Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 63

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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80 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 63

  1. Grandma Fang is the best. She was wearing the “pearls of wisdom” too. Haha. Her specs rock! 

    However am personally against premarital sex (and I believe Van Ness too – you can watch his youtube vid on his christian convictions) so I didn’t quite like the concept of them doing the deed before marriage. 

  2. 真的好喜歡希平喔



  3. 奶奶要家華去洞房那邊還滿好笑的,但是只有有點好笑而已,編台詞的如果能編說 [ 奶奶你到底在想什麼 ?! 不要那麼變態啦奶奶 ! ] 或者是 [ 奶奶你很變態耶 ! ] 或者是裝生氣 [ 奶奶你………….你變態 ] 然後走掉,等等之類的這些,一定會噴飯笑出來。話說如果巧克力奶奶直接叫做 chocolate milk 就好了,簡單明瞭。

  4. Yes I do agree that Xi hui and 007 story is more interesting,
    But I still feel that xi en and chocolate does have chemistry..
    Their scene in his room is so sweet.

  5. i never got taiwan dramas that portray the leads as virgins or a couple who never had sex with each other before marriage. hello, it’s 21st century! highly improbable – ESPECIALLY when it’s always the old person who ends up telling them to do the act

  6. hahaha
    wei li and xiao xiao are awesome !
    I love them 🙂
    what happened with the Chocolate competition ?
    and where is Hao Jie?! :S
    what’s wrong with the director and writers…? they keep vanishing ppl from this drama… it’s crazy… first… was xi en’s BFF n now the Hao jie and the master !?

    •  dont forget Prince as well. the director and writers probably never heard of outros and to think that this drama is 80 eps long, you’d think that they could have at least used up 10 mins to explain everything

      • prince was cuz he resigned tho.. cuz he was too busy with other stuff and his health couldnt cope or something.

      •  well i guess for wangzi they tried to give him a reason of like his grandmother being sick and he had to go back to take care of her (it was mentioned in some episode)

  7. this Ep is soooo cute between Xi En and Jia Hua,thank god not much of Zheng jun, and Xiao Xiao and MC40 in the next Episode makes me laugh, they are such a good team.

  8. Awww…. Bobby-OPPA gets to do what he loves (surfing) while acting!! Altho he might like surfing more than boat surfing…

  9. 希惠 IS SO MEAN for refusing 希平 to TAG ALONG and trying to persuade him not to!!

    Early in 恩驊’s relationship, when the couple decide to go out for a date, 希平asked to go along too AND 恩 says OK. 


    • Good grief.  Give the girl a break.  This is her first real date with 007.  What would want their little brother to tag along on the first date?

    • Xi En lives and works with Chocolate so they see each other all the time.  But Xi Hui had been separated from 007 for a long time and just had their relationship approved by her dad.  It’s totally reasonable to want to be alone with 007.

    • You see, Xi En is ok to basically everything, including “temporary” breaking up with her boyfriend to let him patch things up with his ex-gf…..

      If Xi Hui is doing the same thing, i think nobody would be watching this drama anymore.

  10. 今天這一集,驊到底說了多少次, “你要對我負責!” ??

    他們説好暫時分手,可是現在有分嗎? 還是太短的暫時? 現在都同居到男方家睡同一個房間了,沒有在分了吧 (之前洪家的同居是因爲驊本來是租戶所以不算)?

    政君跟恩學著點退一步海闊天空吧,恩”閙分手”不久(退一步), 恩驊就同居了(海濶天空). 反而君一直逼迫都沒有結果,只換來更多的厭惡…

  11. 第三者就是第三者,在男女主角還沒分手的感情裏卻有第三個人報到介入而成功讓某一方主角愛上自己,導致破壞男女主角的戀情才是第三者.
    所以我覺得政君不是第三者,她只是單戀幻想症煩人精,想用自己可憐的病情來讓驊轉而”回心轉意”愛上她來破壞恩驊的感情. 可惜驊沒有愛上她,而且恩驊是説好分手可是其實都沒有分手…

  12. 在感情裡不被需要的那個才是第三者,這句話真對

    • 政君在恩驊的感情裏根本不被需要,只是個擋路的電燈泡,再用她自己的definition,她就是第三者!

