if the script will turn out this way. 

        007 should also propose to Xi Hui and get married together with Chocolate & Xi En. At the end of the day, i think Chocolate & Xi En will get married and have a happy ending, so lets hope 007 & Xi Hui can have a marriage scene too. 

      • I think so, he did said ” you are dead” after XiHui insulted him.  I think they will do something bad to her……but 007 will save her again?  and he may be able to say the “3 words” to her finally?!  This show is really going downhill quickly, most people still watch the show because of 007 and Xihui, they did save the show.  The storyline between XiEn and Chocolate is really bad.  They should just do 40 eps only.  The storyline between 007 and XiHui is much more interesting, but I think it should be finish as well.

    • Did that phrase sent goosebumps to you too? Hahaha!
      I think the script writer and/or director are changing the plots constantly man, alot of things dont make sense together. Maybe they are trying real hard to break the usual plots….i remember when this show first came out everyone was saying its a copy of Korea’s Coffee Prince, which indeed sounds like it except its chocolate instead. 

      Then they change and change…how often do they mention chocolate anymore? The only chocolate that remains is….vanness’s nick name. But not as much already because sometimes they call him Jia Hua too. 

      Anyway…its good that they make a twist in 007’s character….totally melt my heart.
      Am glad that i watched this drama by chance, else i dun even know who is Bobby Dou! *Happy*

      • Ya this drama has a pleasant surprise for all of us. that is 007~!!! I never knew that Bobby Dou existed until this drama. And his acting only one word to describe – excellent! Really some taiwan actors who are more famous than him can’t even express so wide eye contact & emotions through his eyes & face 

        Hope to see him as a main lead with Yao Yao preferrably or other female stars

  40. Thanks to all the comments in the previous episode, I observed Bobby Dou’s expressions in this ep. I must agree that his expressions are really nuanced, very skilled. So much that he gets so tender when he’s with Xi Hui and the Hong family, yet masculine and aggressive against the deranged Hai Feng. I think it’s to do with the control he’s exercising in the tone of his voice. When he speaks softly and gently to Xi Hui (who confronted Hai Feng), I just feel so reassured. *swoons* Bobby Dou and Yao Yao really have GOOD physical chemistry. It’s not just about how they speak to each other, but how both of them look at each other (they each have this look of adoration towards the other), and small things like him giving her a side hug after talking. These little things save the drama for me. 

    People, we’re in the eye of the storm here, I can’t imagine what other dramatic tragedy/event will confront the Hong family. Hopefully not another kidnapping. Maybe a fire. But a thought just came to my mind: maybe Hai Feng should fall head over heels in love with Zhengjun, and then crazy might cancel out another crazy. What Hai Feng can do is pay for the best plastic surgeon to make him look like Van Ness (since they are both kinda fair anyway) then she might just give him a chance.

    The Zhengjun-Jiahua-Xi En triangle is getting so damn annoying! This part of the story is escalating to very ludicrous and illogical proportions. I don’t know why Jiahua is getting so weak-willed and stupid. Can’t they just get married already? The will-they-won’t-they question is not getting fun anymore. 

    I LOL-ed to Hai Feng’s ironic comment: “Ooh, how romantic, you think you’re acting in an idol drama?”

    I have given up hope that the plot of this show can be saved. Now, my only impetus to watch is seeing 007 and Xi Hui onscreen and catching Xi Ping’s antics. I also like that there are still some humorous lines in the show that I actually end up laughing out loud to. (: Am trying to look on the bright side here, and it’s working, cos same time tomorrow I’ll be desperately refreshing this website to see whether the new ep is out. (I know you will be too!) What a mystery of life, haha. 

    • Oh ya, i lol-ed to haifeng’s comment too! He is a joker lah, really lol.

      Yes, me too desperately refreshed this site hahahahahah

    • yup… 7惠 is definitely the only reason I started… I know its odd.. but I started this drama last week on ep 62 i think… the one where 希惠 takes 007 home… anyways.. i saw them and was like.. “huh?.. I’m intrigued.. I shall look back at past episodes” and now I’m hooked to them.. 

