Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 62

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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102 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 62

  1. 這戲只是把所有當紅偶像劇的劇情綜合起來而已..富家公子與打不死的灰姑娘加上可憐智障的弟弟..女扮男在一起工作激出愛火..可憐的小孩找媽媽..黑道大哥與無知少女..可惡的小三等等等….重點他只是用大咖在演鄉土劇而已..可憐的我已經看了62集..不把他看完很可惜- –

    •  if i am not wrong, it  is 原來我早就愛上你 by vanness… but i think the full song is not available yet… the ones found online is directly cut from the drama. so you can hear the actors talking in the song…

  2. i just wanna go up to Zheng Jun and punch her to Wake up,  to the  Reality, that Jia Hua doesnt LOVE HER, he LOVES XI EN  not her, and Jia Hua grandma is sooo cute, cant wait for the next episode 😀

  3. A lovely episode because 007 and xihui are finally an item, and hong pa has approved their relationship, although quite reluctantly. It’s a feel-good episode for fans of 007 and xihui. However, it seems that their relationship will hit another snag, one more crisis.  The unidentified guy spying on the hong family gave me the creeps, it really raises the hackle. I agree that he is 007’s nemisis, bidding his time to destroy or take away the people dearest to 007. If this happens, it will be the acid test for 007’s relationship with xihui, and his determination to be part of xihui’s life regardless of the situation. Hopefully 007 and xihui will ride out this storm and emerge stronger and closer.  My vote still goes to them as the best tiamo couple.

  4. 感覺巧克力店已經沒有人經營似的…..-,-

  5. 如果我是希恩,我会告诉巧克力,政君对她说的话。。 看巧克力的反应是怎样的。。。

  6. 我看過幾集又要來個腥風血雨了….該不會希惠又被綁走,然後又會被反對在一起….

  7. either they are running out of budget or this show has limited budget, the suit looks way too big for Vaness, no budget to tailor made?

  8. 最近的戯太拖了,我都是跳著看的…惟有Bobby-OPPA的戯份不跳之外! omg, his eyes are too BLING-BLING!

  9. So Xi En moved to Jia Hua’s home to take care of his grandma? More time for them to be together! Take that Zheng Jun!

  10. Can’t wait for tonite’s episode after watching the preview:)

    Hate the bitchy Zheng Jun…hope she will wake up fm her idea of getting back together with Jia Hua!!!

  11. Just saw an article about an upcoming episode……007 and XiHui went out on a date to relax and 007 pretended to drown (surfing) and Xihui jumped in to save him but instead drowned herself…so he had to save her…

  12. OMG i hate that Zheng Jun i want to punch her now OMG !! how many more tricks does she have up her sleeves argggh

  13. 當年殺人的政軍現在冤親債主死去的忙魂已經開始跟她討債了,趕快去廟裡收驚懺悔就沒事了

  14. why there is no skipping function and have to force to watch from start till the end under this platform!….:(

  15. The preview made me really excited for tomorrow’s episode! ^__^ hahaand I loved when qiao ke li’s grandma was smiling when he hugged xi en. So cute <3

  16. watched the preview again, when chocolate says ‘thats my wish, wake up every morning and my wife would help me put on my tie.’ xi en’s expression says alot. more like ‘YOU SLOWLY WISH.’ then pull the neck tie and choke him or something. HAHAHA!!! am so looking forward to tomorrow’s ep now.

  17. totally love the last part when chocolate got home and saw xi en, then just grab her into a hug thou granny is there. so, so sweet!

  18. the drama really going downhill with zheng jun being the obstacle all the way since the early episodes. think the script writers running out of ideas for the main couple. so using 007 and xi hui storyline to keep the viewers.

    anw the only laughter and interesting part in this episode was when ah ben brought his scissors out. other than that this ep seriously quite boring. and this is coming from an avid fan who watch it everyday without fail. even when im overseas i find wifi to watch it. 

    other than ah ben the only part that made me laugh was the preview when granny said its 21st century, and then she said ask xi en to fu ze [take responsibilities] of chocolate instead then. made me laugh! granny is so cute <3

  19. I really do admire Xihui’s courage, it mustn’t be easy for her to keep trying after each rejection. Their relationship become even sweeter because of that. Boss probably find his courage through Xihui. I love their scenes, and also feel happy for them. Hong family’s acceptance of 007 is a huge step, i hope their relationship last till forever.

