Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 65

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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98 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 65

  1. that bloody BITCH Zheng Jun, i want to give her a black eye right now, that 007 should take care of his sister, and get some one to guide and watch her, she needs to leave Xi En and Jia Hua alone. ZHENG JUN is SOOO ANNOYING!!!

  2. “我不想去医院。。 我想回家。。。”。。。 希恩应该跟巧克力说,“好啊,我们一起送zheng jun回家。。”

  3. I don’t understand why Chocolate takes no action at all for his beloved Xin En. I can’t stand 007 and Xin Huai. I pretty must fast forward through any of her scenes; her voice irritates me. You can be pure and innocent without being annoying. Hong Ba has been consistently annoying throughout the story line but he seems to be nicer to 007, even saying that he had good points. I do t recall him ever saying something nice about Chocolate. Then there’s the Zheng Jun…I find this character hysterical. I think it’s funny that she throws herself on the floor and has a panic attack every time she’s feel she’s lost Chocolate’s affection. That the only story line that’s good anymore…watching her epic fail. Lol. 80 eps is way too long for a tw drama.

    • Also where is Chocolates’ Mom?? Over half the series was about meeting his Mom. Now what??? They met and now I have to take over Dad’s company…hope you’ll remember me?? Over 28 years of longing for a few minutes of reconciliation? Epic failure!

  4. Hope 007 won’t had any accident during the motor race ! And also tht 007 and xi hui will have more intimate scene ^^

  5. i don understand why the vampire has to keep finding trouble on 007? did i missed out something. 
    p/s: why must bad guy make up like this? to stress that BAD GUY LOOK? -.- i don think real mafia look like this -.-

    • 之前有太多人骂郝姐的角色了。。。说”讨厌她“ / ”装可怜“ / ”不会演戏“ / ”表情恐怖“  / “希望她不要再出现。。。等等。。。


      很可能。。。迟一些陆政君也会莫名的消失 呵呵~~~

  6. Really can’t stand the bitchy Zheng Jun….hope she will be out of the show soon….
    Hope to see more Jia Hua & Xi En lovey dovey scene….so sweet:))

  7. It would be too cruel to not 007 resolve the problem with his creepy enemy with a good ending.  007 and Xi Hui need something a bit light hearted that will still build their relationship.  It’s too much to keep their fans dangling with problem after problem.  Don’t forget 007 still has to help his misguided sister with her love life.  With only 15 episodes remaining, the writers will still need to give 007/Xi Hui’s own storyline a happy ending.  I’m pretty sure it’ll be a happy ending; otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.

  8. I think 007 will lose the race, and as the loser he has to do something illegal for Mr Vampire. This will put him in a dilemma, if he carries out the deed he will break his promise to hong pa and let xihui down; but he if doesnt he will endanger the hong family. i wonder how the script will pan out this time for 007. this 007-and-xihui couple really needs a break, it hasnt been smooth sailing for them. it’s tiring and very discouraging especially for 007 who doesnt have xihu’s optimism, innocence (and ignorance) and perseverance. i wonder whether he will persevere or just throw in the towel and walk away from xihui once again. hope both of them will still be an item at the end of the whole show. 

  9. To “lb” account is fully unsuspended nor removed, also video is available and online.
    please change the 0 to o and W to w and E to e and l to capital i. since this page here changes the capital i into small L

  10. Xiao Xiao is so right about Zhengjun faking her illness.  Zhengjun needs to disappear again.  She is so annoying. 

    • i agree with you and everyone here.. its a diversion and not an illness.. its Zheng jun’s plan to get Jia hua away from Xi En.. I like how Xiao Xiao and Wei Li can see her evilness.. its good they got good friends watching over both of them, otherwise.. them two would not be able to be sweet around each other. 🙂

    • no need to jettison zhengjun from the show, rather they should cast xien to be more assertive and proactive, like xihui who demolished 007’s barricade without any hesitation and won a permanent place in his heart. 

  11. vanness likes like wooyoon XD from 2PM XDDDD where’s IU? joannie kinda likes like IU but not as cute or pretty XD hehe wooU milky couple 4 ever ! from dream high lol XDD

  12. I think Hong Ba might follow 007 to see what he does or even concern for 007.  I think after this Hong Ba will really see how serious 007 is about his relationship with Xi Hui and accepts him because 007 did not get in a fight or bring a mob of his mafia boys to resolve the situation with his enemy.  

  13. I loveeee Bobby Dou in this episode, he is such a good actor! 

    When he walked into the chocolate house over hearing Xiaoxiao and Wei Li bitching about his sis, one would expect more action but the way he replied xiaoxiao was monotone-ly funny! And i like how he is willing to lower himself to talk to Xi En (i cant believe how righteous she gets when she said its none of his business), zheng jun should be glad she has a bro like 007!

    OH and at the billard house, when 007 asked Xi Ping to go home but Xi Ping was being pull away on  the shoulder by the “vampire” – did anyone notice how 007’s facial expression changed from a light smile to a serious look within second? Is he a good actor or what?!
    Anyway, when 007 was at the temple, he mentioned about having a 贵人helping him get out of the triad, does anyone knows who is the 贵人? 

      • but it really was none of his business. Zheng Jun said that she would try to get JiaHua back fairly. But the fact that both JiaRui and 007 went to go talk to XiEn about it is really pissy actually. If that’s what she called fighting fair, then i’d like to see what her version of unfair is.

