Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 67

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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177 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 67

  1. k wait i don’t get it.
    so zhen jun can actually walk? cuz there were a few seconds when her legs were kinda moving…

  2. I honestly think Zheng Jun is a poorly developed character, because 50% of the time she just cries and expects people to pity her so she can get her way = = Seriously women, WAKE UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. a few words can sum up all the comments – can not wait till this show is over – both because i want to see the ending and because its just gone on for too long

  4. 007真的是帥慘了..已經到了一種只是在看007的演技而已..

  5. 如果我是编導的話,政君被車撞到後就變成失憶,所有人也忘記,包括她哥、巧克力、希惠、希恩和家瑞,還有忘記五年前所發生的事,家瑞重新追求政君,政君也接受家瑞,他帶著政君出國看那個藝術展,那麼巧克力跟希恩去結婚再理他媽的事情,那麼就不會像現在拖戲的感覺,007跟希惠不用說,這對好看。

    • agree. they shld totally make her lose her memory, but only of chocolate, and some stupid excuse like ‘due to painful memories she chose to forget that part’ and then just remove her out of the show. idc if their excuse dont work, just remove her out of the show and then maybe they will gain back their viewers, or at least retain those that still bother. because all thats happening to this show is going DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN

  6. OMG ZHENG JUN THAT WICKED WITCH, and JIA RUI IS GETTING ON MY FINAL NERVES RIGHT NOW, that i want punch him, and that bloody bitch Zheng Jun, im going to punch  and give her panda eyes. Arghhhh

  7. i can’t agree more on what xi hui said, even though she’s the character that has the least involvement in the situation, she seems to be much more clear about what’s going on than all the others. im honestly starting to dislike chocolate.. it’s annoying how he just won’t make things clear with zheng jun. he should just be straight forward and tell him that he will only love shi en. and he will only ever feel pity and guilt towards zheng jun, not love :/

  8. I’ve grown to like Xi Hui a lot.  At first I found her immature, nosey, and her voice annoying.  But looking back she’s been a very strong character.  She never cried when 007 was angry or scolded her severely.  In fact, she’d yell back or stood her ground.  The only times when she cried had to do with disappointing her parents or when 007 left her at the tree house and here.  She’s now grown to become much more mature.  Her character is so much more admirable than Xi En who originally was full of spunk but started to lose it when Jia Hua proposed.  She gives in again and again and even now she’s giving in to Zheng Jun even though she realizes it’s not the right thing to do.  She’s become a doormat.  Xi Hui’s character grew but Xi En deminished.

  9. Hong Ba actually enjoys having 007 at his house just like he liked having Chocolate there because he enjoys having men’s talk with them since he’s usually surrounded by women.  That’s cute.

  10. 巧克力 – Pls 对待希恩好一点可以吗?
    希恩 – 你一丁要加油哦. kambateh…陸政君 – 巧克力不喜欢你. You just go don’t be the third party.

  11. omg what kind of crying is that? such awful acting….and ugh zheng jun is such a bit**…she better not get jia hua because that’s encouraging people to do stupid things to get pity love…and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t really love jia hua because if you really truly love someone seeing them happy even if it’s not with you is what matters most…she’s just being so selfish like what xi hui said…and she’s making everyone around her suffer…I don’t even want jia rei with her anymore because he deserves better…

  12. 007 is smarter than all the other people there.  He asked a good question immediately after getting to the hospital, “Did you not think about why Zheng Jun would show up for no reason?”  He knew it was Jia Rei stirring up trouble again.  Jia Rei is such a stupid idiot.

  13. Please put everyone out of their misery by getting rid of Zheng Jun and Jia Rei.  Jia Rei is a terrible actor.  The way he crosses his eye brow makes him look rather insane.  It seems like Jia Hua, Xi En, and Jia Rei still did not heed 007 and Xi Hui’s words and are catering to Zheng Jun.  They truly are stupid and deserve their own troubles.  Just don’t drag 007 and Xi Hui down with you.

  14. 不要再繞著希恩、巧克力和政君打轉了好嗎?都快吐了……!

    • I know! It also looks kinda fake…But I feel like Zheng Jun brought it all on herself…she can’t really blame anyone for it because she knows that Jia Hua doesn’t and will not love her.

      • is damn fake! the way she put her arm to cover her face while crying.. omg, seriously pissed me off. Seriously get mad when watching her scene.. is damn annoying. JH  doesnt love her anymore.. i duno y she just dont und tat!! goshhhh

  15. 陸政君好過分~

  16. And I gotta say 007 is just too goodlooking.. <3 And his character is the only character I admire in this drama now..

