Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 64

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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77 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 64

  1. To 
    Mercury, I thank you 🙂
    It helped a lot!

    I do not understand the language ( Mandarin )at all ( neither English is my first language ).
    So i just watch and try to figure out through the actions/steps what is going on 

    I humbli am grteful !

  2. Jia Rui: I’m sorry for all the things I did to you in the past

    Xi En: No,  canceling the wedding, I had a part in it as well. 

    I was too sudden, once I heard about  things involving Zheng Jun I wanted to back off to let Jia Hua have his space and face it himself. 

    Jia Rui: Backing off, letting go, isn’t that a form of love as well? If the person you love is happy won’t you end up being happy as well? 

    Xi En:  I used to think this way as well, but after I realized I was wrong. 

    … If the person Jia Hua loved now was Zheng Jun then me backing off and letting go would of allowed them to be together and happy, but the truth is, the person Jia Hua loves is not Zheng Jun. 

    So, my backing off won’t help Zheng Jun, but will also hurt Jia Hua. It just lets him know that I’m not confident in our feelings/love for each other, so that’s why he so suddenly cancelled the wedding.( this translation might be wrong)

    Once I thought clearly of this, I realized I was too sudden, but I thought of this too late, that my backing off just hurt everyone in the process and that in the end no one would end up happy. 

    Senior.. loving someone, giving them happiness  doesn’t necessarily mean backing off( I didn’t understand this part/didn’t catch it, but means facing hardships and staying by their side through thick and thin. 

    That’s why.. I’ve decided I’ll stay with Jia Hua and face Zheng Jun together with him. 

    I didn’t translate it word for word, mostly because  I understood most, but not necessarily all of what she said. I’m mostly fluent in mandarin( not entirely fluent). 

  3. I jus F*ckin hate Jia Rui . He started all of the things that come to zhengjun mind . FUCK HIM go die – If I were jia Rui ‘s mother I probably had killed him or committed suicide. Damn

  4. Love this episode, OMG Xiao Xiao and MC40 makes me laugh hard out, what they did to Zheng Jun is sooo Funny, such a team, love them. 

  5. 看來希恩的攻心為上比政君陰謀豪奪要來的高明多了,好比滴水穿石一般,不著痕跡的不僅鞏固戰果還動搖敵人(軟化、引導家瑞),實在太有戰鬥力了~~~!
    至於政君不知道接下來要幹嘛??(開始走火入魔了~~) 希望家瑞能起緩衝的效果,並再次覺醒勇敢追求所愛(拯救世界吧~~!)

  6. 政君真的是疯了. 她以为巧克力还爱她, 她想太多了吧…政君, 巧克力爱的是希恩不是你. 踢走政君的戏, 我真的非常讨厌她. 希望下一集更多巧克力和希恩的戏. 威力和小小真的很可爱. 爱你们俩个哦…

  7. 正在吃西瓜消暑, 看到小小威力那part已經蠻好笑的,再看到印有對方臉的t-shirt,”看看size合不合” “這不是size的問題” 太搞笑了,我差點噴西瓜!!

  8. seriously! that guy that hurt Xi Ping, LOOKS LIKE A VAMPIRE!!!! one creepy guy also Zhen Jun, i swear she’s becoming b*tchy -.- and LOL for the couple shirts hahaha 

    • Twilight is the IN thing right now, of course they need to incorporate something vampire-ish or werewolf-y.

  9. It’s funny how Xi Ping is only 15 years old in ths drama.  In real life, he is already an adult who is 30 years old.  LOL

    • omg, u totally reminded me. i kept thinking of ah ben as that little teenager in bang bang tang. never thought he actually hit 30 already!! but cant deny he still looks young and is very good at acting!

  10. Best line from this episode:

    Zheng Ting: Zheng Jun, I want to know whether your feelings towards Jia Hua is love, or a habit?

