Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 61

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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123 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 61

  1. Okay, Jie rui Stop fkin ruining other pplz relationship. I know you couldnt get the girl you like to like you so you should know how it feels to be rejected. Knowing that Jia hua already moved on you shouldnt tell zheng jun to keep pursuing him. Jie rui shud use his chance wisely and CONTINUE trying to mend her wounds.

  2. A lovely episode because 007 and xihui are finally an item, and hong pa has approved their relationship, although quite reluctantly. It’s a feel-good episode for fans of 007 and xihui. However, it seems that their relationship will hit another snag, one more crisis.  The unidentified guy spying on the hong family gave me the creeps, it really raises the hackle. I agree that he is 007’s nemisis, bidding his time to destroy or take away the people dearest to 007. If this happens, it will be the acid test for 007’s relationship with xihui, and his determination to be part of xihui’s life regardless of the situation. Hopefully 007 and xihui will ride out this storm and emerge stronger and closer.  My vote still goes to them as the best tiamo couple!

  3.  好愛007和希惠這一對…幫他們加多一點戲啦

  4. 哪里有这么好的女生。。?? 明明要结婚了。。。 就因为,前女友的事而取消。。
    希恩也太好了吧。。 现在好咯。。 前女友要抢回巧克力了。。
    如果这样的话,就把007的部分加多一点咯。。。 这样看到才不会闷。。 很爱他哦。。。 嘻嘻嘻嘻。。。 

  5. 感覺陸政君這個角色快要從客串變成第一女配角了,最近幾乎每集都有出現,還比希惠出現更多次

    • 真的耶。那麼多人討厭陸政君這個角色,但她戲份還那麼重,編劇難道不在乎收視嗎?

    • 对呀!

  6. actually zheng jun is just fighting for her love, there is no wrong. 
    instead, xi en is the one who give up, what is 暂时分开,但还是相爱, 最后会在回一起-.- 
    scriptwriter  doesnt make any sense. why cant solve problem together? 

  7. So what happen to the chocolate competition? No more competition? And I thought jiahua just acknowledge his mum, and totally forget about her??? Chocolate shop close down already?

  8. The script obviously sounds wrong, they twisted the story almost 360degree. 
    Jiarui behaves like a gentleman in the beginning of the story, who is deeply devoted to Zhengjun. Could be a potential role but why as the story progressed he becomes a psycho instead?
    Zhengjun was emo because she killed someone and has to fleet overseas and some days she was awaken by the images of her killing someone. What has it gotta do with Chocolate & Xi En? All Zhengjun needs was a serious embracing reality check. One moment she was moving to the correct direction (that part when she thought Chocolate was married), the next moment she wanted to get him back. A traumatized character turned bitchy. Sigh.

    Chocolate & Xi En wise, they broke up for an episode and the next they are back together again…..while we needed to wait so many episode for 007 & Xihui to meet under the bridge (and there is no bridge to even begin with!) the break up just dont make any sense – i thought Xi En is supposed to find herself? They didnt even bother to elaborate on her soul-searching part….just ONE pic and she found herself. *Clap clap*

    And a whole load more. 
    Despite me really dislike the script….i still hope that there is 007 & Xi Hui’s scene every day. Though their story is pathetically short, but they felt real. Xi Hui’s persistent melted 007, such a simple plot yet i enjoy their scene so much. Something is not right with me. 
    And that gentle look on 007 after they kissed – killed me! I hope tonight is as good! 

    • 故事已经不再围绕着巧克力店了。。。他们把故事曲折到全村的人帮政君“治病”去了。。。

    • Actually I think he realized how serious Xi Hui really is about their love for each other because she did not want to hide their relationship from her parents but rather face it head on.  Hiding the relationship will be bad for 007 like he really was not good enough for her due to his past.  That is why 007 loves her so much because she does not care about his past.  I hope in the future episodes 007 will show how much he really loves Xi Hui because up till now she has been the one doing all the work.

  9. Zheng Jun is really a bitch!!! Dislike her totally…and Jia Rui as well…arghhhh
    Think the best part of this episode falls on Xihui & 007….nice 🙂

  10. The thing is…. even if Chocolate didn’t officially call an end to him and ZJ’s relationship 5 years ago, he still told her they were over when she came back ~ which is a fail on her behalf = = lol 

  11. aiyo Jia Rui is being a hypocrite…well sort of..he’s telling zheng jun to not give up on chasing after her happiness yet that’s exactly what he’s doing…and even though he sort of cause his brother and xi en to not get married I don’t hate him for it because that’s what you do when you want to know if something is really meant to be yours…you set it free and if it comes back it’s yours forever…as cheesy as that sounds I believe in it and it’s what they use for dramas anyways…and yay 007 and xi hui are finally together!!! I honestly think jia hua is only going to think of zheng jun as a friend and nothing more no matter what she tries to do…which is why I’m worried she’s going to go with the plan of having xi en start doubting jia hua’s love for her and then give up…ahh I dislike when people do that…but I’m pretty sure in the end jia hua and xi en will be together!