      Vaness and Joanne has no love at all.. it’s actually extremely painful watching them act together… They are constantly saying how much they love each other, but at the end of the day, nothing… Vaness had SO MUCH love in “Autumn” for Ady, so it’s not that he can’t convey love… it’s just that there is NOTHING between the two actors….

      As far as wanting 007 to say “I love you” to 希惠.. if there is one thing that I learned from (recent love) 真愛找麻煩… Love isn’t something that needs to be spoken, it is something that needs to be felt, conveyed through action, or even just the way he/she looks at you.. that’s all it needs.. No need to be like 希恩 and Chocolate.. They’re constantly exchanging words of love… but nothing is felt. 007 has not verbally expressed his love to 希惠, but his actions are louder than his words.. Quite frankly… his actions are screaming how much he loves her… <3 7惠 (^_^) 

      • i do not think so that they do not have love between eachother (jia hua and xi en ) they have showed it before.. tho for me it more seems thatthe general daily things what are happening around them are taking toll and they are not know anymore how to show it to eachother.

        It is like when you have been long time together with someone and you are so used to be with and youtake it as the normal thing to be.. you know the routine :)’But love is  when you accept the person by your side as he /she is, not as you would like to see him as you want him /her to be. Not so that ok i did you this and you need now love me for that.. wtf.

        Love is not just passion and constantly totting eachother, but also it is just being with the person without need to show via your actions that you love him/her. But  mere thought and realization that this is the person i want to be withno matter what.

  41. Jia hua you stupid or what, you are stressed, thn other not stressed meh? why cannot just listen to what xi en say. it just getting more and more bored of jia hua and xi en keep tuo tuo la la… xiao xiao and wei li more nice to watch now.

  42. Xi En, I think you should just get away from this mess and let Jia Hua live in his guilt world and regret bitterly later for not trusting you! GAH! All these while you have been the one supporting him and helping him out, and you have been accommodating him! >< 

    Is there no CCTV or something to show that Zheng Jun ran towards the car??? I don't get why Jia Hua/Xi En needs to be guilt-wrecked. They DID NOT knock her down. Sigh. Dramaland aint logical most of the times I suppose. Can't wait for ZJ to get her karma! GRR!

    • yeah im so sick of her treating jia hua so well and he doesnt even treat her right.. like before with the wedding plans and neglecting her and she was so UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORTIVE and now he’s lashing out on her :/  


  43. The presence of Jia Rui bothers me so much. He always has this pathetic face on when he is with Zheng Jun. Zheng Jun’s current plot of winning Jia Hua back would not have occurred if Jia Rui didn’t tell her that Xi En and Jia Hua were going to get married when he confronted her about the company crisis.

  44. 我被甜死了!!!!

    007: “你放心,我一定会保护你们。我不会让你们家人还有你受到任何伤害。 *微笑* 我不会让你后悔爱上我”Did the script writer heard our voices?! Previously everyone was saying how 007 needs to mellow down and say something sweet to Xihui….i think that phrase is incredibly sweeeeet for a tough guy like him to say! *Goosebumps all over*Although there really isn’t much scene for 007 and Xihui today, but the scene that Xihui went to scold Haifeng and how 007 reassure her that he will protect them, is so sweet. =DAs for the remaining of the show, i really have no idea whats Chocolate and XiEn doing. Did anyone noticed that Xien’s character had a 360degree change? When i was watching the first 20episode, i thought her character was sorta punk-like, strong, smart and mature character. Love that! But now abit different….And….no offence, but i really really really dont like how Vanness reacts whenever something upsets/shocked him – open mouth, look away, stare blankly, lick lips, close mouth, suck it in dammmmn hard, swallow air till veins shown on neck.He needs to relax abit…..And Xi En…shes a babe, really. Pretty and all, but maybe she can stop opening her mouth whenever shes dumbfounded by something. The part that she – opens her mouth, suck air, keeps blinking, panicky, is really not very pretty….. 
    But i still like her alot! Just that maybe not her Xi En’s character. 