    Good! At least someone is trying to knock some sense into Zheng Jun,她真的走火入魔了 “-_-

    Xiao Xiao and Wei Li – thanks for the LOL moments! XDDDDDD

  11. Seriously…. I can’t get over how annoying Jia Rui and Zhen Jun are…….. Their characters disgust me -.-

      • I think its more of the desperation left on his face that makes me wants to slap him… he keeps saying that his brother needs to sacrifice his life for Jia Rui’s mom.. why can’t Jia hua do want he wants to do?? (be with XI en and work at the chocolate store????) I agree with Jia Hua.. why can’t you step up as a son and not always ask his brother for help… UGH!!! 🙁 

        • oh and I forgot to add.. with his attitude.. I dont think Jia Rui is ever going to grow up.. even if he’s a full adult and looks like one.. 🙁 

  12. You can tell that the relationship between 007 and Xi Hui’s family is still unsettled.  Hong Ma and Xi En both addressed him as Mr. Lu instead of a nick name or simply his name.  Why doesn’t 007 ask them to please call him by his name?

  13. 007 needs to attend romance 101 and courtship 101 classes.  he actually let xihui lugged those bags of food by herself from his doorstep to the coffee table, without lifting a finger to help her.   this is totally incomprehensible! he did not seem to care very much about xihui, jugding by this incident. now i have doubts about his affection (let alone love) for her. did he want to be with xihui because he loves her or because he has grown accustomed to her and therefore wants to be with her, to be her boyfriend? on the other hand the preview shows that he would go along with hong pa’s insistence to “jin peng xi shou” to prove his sincerity and love for xihui.  007 is sending mixed signals. it’s about time he gave xihui conclusive evidence of his love for her, and to say he love her. 007 stop proving to hongpa , and start proving to xihui with words and deeds. 

    • It was very nice when 007 used to make breakfast for Xi Hui.  Now that they’re a couple 007 needs to show more affection and care for Xi Hui.  It’ll be fun if Xi Hui got a part-time job somewhere to learn to be more independent and responsible while attraction attention from some young men.  This will make 007 jealous and be more upfront with his affection.  Maybe his still holding back due to his mafia past and hopefully when he’s taken care of the mafia part he’ll give more affection to Xi Hui.

    • All in all, it’s a good thing that 007 is handsome, so I’ll still cut him some slacks. lol fangirl-ing~~ XD

    • When I watched the episode the first time, I totally felt the same- why is he not taking those bags for her and also what kind of reaction was that when somebody saw his girlfriend fell into the lake because of him? I hated those reactions!
      But when I watched it again, I actually understood more and I thought the script was excellent! Come to think of it, if he’s a normal man, for example, if he’s jiahua, then we should be unhappy about those reactions but now this is 007, the 007 who we know is not normal. The way he loved xihui is therefore and has to be different. He cannot and should not protect her like little princess, but rather, he should teach her skills and train her to survive when he’s not around her…
      This is just my opinion, didn’t mean anything, so dont feel offensive or anything if I said something wrong or you don’t agree 🙂

      • No worry, i wouldnt take any offence to your remarks. We are just exchanging views and should have a good and lively time sharing our opinions.  You made a good point that xihui needs to be a tough cookie and should not be mollycoddled by 007 if she wants to survive in his world. but then, even the meanest mafia guys are known to be considerate towards the women they love.  

    • well it’s hard to worry about those little things when you have a mafia to worry about; and plus, the way he said dumbie was NATURAL; you date or marry someone for awhile and see if they will be willing to help you lift your bags! =.=”” not everything in life is perfect=.=”’

      • I’ve been married for 26 years and my husband still carries things for me.  In fact, we’ve trained our teenage boys to do the same.  When I come home with groceries, my boys will run out to the car to carry all the bags in for me.  It’s not that I cannot carry them myself but this is how they show consideration for me.

        • your hubby is obviously not 007…
          Ok, Wei Li perhaps? I strongly  believe that 50yrs later Wei Li will still help Xiao Xiao carry whatever things she wants him to carry…

    • There is a reason why she still calls him Lao Ban….’nuff said.

      007 is not a character who shows much affection…Even when Zheng Jun scolded him outside of the hotel, the way he cries…if its QiaoKeLi, i believe the cries will be heavier. 
      Since there are 20more episode more to go, i believe their relationship will grow in a steady pace…after all you cannot expect the director to change 007’s character suddenly within a few episode of dating – the director have already changed tons too many stuffs that dont make any sense.