  20. Hong Pa is too annoying.  He does not let Xi Hui/007 and Xi En/Chocolate hold hands in the house only to exert any last bit of control over his daughters and that he’s the head of the household.  It show how small minded he is because he probably feels inferior to those young men.

    • No … i got to disagree wif this coz its shows how much a dad treasure n love his daughters. It maybe a bit too conservative but all dad is the same when it comes to their children. As a quotes goes “Daughter’s are the apples of a dad’s eye!!”. In theory fact which dad doesn’t tear off seeing their daughter marries off. Its the sentiment and a strong bonds that a father has with their daughters =)

      • agree with you. from the start the character portrayed by the dad is strict and traditional, thats why hes acting this way. its not bcuz he wants control over his daughters. u can see his love for his daughters. he really do love them. esp when he always insist that dads are the first loves of all daughters! so cute. <3

  21. Each time I watched tiamo that have zhengjun, I damn Dulan sia. F her seriously.. Keep destroy xi en and jia hua relationship, dont she know, once the moment of time that 错过。。it is already over! Seriously, make our feeling up and down…. Arghhh… Love 007! Finally he willing to face the fact that he love xi hui :))

  22. Okay I was laughing throughout the first 8 minutes of the show. Xi Ping’s mini “jia fa” just cracked me up! Ah Ben is so good in this show, I must stress yet again. And I heard it’s his acting debut?

    The yellow paper that 007 gave Hong Ba is probably some individual profile search (my country’s equivalent) which shows that 007 is a clean citizen with no criminal records or litigation suits against him. A bit exaggerated, but this act shows 007’s sincerity nonetheless. Guess that solves the mystery of what he and Xi Hui did before going to the family home. 

    I find 007’s display of sincerity really sudden though – I can’t believe he actually declared to Hong Ba that he would only love one woman in his life, Xi Hui. One reasonable explanation is that he finally had the courage to follow his heart and all his repressed feelings for Xi Hui surfaced. But, words are just words. I find there’s a little bit of an inconsistency here because 007 swore not to approach Xi Hui again. 007 should have started with: “I know I promised you that I wouldn’t come near your daughter again, but I just love her too much….” His new promises to the Hong family without this qualifier come across as rather empty. 

    The interactions between 007 and Hong Ba are nice because this fleshes out a much more different side of 007; his coy, willing-to-please side. It’s great. Nice to see him smiling for a change. One observation: I find that the 007/Xi Hui relationship is now in the opposite phase from the Jiahua/Xi En relationship currently. It mirrors the Jiahua/Xi En relationship in the first 20-40 episodes of the show. I think the 007/Xi Hui relationship has to be the buoyant, lighthearted relationship, now that Jiahua and Xi En have some inherent issues to work through. But I, too, am suddenly scared by the shadowy figure watching the Hong family. It’s probably 007’s past nemesis. Show, please don’t make 007 die to save the Hong family! It will just break my heart into a million pieces. And honestly, Zhengjun plays the part of a damsel in distress down pat. I was irked by her grabbing Jiahua’s waist whilst going up the stairs. Ee- yerrr. She also gave a very smug b****face look to Xiaoxiao when they barged in on her intimate moment with Jiahua. Moral of the story: One can NEVER be friends with their ex. *Spoiler* The preview is so strange, though! I thought this show was PG? Jiahua and Xi En sleep together? (judging from Xi En’s bare shoulders and all covered in Jiahua’s blankie). Okayyy. But I guess this gives them one further reason not to break up. A few burning questions on my mind that the writers need to desperately address:1) Where on earth is Hao Jie? Has she been put in a nursing home already?  

    2) What happened to the chocolate competition? 

    3) Is this show morphing into Ti Amo 007 & Xi Hui?

    4) How does Jiahua manage a multi-million dollar empire when he came from working as a server in a chocolate shop? Did he get a crash course MBA?

    5) Why am I so addicted to this show? HAHAHAHA. 