    • Hahaha, LOVE your observations of Van Ness’ and Joanne’s expressions. No offence taken. I speak for myself, an avid Van Ness fan, honestly they should close their mouths more. Getting irritated with Van Ness’ character here. But I think he’s just suffering at the hands of terrible writers.

      I won’t be surprised if the writers are monitoring this discussion board, they should anyway. Yes I agree about the character change. In fact she was always so strong and persistent in the first 20 episodes, but perhaps it was cos she was pretending to be a guy? 

      But generally the Hong sisters are strong women still and they won’t stop until they get what they want, too. 

      Despite 007’s sweet line, I haven’t heard him tell XiHui directly that he loves her? 

      • LOL. I love Vanness in the other drama…some autumn thingy. He was great there and i dont recall him opening his mouth as much…maybe…he is as dumbfounded with the scripts as well. 

        OS in his heart:
        “Do i really have to say this????” =O
        “Do i really have to react that way????” =O

        Oh and i have a feeling that 007 is gonna say that soon. =) 

    • I watched this show coz of Vanness & Joanne Zeng but now coz of 007 & Xi Hui. I like Joanne Zeng also. She is not the pretty on 1st look but when you see her for long enough, she is actually a natural beauty kind. Her acting is good but is really this Xi En role that is… 

  45. (sorry people I can’t mind my language)
    SHIT SHIT SHIT I’m leaving on sat and won’t be able to watch tiamo chocolate, AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?
    I thought only jia rui, zheng jun, hai feng is crazy, can’t believe JIa hua is such a faggot! 
    Xi en go ahead leave him, I don’t see any reason for u to stay, he obviously doesn’t love u AT ALL 對不起大家,我入戲太深啦 T.T 

  46. Omg, 007 so sweet ! 我不会让你后悔爱上我的 ~ my heart just melted ! Maybe they can show lesser of jiahua and xi en , but more of 007 and xihui ! I think girls would fall for 007, seeing him being so sweet to xihui ! Let xihui and 007 have more sweet scene tgt please. There aren’t many episode left, let them have more screen time !

  47. 真要拖到八十集?三立的戲以後真不能看了!(除非你愛一整年都耗在這台)



    • check out Man, Boy.  it is a true drame, not a idol drama.  I think it is very good and it is very short.  it is completed.
      also can check out Alice inWonder city, it is a ido drama, but I think it has a good storyline and good actors.

  48. XiHui is finally talking some sense in the drama! So touched when she told XiEn, she will support her sister even though ZhengJun is 007’s sister! <3 

    XiaoXiao & WeiLi so cute. ZHENGJUN is LYING! WeilLi protected XiaoXiao when JiaHua was angry. SO MAN!!!! <3

    SUPER SWEEET!!!! 007 "I won't let you regret falling in love with me." AWWWWWW! I'm so in LOVE! XD

    • There are bound to have people like ZhengJun, or even worse than her in real life. Just that we are lucky enough that we don’t have this kind of people as friend. =)

  49. well yea, so now chocolate is pissing me off too. seriously stop letting guilt kill you. CANT YOU SEE SHES JUST A DUMB FUG WOMAN? if she wants to be crippled so much, WHY NOT JUST CUT BOTH HER LEGS OFF 🙂

    xi en deserves so much better.

  50. why dont that zheng jun just go dig a hole and bury herself its pissing me off seeing her doing all those tricks… tricking brainless man 

  51. Grrrrrr!!! I hate JZ so much, especially, when she make bitch face expression. After watching to day episode, I really want to punch her in the face so bad. However, I have to admit that she can act.

  52. Jia Hua is so fkn softie… Seems he has no doubts at all that  Zheng Jun might pretend… and besides the friends who have helped and stand by his side he now does not believe them .. but that lier instead.

    Well here the couple broke now.. as it was kind of actually shown in the intro video clip. Where Xi En smile on her face drove by and did not notice Jia Hua at all..  

  53. I love how xi hui is so clear-headed and supportive of xi en! like she said “even though zhengjun is 007’s sister, i’ll still support you” and she’s so right about zhengjun having “princess sickness” -___- 

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