  17. All I want to say is “FIRE THE SCRIPTWRITER!!!!! They should just make a 40 episodes drama. This will give us audience some good memories of this show. Really unbearable to watch…

    • this drama is losing the momentum …… it started off beautifully. unfortunately it is toooooooooooo long and it is repeating the same storyline ….. guilt(Choc + xi En) and LZJ not knowing when/how to let go, taking advantage …..  come on producer + script writer you can do better than that. the audience are much more sophisticated than b4.  hope to see choc. and xi en get married.

      like MC40 and his girl friend being so cute and supportive toward xi en & choc. love em.

      I want good drama, not longwinded drama.

  18. oy… I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that continues watching this because of 007 and XH… so sick of XE and Chocolate… and quite frankly… they don’t have any chemistry… The love that Vaness had for Ady in Autumn Concerto… its an ultimate null here… 

  19. When all the problems are settled, I’d like to see 007 propose to Xi Hui in the most romantic way.  It might be a bit out of character for someone like 007 but he should at least say the most romantic things even if it’s not a big romantic gesture.  He really needs to tell Xi Hui how much he loves and needs her.  Afterall, Xi Hui deserves it for the way she sticks by him and matures into a woman who he can count on for love and support.  

  20. The script writers better come up with a good solution for 007 to resolve the situation with his creepy enemy QUICKLY.  007 keeps saying he’s going to resolve the situation but how?  007 cannot be with every member of the Hong family 24/7 to protect them and the creepy guy can strike anytime at anyone of them.  Give 007 a break already even though he’s now the main lead to propel the show but enough is enough.  No show can keep going on just heavy melo drama without a light hearted break.  It’s not a good formula to keep the audience even with Bobby Dou’s great acting.

  21. I think everyone in this forum knew that this was gonna happen.. or well at least i did.. only thing I can do now is just keep skipping parts til we actually get some really good and meaningful scenes.. 😛 

  22. They should let Xi Hui take care of Zheng Jun and knock some sense into her.  Xi Hui’s persistent character will breakdown Zheng Jun’s misguided selfish obsession over Jia Hua.

  23. I love the way 007 scolded Chocolate, Xi En, and Jia Rui with a street attitude.  These people are like kids compared to 007.  Also, Xi Hui is being very mature about the situation.  It’s naturally part of her character plus what she learned from 007.  What a good couple they make.  They compliment each other very well.

    • Bingo~! On the “they compliment each other very well” Their characters really compliment each other very well. Always feel that in relationship, 2 persons must compliment each other in one way or another so they feel they need each other. 

    • so I just want to point out that jia rei told zheng jun about the marriage because he was hoping it would make her realize that it’s pointless in her trying to get jia hua to like her again…he had good intentions but zheng jun was just being to self-absorbed to wake up and realize that jia hua is never going to truly love her like he does xi en and that it’s all out of pity…it’s not completely his fault this time, he didn’t know zheng jun was so stupid and selfish and just ughh and it was quite clear that she ran into the car herself..

  24. omg zheng jun is PATHETIC. running towards the car so she’ll get hit and later on cry because her legs are paralyzed?! it was funny when xi hui was saying how everyone is spoiling zheng jun and such. Finally some sense in the people. But when zheng jun realizes her legs can actually kinda move she still pretends that it can’t move. She seriously needs to go see a psychologist. And when will xi en and chocolate finally be able to marry in peace? LOL that jia rei seriously has some problems too.
    on a side note, I agree with jtlt that zheng jun actually looked prettier in her sick bed without all that makeup haha

  25. Agree with all the comments, 007 and XiHui are the only only reason I continue to watch this bad show. I like the way XiHui becomes more mature and 007 become more tender with her. U can tell that they love each other so much. I hope we cn see more romance after this madness is over for them.

  26. Hate Zheng Jun so much…. At first I hoped Jia Hua + Xi En wouldn’t run over Zheng Jun because they would feel guilt for the rest of their life and probably wouldn’t get married. She just didn’t worth them running over her anyways…. But now I’m actually glad that her legs can move, so there’s a reason for Jia Hua + Xi En to dislike Zheng Jun and move on for their marriage! I hope Jia Rui could find a better girl!

  27. I loveeee how 007 and Xihui progressed this episode!

    007 is slowly showing more passion, love the way he looked at Xihui, i think it says so much in his eyes…..compared to Chocolate and XiEn who always say how much they love and cant live without each other, i think 007’s love is a million times deeper….its either thats the director’s idea or Bobby Dou is simply a brilliant actor.