    • nope it’s not ah ben’s debut, he acted in a few other shows with members of bang bang tang. like 18 jin bu jin and so. but hes really good in it. esp in 18jbj hes really cute too! he makes a good humorous actor. 

      • Haha thanks for enlightening… I still find it quite ludicrous that they pushed Jiahua into management position so fast…

    • ohyea, answer to 2- they most prob decided to just forget abt it, plus the aim was to find hao jie [his real mom] and its done so i guess they just forgo it, like how they removed xi en’s best friend’s story line [im sure shes supposed to have some storyline frm the start whr she n wei li and wangzi was fooling arnd]

      also, now wang zi is gone 🙁 and also today’s ep, hao jie and shi fu is not at the choco shop too. argh! they removing more n more ppl and just focusing on zheng jun being a total b****!

      3- yea i agree too. the main characters starting to get boring. no more sparks. sigh

      4- he was helping out at the company before he announce he wants to go into chocolate industry, which is rejected by his dad because he hates hao jie in the earlier episodes. thus choc left the family and went to become a server at the choc shop. but yes, he had backgrounds in the company [if u watched the earlier episodes… if not, then heres some background.]

      5- lots of us are addicted too. LOL

  23. The complete preview shows 007 taking Xi Hui to see him wave boarding.  So that should be fun for 007/Xi Hui fans.

  24. I´ve never wathed a drama that consists of more than 25 episodes… The scriptwriters have to know that many people are watching this just because there are vannes and 007… just to support them. Because the story sucks and its dragging so long

  25. I really hope XiHui stop calling her boyfriend “Boss”!! It is just so weird…..and why he didnt stop her either?

  26. after that 预告 im pretty sure zhengjun won’t stand a chance >=)
    and after 62 eps, so glad 007 & xi hui are FINALLY TOGETHER! i wait until 颈项都长了 lol.
    hopefully xh & 007 get more screentime =D

  27. u kill the person yourself, jia hua didnt ask or force u to kill. why blame him?

    feel guilty for killing, go report yourself to police and get jailed, maybe u wont be guilty because u took up the responsibility for killing… 

  28. Maybe it’s just me but I hate how the scriptwriters make Xi Hui and 007’s story more attractive than the main couple. I want a big climax for Chocolate and Xi En’s relationship..  18 more episodes to go. 

  29. 哇,今天的希恩巧克力好好哦!看了真开心!



  30. 终于看到希恩巧克力好好的在一起,赶快去洞房吧!今天看了好开心,能好好睡一觉了哈哈,我想我中毒了吧!哈哈。


  31. ahh xi en’s kinda annoying now… she wants the “temporary” breakup but then she dislikes it when jia hua’s with zhengjun MAKE UP YOUR MIND

  32. 洪爸,希平,希惠和陸政延講車子哪部份好溫馨,好好笑!但是他們洪家可能又有麻煩啦!希望不要影響到007跟希惠的感情!

  33. oh please xi en and zhengjun weren’t even doing anything…. he just placed his arms on her shoulder… like it’s just a friendly gesture

  34. 陸政君真的疯了… 下一集要减少政君的戏. 我不想看到她, 讨厌她,恨死她了…
    希望下一集有更多巧克力和希恩的戏, 当然必须有007和希惠的戏哦…
    奶奶真的很可爱. 她很支持巧克力和希恩的爱情。  ^_*

  35. Hong Pa accepted 007 though reluctantly?

    I have foreboding feelings, there was someone spying on them outside Hong family house. Could it be 007 ex- enemy from secret society??? With18 more episodes to go, I wonder what climax is the scriptwriter going to create between 007 & Xi Hui? To me, the best climax in the whole drama is Xi Hui being kidnapped and saved by 007.

    This episode is so enjoyable, 007 helping Hong Pa with opening the car door & bringing him to get his car repaired. All these shows that 007 is getting along well with Hong Family and Hong Pa accepted him.

  36. 感觉到今天的007和之前的不同,之前的007帅气,有主见,今天的他就好像巧克力一样,都以洪爸的意见为意见。

    • well, if he needs the father’s agreement, he should be on his side.  He loves Xi Hui so much and he has to respect the parents.

    • 因為是長輩的關係,不然洪爸會反對他跟希惠在一起,而且年紀比較大的人,也會比較知道禮貌跟應對

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