  12. 很少女配角的服裝比女主角的還要華麗好看!

    幾時醫院變成歡迎裝病當旅館睡一晚第二天check out/病房成了歡迎隨時來置物的地方????

  13. if grandma fong is agreeing to her son’s “unknown” plan/scheme, it must be favorable to Xi-En since grandma asked Xi-En to move in… 

  14. 瑞一直跟君說愛情是要爭取的,愛情要自私,可是他卻拱手一直把君往他哥懷裏推… 自己説的話可是自己卻做不到… 還虧恩跟他表白過和他是恩最敬愛的學長!

  15. 政君不夠自私了嗎?瑞還要她自私一點?!

    就知道方董是假失蹤,他之前要樺回去接管公司他卻很生氣的說不要… 方董才出此下策啊,讓他不要再迷巧克力.

  16. Omg I love how shy 007 looked when he was greeting xihui’s parents. And it was also really cute how 007 treasures xihui so much and when he was so unsure, xihui was so mature and comforting 🙂

  17.  YESSS Xi hui and 007 ~ SO CUTE ~ I like how Xi hui keeps on kissing 007 coz normally it’s the guy who initiates the kiss

  18. Is it just me.. or I really hate the way Jia Rui talks… It’s so annoying!!!!! Just like his character -_-

  19. FINALLY 007 AND XIHUI ARE TOGETHER!!!! I LOVE THE COUPLE SO MUCH!!! l love how he worried about her and how she insisted in this relationship! I LOVE THIS EPISODE! this is the best birthday present for me!

  20. 因為很喜歡 V 才看…. 但卻愛上竇…. 開心能欣賞多一位有才華的演員!!
    可憐 V由當初被設定為(從片頭和故事開始給我的感覺) 個性果斷+ 自信+ 有型俊俏….. 變成現在的傻瓜… 說話結結巴巴… 思維混沌… 該愛不愛…應做不做… 戀母症… 造型衣著也出問題….!!!!! 真想請問導演 / 監製 發生了什麼事???!!!!!究竟想拿 V 來做什麼市場測試 ?? 對巧克力角色和劇情大大失望…. 現在, 我只挑7惠看, 還有個性統一的阿本和哈路 ^___^ 
     繼續拖拉下去……..要趕客 ?!!

  21. Miss 007.. Their kiss looks natural, and 007 very handsome, hope can see much more of him in next episode..

  22. Joanna, the drama’s on-air in Taiwan(it’ll end at 80 episodes).. so it’s being released on the web after it airs. It’s a M-F drama that airs at night in Taiwan. 

    As for Zheng Jun( I personally have never hated her character because she’s never actively tried to break them apart. I guess, considering they broke up.. she probably sees this as the only chance she’ll have and quite honestly, if Jia Rui hadn’t brought it up before hand I honestly think she would of just left the entire matter alone and decided to leave them be…even after discovering they had broken up. In yesterday’s episode she didn’t seem that eager to get back with him or more resigned that there wasn’t a chance for them.. so I kind of believe that Jia Rui telling her to take a chance was kind of what pushed her toward making that decision anyway. If anything I blame Jia Rui and dislike his character more because his character is kind of obsessive  and selfish in regards to Zheng Jun without regards to whomever he hurts in the process. 

  23. Thanks for the Spoilers to those who mentioned 007 & Xi Hui kiss. Coz i just fast forward to their kiss scene. Extremely sick of seeing Zheng Jun, Xi En & Jia Hui triangle relationship. The 2nd kiss was simply bravo man~!!! Compared to their first kiss, it is better and more natural but 1st kiss was under different circumstances. 

    Finally i waited and waited, 007 & Xi Hui are together~!!!!!

  24. I love how proactive Xi Hui is with her love for 007.  I think 007 admires her for that as well since he said to Xi En that she should learn from Xi Hui in this respect.

    Zheng Jun is now becoming proactive but her actions are not just to pursue Chocolate but to scheme and destroy his relationship with Xi En.  Both Zheng Jun and Xi Hui are taking action but Xi Hui is much more noble and admirable and that’s why she deserves a happy ending with 007.

  25. U all know where can see the full drama ,I am so angry this is not fair lo xi en so kind why she treat her like that,so I can’t stop watching the show but here only can see one epsi one day ,so which web can see the full dramas

  26. Jai Rui has become the most annoying character in this show.  I used to feel sorry for him but now I despise him.  When can’t he just leave well enough alone.  How can he love Zheng Jun so much to the point of hurting Xi En and Chocolate again and again.  He’s simply obsessed with Zheng Jun.  If Zheng Jun is affected by the guilt of killing someone, she needs to see a doctor and not Chocolate.  Only a truly selfish person will let go of that kind of guilt just by being reunited with a lover.  Jai Rui is an idiot. 