    And i love how he whisper to Xihui….the part when she helps him on his wounds and he kept apologizing, he sounds so soft and gentle! Compare to perviously how he ordered her around, its such a huge difference!

    I also love how his scene grows from a few mins a day to almost appearing throughout the episode! Can they keep this going throughout the remaining 13 episode?! 

    I really dont mind if they cut some of Xi En and Chocolate’s scene….they are still stuck in a suckfest….and they are still not married…whats worst – the chocolate competition, shifu and his mom suddenly vanished….=

  28. Xihui 比 Xi En 在處理感情上的問題比較成熟,按讚!現在如果沒有007和希惠,我也不想再看了,尤其看到政君,我就跳過她那一部分,政君好煩!

  29. Everyone is so tired of watching Zheng Jun, Chocolate & Xi En?

    When i saw Zheng Jun’s evil look when she realized she could still move her legs, I give up on this character, she is a devil. or maybe possessed by some evil spirit. Jia Rui is the cause of this. He should also question if he really loves her or he is just being obsessive? Now i just hope the production team can let our 007 and Xi Hui have more sweet moments together and a happy, romantic ending hopefully. 

    The best of today episode: 007 is so sweet and sensitive towards Xi Hui today. I like the way he looks at her, so gentle and affectionate. 

    • In the earlier episodes with Jia Rui and Zheng Jun, I really wanted Jia Rui to find another girl because he totally deserved better…… but now neither of them deserve any pity. 

  30. Is it just me or is it true that everytime jiarui’s performance made the whole scenery? I didn’t feel it once only… Is it because of him or the script?

  31. I thought Jia Rui don’t let Zheng Jun enter that “building” because Jia Hua and Xi En is registrating the marriage inside?? Den why would they be driving and knock onto Sheng Jun?? n this show is SOOOO DAMM unfair to Xi En, she doesn’t deserve all this if she didn’t like Jia Hua, I wanted to like Jia Hua, but just those part, when u watch, u just can feel that Xi En is receiving hose undeserving suffer, n some of those way Jia Hua treat her, I DON’T LIKE IT!!! n he always uses those sweet talk thinking that it’ll just be find, how I wish one day Xi En cannot tAke it anymore and give up the relationship, end those giving way to Jia Hua!!!! I’M SURE TO SUPPORT HER ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Already got too sick of their triangle relationship that i don’t analyze 3 of their character/story much. Xi En deserves someone better. The story could have been better but maybe more complicated if there is another guy that chases Xi En

      • send a good looking, nice and rich guy to take care of xi en please……. choco is just taking xi en for granted….. heart breaking to see xi en treated like that.

  32. Z(engjun is a wicked witch, so devious of her to play on everyone’s guilt especially after the accident. 

    Agree with Jtlt that 007 is the voice of reason again in cajoling jiahua and jiarui. We see this in xihui too when she admonished her sister and jiahua for giving in repeatedly to zhengjun. Both 007 and xihui emerged as the most sensible and rational couple from this incident. 

    Xihui also handled herself very well in front of 007’s henchmen. She was worried, upset and angry with 007  but she held back her emotions in front of those men. It was only after she had tended 007 wound did she dissolved into tears and bawled at him for desserting her once again. I love the moment when 007 embraced the sobbing xihui tenderly and promised never to leave her again. It was very touching and loving. Good screen chemistry and very convincing and natural as a couple. 

  33. Zheng Jun has really really gone crazy and the one who should goes for psychologists together with her is Jia Rei .. no logical of living at all … it has been all wrong starting with trying to win back Jia Hua .. giving company troublesome and running to hit the car and the first word when waking up is JIA HUA NE ?? and a lot ppl still dont blame her for this bad purpose and action…

    at first , i thought i can b patient and just watch it .. its more than half way when i realised that this series sucks. For 007’s sake and long time i have been wasting, i continue watching this series. TIll today, if the plot keeps being this suck, i’d rather quit this cute Vanness and 007 soon.

  34. So sad… Marriage unsuccessful again .. Think jia rei is the cause of all these. Shouldn’t give hope to zheng jun in the first place knowing how neurotic she can be. Then still tell her they are getting married again and spoil it the second time. Why can’t he keep his mouth shut until they get married ?

  35. 為甚麼要誇下海口說要80集 導演啊…這部戲已經拖到不能再拖



    • 好戲本來就應該質精量少,才能讓觀眾再三回味留下無限想像空間,結果為了撐收視率一拖再拖,把這部戲都做爛了。其實現在這部戲大概只剩下希惠和政廷的部分可以看了~~~~!!