  13. It’s so terrible of the director of this show to use the 007/Xi Hui storyline as a cliff hanger to make people tune in the next day.  From this you can tell there are more people who care about 007/Xi Hui rather than the main leads’ story.

    •  ppl who like 007xihui will find their story as a cliffhanger but ppl who ike qiao & en will take ther story as the cliffhanger. thatisall.

  14. Jump for wake-board player? Come on … too naive or too stupid ? he doesn’t look like crashing to any rocks …  Besides, somebody please tell the director to stop XiHui to call her bf LAO BAN . It’s annoying and totally make me sick.

    • I cannot agree with you more……
      First the writers tried to make Xi Hui become more mature by studying hard and be proactive. Then she is so stupid to jump in the water?! 
      XiHui should stop calling him Lao Ban the day she left his house.  It was bad before they are together, now it is just too weird to call your boyfriend – Boss!! 
      I really like their storyline, I watch this show because of this couple.  I really hope the writers put some mind to continue to destroy this show.  It is bad that they totally destroy the main storyline.  They really need to stop making Xi Hui as stupid as some Grade 6 girl.   

      • I don’t think it was a stupid act to jump into the water. It was just a reflex action borne out of love. When you love someone very much, you would jut plunge into the act without a second thought.

    • I think it’s ok for xihui to address 007 as lao ban, it’s her term of endearment for 007. afterall, her relationship with 007 started out at the boss-and-staff level, so lao ban has a significance to her. i know of friends who address their hubbies with terms like “uncle”, “Mr”, “friend”  and these friends have  a solid relationship with their hubbies.  

      • I think 007 and Xi Hui has the best chemistry together.  Chocolate and Xi En seem awkward together sometimes not like a couple at all.  

      • It’s not called STYLE. He needs a stylist. In reality, you would not see someone in suit with that haircut and piercing. It’s unprofessional. I guess maybe your job does not require you to wear a suit.

  15. I think the bad guys are going to start to hurt all the Hong family members since they know 007 cares about them. 
    Once again, 007 really needs to show more love to Xi Hui, I almost feel that it is Xi Hui who forces 007 to be with her……
    I hope the writers will stop to make Xi Hui look stupid….jump in the water and she cannot swim?  there are 2 more people on the boat and they cannot save him????

  16. 方爸真是的,應該要關心的是希惠,希恩以要嫁給巧克力了,上床又怎樣了。
    希惠那個性可能馬上就all the way 了。

    •  They upload the video so fast, probably must compress to a lower quality (not HD), so the file size is smaller, then can upload the video faster, at super speed then we can get to watch it earlier.

  17. Feel a little disturbed by the mysterious man spying on Hong family. My guess is that he will harm or kidnap one of the Hong family members but not Xi Hui this time.

    Is Xi Hui stupid? She does not know how to swim and she just jumped into the water like that??? Is the Director trying to show that Xi Hui loves 007 too much that she can do anything for him without even thinking for herself???

    Agree with Yaflute comments that crisis brings out the truth in a person. I look forward to the next episode, perhaps 007 will start to show more love for Xi Hui in the next episode (i hope) knowing that she could do anything for him even if is something stupid and would endanger her life.

    As for the main lead Xi En & Chocolate, i am really sick of them since episode 30++, so i shall not comment further on them coz I skipped a lot of their parts. Basically i am still following this drama coz of Bobby acting and 007, Xi Hui storyline.

  18. Why is Xihui doing so much for 007? She is always giving and giving and proactive in the relationship, and now jumping into the water with no regard for her own safety and life in a hopeless attempt to rescue 007.  It’s time 007 expresses his love and care to xihui in tangible and romantic ways. He is so lacking in this area. It makes me wonder whether 007 really love xihui or is his really elementary in the school of relationship. Maybe xihui should lapse into coma after drowning and this will  arouse him from his stupor and fire him up to declare in no uncertain term his love for her.   

