Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 66

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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94 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 66

  1. zhenjun  is so  desperate  to    get  jia hua  if i were  xi   en i will  slap  zhen jun  and  jia  hui  for  ruining  our   wedding  i will   slap  them  nonstop .


    omg jia rui is making me so angry! since you dont want ZJ to stop the marriage WHY TELL HER ABOUT IT ?!!.

    Love xiao xiao and wei li! <3 they are soo sweet!
    and shit next episode the ones in the car thats going towards ZJ on the road is QKL and Xi En :/

  3. I seriously hate this bike competition thing n kidnapping xi ping storyline…omg it’s so IRRITATING!!! i want more heartwarming, sweet n romantic scenes of 007 & Xi Hui!!!!! URGHHH.. all these irritating people go away!!! DUN DISTURB 007 ANYMORE!! Am only watching their storyline now…so please give us BETTER & MORE 007 n Xi Hui!!!

  4. 昆凌 消失這麼久以來, 片頭還有廣告前後那幾秒有她出現… 終於得到她出現了, 只是站在那裡說’好浪漫噢’, ‘好恩愛你們’還有’你這麼急著把自己嫁出去’… 這樣就可以在官網被列為主演, 反而上山下海的7惠沒份,未免太不公平, 她的錢也太好賺了吧… 這樣好賺我也想賺一下=.=

    •  Maybe they initially plan for a bigger role for 昆凌, just to kiss ass of  Jay Chou.
      but since this girl is soooooooo stupid, and can’t act, so they cut it short. 
      A useless girl, ugly and stupid.

  5. also this kind xi ping is stupid… if i notice my child will be like this before he borns i will terminate him … i cannot bear it that my son will be suffering whole life then life is no use at all

  6. oh my god zen jun should die…

    oh my god this brother guy is stupid ruining brother and ruining family business i would kick him out of the family how he can be so blind i cannot bear it anymore so stupid so stupid so stupid

  7. Ughh i hate zhen jun so much !!!!! She is a fcking whore and a bitch !!!! Vaness plsdon’t cancel ur plans from getting married with xi en just get married first then think what u can do for that bitch !!!

  8. i love 007 with a passion, don’t get me wrong. but was anyone else creeped out by the fact that he was just standing there watching XiHui sleep???!

  9. I agree with all the comments, but I think 007 will need to get rid of that vampire guy before he and XiHui can live in peace.  I hope we dont have to wait until the last ep to see that.  I hope to see 007 gives more love/passion to Xi Hui……..it did show a little when he watched her sleep by her window.  007 loves her very much but I think we just want to see more…..like telling her “I  love you” or give her a nice kiss.  007 always look so worry and so sad. 
    I also think XiEn and Chocloate wont be getting married tomorrow because ZJ is going to have a car accident and they will feel sorry for her.  Dont forget, still 14eps to drag on…….

  10. base on yesterday’s preview (where Xi En’s younger sister was standing next to them while Jia Rui is talking to Chocolate & Xi En in panic), i believe Chocolate & Xi En got registered.  if not, i’ll fly to TW and burn the script, honestly, the writer is so pathetic, no interesting storyline (after ep 40), swings back to the draggy, pointless & lost control Taiwanese long episode drama style.  I’m not a fan of the leads but they’re good & versatile actors, what a waste of their talents!

  11. What’s wrong with the writer and director?  007 should not be in such pain at the hospital since he should have received anesthesia and pain medication for the wound.

  12. The Hong family is a traditional family so how come they’d start eating before the father even sits down at the dinner table?  Also, I noticed back in the episode when Zheng Jun went to her brother’s house to have lunch that all the young women did not hold their chopsticks probably but the men did. What’s up with that? 

  13. 政君太機車了ˋ^ˊ就不能接受事實,放手別再破壞希恩和巧克力的感情嗎?

  14. Zheng Jun certainly has to take responsibility for her stupid and selfish action but without Jai Rei stirring things up for her she’d have settled for just losing Chocolate and everyone else would be better for it.  But at least she can blame it on having suffered from post traumatic stress.  So Jai Rei is really the bigger idiot and loser here.

    • 100% agree….if Zheng Jun becomes disabled, Jai Rei should take care of her…..or she dies from next episode, halelujah…..

      • nah. i think its gonna be worse, she gets hit, run over and then if she survives, she will blame it on both the brothers for leaving her and say that they have to do EVERYTHING she says..

        I HOPE THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN.. because then i’m ready to throw something at that girl.. 

        This is a side note, but if you watch her in other taiwanese dramas, it seems like she ends up playing the bad, mean and hateful girl (she was also in Four Gifts with Nicholas Teo and if u watched her that one she made his life pretty miserable as well).. She must really like playing this role. 😀

  15. 點解陸廷庭和希惠的愛情咁凹凸不平,難道就不能滿足一下我們的要求讓他們有溫馨,浪漫的時刻嗎?

  16. This is super heartless, but seriously, when the car headed for ZhengJun, i was like “Run her over, run the bitch over!!!”
    Ugh, she’s such a selfish stupid brainless excuse of a woman.