  36. 其实我满赞同希惠对Zheng Jun说的那番话,不能因为愧疚就一直纵容她!! 这样反而对她伤害更大~

  37. Actually, it does look like at the beginning she did believe she was truly paralyzed and then at some point while she was beating the crap out of herself she realized the feeling was returning to her legs…  and then just continued the act because of any attention is still better than none.. 

    I actually didn’t mind Zheng Jun  in the first half, and now her character is starting to get downright psychotic…. because the second lead apparently always has to be  downright crazy and clingy.  Also, the plot is going around in circles at this point without going anywhere. At this point I’m  mainly watching this because I’m so far into it I might as well finish it.

  38. 愚蠢的家瑞,害了所有的人,而自私的政君做錯了事情,最後還是要付出沈痛代價的!-____-

  39. The plot of this show is going downhill but as a result Bobby Dou is being brought to the forefront as a lead character (the first ten minutes of this show proves this – I love his manliness and sense of justice). He’s again the voice of reason. To think that he’s not even in the theme song video! He has too much responsibility on his shoulders, this one! 

    There are at least three characters who need to be sent to the mental institution – Zhengjun, Hai Feng and Jiarui. Zhengjun needs some serious counselling and Hai Feng needs to be strapped to a chair as he’s a danger to himself – he might one day snap his own neck from all the head-rolling. Jiarui has dangerously low EQ and makes very weird judgment calls that are socially abnormal. 

    Two interesting observations: Zhengjun looks prettier in her sick-bed than when she is lathered in thick make-up, and Weili and Xiaoxiao have surprisingly good chemistry.

    Even though the plot is going to the pots judging by the many comments, it appears that we are all still watching this drama. Cos it’s addictive, like chocolate. 

    • I’m only watching because of 007 and Xi Hui.  Their story is much more interesting.  However, they need a break to enjoy each other.  Even though we know they love each other deeply but they need to have more romance.   I hope the writers will give them some wonderful romantic scenes later on. 

  40. you know what jia hua should just leave her alone and not show any care and maybe she’ll finally stop acting crazy

  41. Will stop to watch this drama until the last episode. So boring, the script writer really don’t know what the meaning of TI AMO CHOCOLATE. The story really made me tired, and I really lost interest to watch it anymore.
    Create a romantic 求婚 scene on the episode 66 and the episode 67 already became like this, really crazy… Want to 结婚 and last not 结婚 again. 巧克力和希恩 also feel tired to see this kind of storyline la….

  42. poor 007 he has zhengjun to worry about + the evil vampire guy to deal with  ! BUT he’s always so charming and suave 🙂 

  43. Love the part when Xi Hui was mad at Boss for leaving her behind.  They make such a better couple than Xi En and Chocolate.

  44. Zheng jun can move her legs… then how come the doctor said she was gonna be crippled? She looks like a crazy psychotic bitch … she definitely needs therapy….

  45. Zheng jun LEGS CAN MOVE! When jia rui hug her her legs is moving… Wtf. No one notice? She keep purposely! Cfm have Bao ying more . Jia hua please wake up , dont keep have guts and think good way is rly good….

  46. 政君,你哭什么?你并没有权利哭,因为是你自己去撞车的!You should have thought about this BEFORE you started running towards the car…早知如此,何必当初.

  47. no wonder it takes 80 episodes to finish the whole series…. too much of unnecessary LZJ…. wasting time…. 

    Autumn’s Concerto on is still the best…..

  48. i think xi hui has matured a lot compared to the starting of the show! she seems even more mature than the willful lu zheng jun that only causes trouble

  49. WHEN XIAO XIAO SAID “I once wanted a passionate earth-shattering kinda love but now I think plain simple love is much more blissful” WHO THOUGHT OF LI DA REN? :))

  50. and next episode must be very interesting, xiao2 throw something to zheng jun, dont know what will happened? but i hope can see 007 and xi hui on next episode..

  51. 陸政君, 为什么你还是不死心啊?已经瘫痪了还是不死心,你真的是疯了.
    巧克力的确不喜欢你, 请你放下吧。。。

  52. xi en better not be like “zhengjun is willing to die for jia hua she loves him so much maybe i should give him up”

  53. Pardon me, but I need to say this. SERVE YOU RIGHT ZHENGJUN! But seriously saying, all these happen because of JiaRui, if JiaRui were to mind his own problem & let ZhengJun just give up from the beginning, that will be good.