        • You dun get it, do you?

          It was never Fair in the first place – all along Zheng Jun mistakenly thought that she was still needed in Qiaokeli’s life, because of Qiaokeli’s guilt and XiEn’s…ok i have no idea what Xi En is feeling, she is doing all the things that contradicts one another. Zheng Jun starts to 钻牛角尖, refused to acknowledge the fact that its over between Qiaokeli and her, because he NEVER make it clear to her and even allowed her to kiss and hug him. Just what signal is he sending?Xi En wise, im not really sure why they make her character so 歇斯底里, she gave up the wedding because she wanted to let Qiaokeli settle the issues is fine, but she over did it so much that she even gave up on their relationship, wanting to do some soul searching but next min she wants to get back together again, then when she saw Zheng Jun looking at them she quickly let go of Qiaokeli’s hand as if they are doing something shameful. She even feels embarrassed when Qiaokeli shows her some affection. But when Zheng Jun lies on Qiaokeli, she gets upset and all – next moment she moves in to his house. Seriously, if i did not watch from the start, i would have thought that Xi En is the 3rd party here because of how she portrays her image. No offence.

          • I do get that, but you’re not getting the main point that i’m bringing out.
            Still doesn’t say much about the fact that it really wasn’t 007 business. Yea, its his sister, but its her life, not his. And yes, Xi En has a very contradictory personality, i agree, its like she doesn’t know what she wants. Even so, i would be super pissed as well if my 情敌’s pursuer (JiaRui) and brother told me to leave my boyfriend so she can have him, i would tell them both to f*ck off.

          • Neither do you. Im not saying why Xi en should not get mad….did i say anything about her having bad anger management? Nope. Im basically explaining why this whole thing is not a fair game because of what you wrote previously – ” If that’s what she called fighting fair, then i’d like to see what her version of unfair is.”Duh.

    • I love the look 007 gave Xi Hui after he said he’ll do whatever to satisfy her dad.  It’s a look to let her know everything will be ok and not to worry.  He really does love her very much.

      Why does a mature and experienced man like 007 who is 10 years older love Xi Hui?  It’s not impossible but what does he see in her when she is seemingly so much less mature?  I think at first he finds her funny but was attracted by how she cares for him.  Her determination in helping him get back with his sister is probably the biggest factor.  You can tell he admires her determination and willingness to aggressively go for what she wants.  He even told Xi En to learn from Xi Hui about this.  

      I also think it’s because Xi Hui is simple and pure who she gives him back what he lost when he joined the mafia.  Her treating him normally, acknowledging that he’s a good person, care, and love even after knowing his mafia connection speaks volumes in his book.  Today’s episode really can point this out.  Look at how Wei Li and Xiao Xiao treated 007.  They were afraid of him and talked badly about his mafia connection.  To be accepted as a normal person rather than a mafia guy is something he longs for and Xi Hui gives him that.

      • yes, xihui gave him back a normal life, something that he needs and wants. ‘need ‘is a crucial factor in a relationship. it is more essential than love even though both are equally important hence their love is stronger and more grounded than jiahua and xien. 

  14. Love oo7 thn Chocolate now. 巧克力is stupid or what? Treat the zheng jun more and more good. Hold her hand, let her kiss, all this. Dk how to prevent at all. Seriously? And xi en must people push thn she know what to do. Tsk

  15. I hope for a happy ending btw 007 and Xi Hui 

    So anxious for tomorrow episode, hope he wins the bike-riding competition but i guess the script would be he lost the competition and has to do something illegal 🙁 

  16. This zheng jun is in denial. She makes things so difficult for everyone and for us to watch it ! Love cannot be forced !

  17. please let them successfully register for their marriage tomorrow and stop all the lu zheng jun nonsense! it’s getting boring seeing her wanting to snatch jia hua back every episode!

  18. 陸政君你这个狐狸精, 你不要破坏巧克力和希恩的幸福可以吗?

  19. Wth…. 007 told jia hua not to give zhengjun any false hope if he isnt going to get together with her and then he goes and requests xi en to break up with jia hua? 

  20. why that guy that constantly find xi ping looks like a vampire to me? his make up really makes him looks like vampire. 

  21. urgh! dont like it when they just suddenly cut off when xi en mention she wanna ask choc for marriage. so abrupt! wad are they doing to this show seriously zzz

  22. why must they always make xi en and choc get married bcuz of other reasons? first it was bcuz of hao jie. then now its to make zheng jun give up.

    cant zheng jun just go away for good, and not be the 3rd party on her own. doesnt she have any shame?

    just let choc n xi en get married based on love when they are ready.

    • ugh i know what you mean… why do they always have to marry for other reasons…. and i really feel they are not ready for marriage yet (even though we have 15 episodes left of this drama)…. I feel like xi en is only marrying jia hua just so zhengjun wouldn’t steal him away because as she said a few episodes earlier she isnt READY to rush into marriage yet and now shes thinking of proposing to jia hua -______-…. and she just overlooked the part where jia hua was treating her so bad before and she’s STILL suffering with the zhengjun situation.. it’s not like rushing into marriage will FIX the whole situation… jia hua will still neglect her with hao jie (even though she seems to have disappeared from the show) and many other problems that aren’t resolved… THIS DRAMA REALLY HAS GONE DOWNHILL : ( I feel like whenever i watch long series I get frustrated at the ridiculous and draggy plot like inborn pair… it was so long and draggy too… 

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