    • LOL i hope she doesnt get run over tho.. otherwise ther going to make a big deal out of it again and be like “OMG QKL U ALMOST RAN HER OVER. now u cant marry xien and u have to be with zhengjun cuz u OWE her..” blablabla <– that stuff… plz no == i just hope they can hurry up and marry and be happy andd not have to suffer all that craziness from ZhengJun 🙁

    • so no one can say it’s Jia Hua’s fault if Zheng Jun gets hit by the car because it’s her incapability of listening to Jia Rei when he said that Jia Hua does not love her anymore and its her stubbornness to stop Jia Hua and Xi En from getting married that caused her to run into the street without looking and the car was going really slow…

    • Chocolate and xi en are the ones in the car!! It would be a disaster if he hits her and would have to take care of her forever.omg

    •  二十七分007 窗口出現~
      如果關燈~再開綠燈!! 也超像的耶!!!!!!!!!
      這樣的拍攝手法~其實補賴耶!!! :”)))))))))))))

  17. haha so funny seeing 007 wearing xi pin’s shirt! i wonder how he fit into xi pin’s shirt, he has such a bigger frame + hes more muscular hehehe 

  18. 陸政君你是个魔鬼, 总是要破坏巧克力和希恩的爱。 他们俩个是一对的, 你不要去破坏可以吗?让他们可以成功的注册结婚. 希望下一集, 巧克力和希恩是幸福的夫妇哦。。。

    • hope 陸政君 die from next episode….so does the vampire….or they go to jail together and live there happily forever

  19. WAH OMG i’m melting!! wei li’s like “our relationship cannot be broken down that easily like how a flame can be easily blown away” AHH <3 

    • Don’t agree. 

      The fact that they knew each other such unique circumstances and he helped her when she was expelled from school, she helped to bring Zheng Jun home.. all these eventful moments & those light-hearted times when they stayed together, made their feelings stronger for each other. Having been kidnapped before, Xi Hui could still accept him, shows she really likes him. Their story is short but it feels so real. They are the one-true-pair 🙂 Maybe in real life, it will never happen. But at least let us enjoy all these in a drama. 

      • Agree with Jan. They have been through so much together and I feel like Xihui changed him a lot. She gave him warmth and care; taught him what family is. He taught her what reality is. Ever since he met her he always has a smile on his face. I think he was really touched when HongBa said that we are a family. 

        • I agree with Jan and Ashley.  007 and Xihui have rubbed onto each other.  They are good and suitable for each other in spite of age differences (what is a 9-year difference? it’s not a generation gap).  Like Ashley has said, 007 smiled more often in the later episodes especially the last few ones where he is with xihui and her family.  He beams and breaks into smile each time hongpa, hongma or xihui compliments him.  This is so different from the earlier episodes when he just got to know xihui, then he his smile was always a tightlip smile that barely make it to the surface.   

          •  Agree with Jan, Ashley&Yaflute. Age is nothing more than a number. Their chemistry is apparent and comfortable. They’ve gone through thick and thin to reach where they are today. Through all the twists and turns they’ve finally ended up together. The repeat sequence of different problems are necessary because of 007’s past, but I’m sure they’ll overcome it. That’s what Xihui meant when she said she accepts ALL of him, right? If you only want PART of a person, that means you don’t love them at all.

  20. 14 more episodes to go. Agree with Yaflute. Hope to see more happy & sweet moments of 007 & Xi Hui. Now i am really watching the drama coz of them. 

  21. OMG IDIOTIC LU ZHENG JUN!!! Stop all your nonsense man!!!!! I hope they successfully register their marriage before she stops them! oh please!

  22. I felt exasperated for 007 and xihui after watching this episode. In the words of Shakespeare, the course of (their) true love never did run smooth. It’s one obstacle after another. Now that 007 has hongpa’s seal of approval, he has to contend with Mr Vampire and guard against his devious gameplan. urrghh!!. I hope the producer will give the couple a break and indulge the 007-xihui fans (and shippers) with more happy, tender and passionate moments for this couple. Hopefully, we get to see 007 checkmates Mr Vampire soon and his nauseating sister quickly settle down happily with jia rui, so that he can truly be free from all these burdens and start paying true court to xihui and gets truly fire up for her. The only silver lining now for 007 is hongpa’s vote of confidence; looks like he is fast becoming hongpa’s favourite son-in-law.   

  23. ahhhh completely fallen for Lu Zheng Ting already. He is sooooo cute and man omgggggg teeheeeeee. Just can’t stand the fact that his enemies are so irritating and Hong Ba keep annoying him T_T

  24. Poor 007. Love HongPa & 007’s men talks! 
    ZhengJun is really too much, she can just go date that HaiFeng, they suit each other. So evil.

    Can’t wait tomorrow’s ep!!! <3

    • “原來我早就愛上你” 真的超好聽 可惜目前不知有沒有完整版可以聽
      不過另一首”今天開始”也粉好聽~~ 嘻嘻 

  25. when vanness and xi en was kissing and vanness was holding the plate of chocolate it looks so awkward!!! LOL!!

    and there is xi en’s best friend!!! she made appearance again. hahaha

    • omg why are all their kissing scenes so awkward… loll the ‘bed’ scene a few episodes before were awkward too 

      • hahaha because they are the ‘decent’ couple, the one that listens to parents and all. while xi hui is the dare devil one. so they’re more rebellious and open abt kissing n all. hehehe

    • I think its more funny than awkward.. who holds a pan of chocolate while kissing someone?? its to make the scene more romantic.. it’s the effects!!! hahahah. 🙂 

      • precisely! especially since he holds it out so far like as if waiting for someone to come take frm him. hahaha! awkward!!

    • just knock her and get her hospitalize so she can’t interrupt them registering their marriage already. nobody will pity her for her injuries.

      • omg i just replayed and its really jiahua who’s driving!!! OMG please register marriage successfully! Hate that bitch zhengjun TSK

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