    Super love the part when XiHui angry with 007. 007 was so cute, he was a little whining(?) LOL!!! MEGA CUTE!

    By the way, HONGPA VERY MAN! YAY! He accepted 007 as a family~ <3

  54. GOOOO xi hui for lecturing zhengjun about being immature and how everyone spoils her which causes her to be the way she is now 

  55. ohgod really, enough already. they should never have made this show 80 ep long if this is how they are going to continue with the story line.
    they cant come up with any new ideas is it?
    keep repeatingly make zheng jun spoil their marriage plans.

    for someone who watches the show the minute it comes out, even i am losing patience towards the drama. i wonder how frustrated vanness and joanna is. looking at the repeatedly boring script.
    and now they even remove shi fu and hong jie. ti amo chocolate used to be the merry place with lots of laughter with wang zi, mc40, xiaoxiao, shifu, etc.
    but now the story line is just rubbish with 3rd party and faked accidents etc etc etc.
    why is the show named tiamo chocolate then? why don’t change it to the bitch strikes again because now the story lost all it’s appealing point. 

    and zheng jun moved her legs when jia rui was hugging her. lol, please. how long can you hide the fact that you cant walk? anyway, you’re just a burden so open the windows and just jump down already.

  56. 路边停,你说得对!
    拜托,就请你们听听路边停的话吧!and spare me 政君’s hysterics

    • 恭喜本段落:”照顾好你们自己吧,该结婚的结婚,该干嘛干什么去“。

  57. “it’s both of you,  letting zhengjun think throwing tantrums will let her get what she wants. Letting her think injuring herself will get love in return” OMG THANK YOU 007 FOR TALKING SOME SENSE INTO THEM… but then he said  ‘letting her think injuring herself will get love in return’ which sorta implies he KNOWS zhengjun injured herself on PURPOSE?

  58. I cannot take it! Just feel like commenting! lu zheng jun u cry what cry u were the one who rush out to get bang by the car so u should know the consequences of you doing so…

  59. wah omg why is jia rei being so pathetic again… knowing zhengjun doesnt love him yet still unconditionally loving her ugh 

    • ugh omg i srsly cant stand jia rei being so pathetic … I thought he FIGURED it out already that no matter what he does it will be useless… and yet here he is again willing to do anything for zhengjun…. and like he said in the previous episode “you’re already not the girl i fell in love with…. the old zhengjun was nice, sincere and genuine, the zhengjun now is manipulative to get what she wants”

  60. 看那麼多偶像劇或連續劇或電影,我是第一次看到出事了有立即打電話叫救護車的舉動吔!

  61. i think it’s the first time im not showing any sympathy for the character of a show who got badly injured in the show because Zheng Jun totally deserve what she gets in this episode. Being so willful and not considering others feelings especially her brother and doing whatever she wants. 

  62. omg..im getting so sick with this show…stupid zheng jun…so stupid..just die already..shes really drgging down the show

  63. 路邊停對於妹妹的感情,表現得蠻理智,
    他說得很對 該幹嘛就幹嘛去

  64. Omfg. What is this?! This show, especially JH and XE is getting no where for the last 10eps. What’s with the excessive abuse od the scene of marry then not marry scenario ?! My god! 2x trying to marry and STILL not successful. O.O This script writer is seriously screwed up! Xi en,jia hua and Zheng jun’s triangle relationship is definitely pulling down the ratings of this show! And now what. Did jia hua’s mum and da shi went to?! Wow. Amazed by how ‘amazing’ the storyline goes by. Luckily there’s still 007’s storyline that makes the last part of this show worth watching. Sigh….:/

    • ugh i reckon.. it’s going around in circles 

      attempt to get married -> fails -> attempts to get married again -> fails again 


    • I think this is why I can never finish long drama series… the plot always starts out good then it gets all draggy and pointless… like I couldn’t finish Inborn pair either cause it was getting ridiculous towards the end… 

    • This script writer really crazy….what the hell is this story going to move on??? Another 13 more episode pls give us a better storyline. Pls just take away Lu Zheng Jun scene….


    and now that you’re disable, I WISH U DONT EVEN GET JIA RUI. he needs to manage his family business and has no time to take care of a bitch like you. 
    go overseas and bury yourself in sorrow and get lost. nobody pities you.
    i dont even pity you when you’re lying on the hospital bed. YOU DESERVE IT.

    • she really is..
      i was happy at the moment when she could not feel her legs anymore..muahahaha..*evil laugh*
      and disappointed when she fakes it!!! sheetttttt~!!damit!

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