  27. Wow, what a kiss!!
    Since Xi-Hui and 007 finally together, does this mean that we won’t see much of them for the next 19 eps??!!!!!!  I hope not, since I watch this show for these two characters! 

  28. 好讨厌的政君!耍心机,虽然知道希恩会和巧克力在一起,可是还是不能忍受讨人厌的政君有跟巧克力任何的"亲密关系"!

    • especially when she stopped him from calling xi en. i thought she wanted to fight fair? tsk. disgusting and scheming!

    • I know!!!
      I think this character really suits him.  I don’t think he can play some young 20’s characters…..like chocolate.  He is better with short hair, more mature and manly character. 
      I never watched his other show, but I think this one is the one make him well known!

  29. ahhh omg bobby’s just too charming! and i love the way he owns up to his words/actions e.g. facing xi hui’s dad about their relationship !! 

  30. Wow, what a fervid kiss, definitely top form!  i like it when 007 finally wraps his arm around xihui’s waist and pulls her firmly against him – that is a paradigm shift in their relationship. at last he is taking  control of their relationship, and steering it. yes the drama is all revved up again, and hopefully back on track permanently for the rest of the drama series. 

  31. OMG I REALLY WISH THERE WAS A 2ND GUY FOR XI EN!! It just feels like theres something lacking in jia hua and xi en’s relationship.. like we all know they’re going to end up together but usually the main couple separates for a while to make things more interesting… their relationship is so flat rn :/ I want them to be a part for at least a while so they can appreciate each other more and all that

  32. 007總算將深藏在心裡的感情釋放出來了,而且很勇敢的去面對希惠的父母,真的很有男人的氣魄!(:(:(:

  33. tbh i dont really dislike zhengjun… yet. I can see where she’s coming from, she tried to stay away and if xi en and jia hua’s marriage wasn’t cancelled she probably wouldve left them alone but for her own sake/happiness she should at least try once right? and she DID date him first 5 years ago

    • actually its bcuz xi en and chocolate is too nice. they were being considerate of her feelings and wants to help her walk out of her trauma thats why they decided to cancel the wedding. but zheng jun takes that as a chacne to go into their relationship again.

  34. Zhengjun sucks! Keep on make people feeling dulan ! Can she just go with jia rui and don’t be so annoying. Omg

  35. WAIT wasnt 007’s letter a goodbye letter? so it should be sad? why did xi hui rush to 007 in happiness? haha 

    • because in the letter 007 said that he would already be on the plane and gone… she was happy becuz he actually didn’t board the plane and there is probably hope between them 🙂

  36. 希望希恩能像希惠一樣勇敢的捉住屬於自己的愛情!^______^


  37. 恨死陆政君。下一集不想再见到她。
    希望希恩可以成功得到巧克力的心. 不要让陆政君得到他. 巧克力和希恩一定要快乐和幸福. ^_*

  38. okay seriously zheng jun is like a cockroach. so stubborn and refuse to just go away. 

    seriously why can’t she just let go and find someone else. don’t she just get it that she and choc is just NOT meant to be? its really getting on my nerves. can the writers of the story just stop it? zzzz

  39. 政君找一个爱您的人(方家瑞),比较幸福。



  40. the chocolate triangle relationship is getting draggy. now prefer the scenes between 007 & Xi Hui… so direct, i like…

    chocolate and xi en need something better than this. LOL!!! much longer kiss for the main couple pleaseeeeeee

    • happy, you made a very good observation.  i recall in some earlier episode 007 had to use his magazine to hold xihui’s pet toy as if it was a repellent. 

  42. It feels so weird that jia hua’s handling his family business because i’m so used to him being ‘chocolate’ the carefree guy with no responsibilities besides working at the chocolate shop 

  43. Ok I posted that comment right before I watched that HAWT kiss scene between 007 and Xi Hui! Woot! There was definitely some tongue action there! Ok the drama is back on track!

  44. Jiarui, the embodiment of evil, is again plotting for Zhengjun to come between Jiahua and Xi En. But it won’t work, pal! They’re meant to be together since the beginning of time. 

    I think the writers took a wrong turn with this twist. As much as I am a fan of this series, I’m getting a bit tired here. Nobody wants to see Zhengjun be the third party, again. And we’re getting sick of seeing her on screen already, with her reticence and mopey self. And when she’s not mopey, her personality is rather colourless. She’s becoming a reluctant b***h. Pardon the harshness, but I am getting increasingly disillusioned about the direction of the drama. Haha.

  45. it’s really funny that xi en’s best friend just disappear like that and she was even highlighted as one of the main cast. anyway, it’s better that she dont appear anymore.

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