    • Oh and in case you never realised, there are a few scene that shows slight changes in 007…
      Such as when Xi hui invites him for dinner – he actually pouted.
      And when they are at the tree house, she asked him to share about his worries – his looks is pretty soft already.
      So give it some time for this manly character to soften =)

    • In a way, I do think that 007 is changing a lot for xihui. I think it’s sorta funny watching 007 be dragged around by xihui and doing w/e she wants to do 🙂 And it’s also really cute becuz now he doesn’t seem annoyed at her at all, but is going at xihui’s pace. For example, the shirts. He pretty much tenderly laughed it off and was like no. Before, he would have been like get that away from me. I also especially the soft looks he gives her now. 🙂

    • I agree with most commends that 007 needs to show more love and passion toward XiHui instead of treating her like a “sister”.  I do think 007 changed some already…..slowly, for example, the way he was holding Xi Hui when 007 got her up from the water and said “do you want to play again?”.  Also the way they understand each other when she made these two t shirts, he knew she did on purpose.  He has more patient with her than before.  However, he should at least tell her that he loves her instead of just giving her small hugs……
      for the bag issues, I think it is the director’s and writer’s issue…..they didnt think to ask him to help with the bags…..also I think he was worrying about his sister so he was not thinking to carry her bags.

  14. last scene when zheng jun was leaving the house, she mentioned there’s problem in the company…did jia rui still went ahead, listened to zheng jun’s evil idea?  i sure hope not… the writer is ruinning the decent storyline!

  15. ok, seriously. i’ve never wished for a drama to quickly end, but because of zheng jun, i wish this series would faster end. so zheng jun can be out of the picture. infact i want her out IMMEDIATELY.

    infact when she was telling jia rui to hurt his own family business, the way she pout when he said no and he’ll never do such thing. GOD I WANNA SLAP HER FACE. pouting at such thing and then being so happy to smile at thinking of harming people’s business and so. what the hell??? 

    • ditto!  all in all, she’s bad news for any good guy.  i really want to slap the writer too, what were they thinking?  they claimed this drama series to targeted for overseas market and not your usual long, whining drama, well, it’s getting there.

      p.s. i want LOTS lovey dovey of chocolate & xi en in remaining episodes!!!

      • me too!!! i love the chocolate and xi en scene. 
        infact thou many love the bad guy- good girl pair [007. xi hui] i think the main couple is more realistic and sweet?
        afterall xi en is a really nice, understanding and sweet person!


  17. oh please jia hua’s blaming jia rei for not going for zhengjun 5 years ago but in reality 5 years ago jia hua was in love with zhengjun and if jia rei really did go for zhengjun, jia hua’s going to feel so betrayed and angry 

  18. When Xi Hui acts so childishly she just seems so stupid.  Please write more of the caring side for her rather than the stupid side because she’ll only seem to be a burden for Boss.  I dislike women who have to scheme and manipulate their men to get their way.  Why not just come right out to ask for what you need/want?  At the same time, Boss needs to show more care for her too.  Why does he let her carry all the heavy bags into the house.  Is it because he’s so used to Xi Hui being the maid?  My husband and even my sons would have immediately taken the heavy bags from me and taken them into the house.

    So curious as to how Boss is going to resolve the problem with his enemy.  The preview showed that the creepy guy had kidnapped Xi Ping and Boss went to see him.  I’m worried for him and his promise to Hong Ba about not letting his old life affect Xi Hui.

      • Go to love tv show .com(without the spaces), then go to 愛上巧克力, then go to ep. 64. And use Source 2 and the preview is at around 1:02:46.

    • xihui’s quite astute, and understand 007’s psyche rather well. she knew that 007 will be so adverse to the  couple tshirt (more so that it is pink and has a picture of her face on it)  such that he will offer to give her anything she asks on the condition that she throw it away permanently. this strategy of hers was excellent as it worked on 007. 

  19. pls pls pls pls pls make zheng jun give up pretty soon! It’s getting bored seeing her not willing to give up! 


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