    • I love how caring Xi Hui is towards 007 giving her all in this relationship.  However, I wonder if 007 is still holding back because of the age difference.  But tomorrow maybe a breakthrough for 007 because Xi Hui jumped into the water and 007 will have to save her.  If seeing her life really in jeopardy may force him to just take hold of her and declare his deep love and need for her.  Hope so because it’s about time.  Even though Xi Hui knows 007 loves her and they’re together what girl wants to do all the work in the relationship and still not even hear “I love you” in return.

  19. 政君的外表太成熟了,和他的实际年龄不襯,而且身材也比他哥哥还要大只,根本都不像是个妹妹,超不喜欢他的。样衰,不管做什么都让人很讨厌。

  20. 这一集是最好看的一集. 我喜欢看巧克力和希恩的场景.
    希望下一集, 有更多巧克力和希恩哦. Both of them so sweet…… ^_*
    喜欢小小和威力,他们两个真的好可爱. 奶奶也是好可爱哦…..
    下一集还是不要有政君的场景, 真的恨死她了。。。。

    • 太棒了,太开心了!


  21. I agree with some commends……I think Xu Hui has been showing a lot of support and love to 007.  I know 007 told the parents that he will love her for his life.  I still dont think 007 shows much…..he never even tell her that he loves her???  Even with the kisses, it always Xi Hui kiss 007 first?   I hope it will show more passion and love from 007 to Xi Hui…….not those brotherly love. 

    • Well, there was an occasion (one and only one thus far) when 007 kissed xihui first after she confessed that she didnt think she would survive the kidnapping and live to tell him that she loved him. 

      • The kiss initiated by 007 was done in a crisis, and this is very telling as crisis brings out the truth in a person.

  22. OK, I know Xi Hui loves 007, but why would she jump in if she dont know how to swim???

    Also, writers…..please stop asking Xi Hui to call 007 “Boss”!!!  it is very annoying.

  23. An evil intent seems to brewing and simmering just below the surface for 007 and xihui. The mysterious guy that has been lurking across the hong family’s house really evokes a sense of uneasiness. Hopefully he is not 007’s nemesis, but just a straying lunatic, but this is just my wishful thinking. I sense that 007 and xihui will hit another snag in their relationship, all thanks to the mysterious and unidentified guy, but I trust that they will ride out the coming storm together and  emerge stronger and closer together, and live it up as the best Tiamo couple.    

    • I wonder if the fire cracker bit is some sort of calling card in the mafia world declaring harm will come to this family.  I believe that since he took the steps to declare his intention to Xi Hui’s family then he’ll not retreat from the relationship but I hope 007 will be able to handle the crisis without causing damage to the trust Hong Ba and Ma have in him.  This couple really needs a break.

  24. xi en should tell jia hua that zheng jun has not given up and wants to gong ping jing zheng! so that jia hua knows how she feel and won’t give her the wrong impression!

  25. love this ep so so so much!!! finally sweeetness btwn choc n xi en. maybe cuz theres very little zheng jun too. LOL!!

    cant wait for tmr’s ep!!! look at zj fume when they joke abt the bite. HAHAHA!!!!!!

    XIAOXIAO IS SUCH A GOOD FRIEND TOO. LOVE HER! she is bu bai nv hai #2!!

    choc xu en <3!!!!!!!!!
    xiaoxiao wei li <3 !!!!!!
    007 xi hui <3!

  26. I like xiaoxiao’s remark that guys, dogs and kids belong to the same category – they all devour everything that you give to them, leaving no remnants at all. There is some truth in this, but not all the time.  And Ben made the most hilarious remark that hong pa is as handsome as haru.  haha this is really so funny. 

  27. XiPing so poor thing. JiaHua & XiEn mega SWEET tonight! Need more love from 007 to XiHui, it’s always XiHui that is showing him love & care, time to make the move, LAO BAN! XD Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s ep!!! =D

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