Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 58

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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133 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 58

  1. Drama is drama! How could somebody cancel their wedding for something happened 5 years ago, not to mention that’s an accident, unfortunate accident, but accident nonetheless. The one involved (Vanness) didn’t care, but his wife-to-be cared too much! WTH? Such drama!

  2. Move on, come on, it’s been 5 years. Why does she have to show up when he’s finally met someone after 5 years and saying how she still loves him, ckckck…. and never called within those 5 years or at least in this era email or sms. And Jia rui, it’s passed 5 years ago, I supposed love is blind and he had to ask his brother to cancel his wedding just before 30 mins of his wedding. So ridiculous…

  3. 愈看愈生氣! 家瑞 就算讓家驊放棄希恩回到政君身邊,驊心裡只有恩呀! 
    不愛就是不愛,就算是愧疚也不會因此而再愛上政君,因為已經愛上恩了!快要被他們氣死了 __/

  4. why does everyone think this drama is getting worse?
    i think its better than the last few episodes but this one was kinda surprising…….
    i really want to kill zhenjun and punch her freaking face because she’s so annoying.
    like omg. its been 5 years, you can’t expect someone to still like you after uu suddenly disappeared without any explanation. 
    and jia rep is so freaking annoying too..in the beginning i thought he was kinda hot but now the story lines involved with him are just so emo and selfish. 
    if i was XiEn i would still marry jiahua just to keep pissing jiarei and zhenjun forever. 🙂
    and if the marriage doesn’t work out, then a divorce would just finish things of right? duh.
    I’m more about revenge and vengeance. 

  5. lolololol while xi ping and his dad were talking at aroundd 22:00 the guy in the backround had hair like prince’s and i was like OMGOMG IS HE BACK? then i realized his hair was the wrong way :c i miss that guy. 

    oh yeah and what happened to xi en’s friend? she wasnt at the wedding. o-o 

  6. I can’t stand Jia Rui, he is a complete selfish ass.  He is always a “victim”; catering to  Zheng Jun, what girl likes a whimpy guy like him.  Than instead of helping her, he ruins his own brother’s wedding.
    Can’t stand the guy!

  7.  oh wow this is the most comments i have seen! ok so can anyone pls answer me: wtf happened to Prince? like seriously all of a sudden he just disappeared

    • he quit because of health reasons but in ne of the earlier eps the made an excuse saying that the character that prince plays went back home to take care of his grandma because she was ill

  8. Jia Rui kept harping on the fact that Jia Hua only thought of the interests of himself, but the person who is really only thinking of himself here is Jia Rui. He thinks that the things that he is currently doing will best benefit Zheng Jun, but he didn’t consider the consequences. Yes, he wants Zheng Jun to be happy, but is that truly what she wants? How would she feel if she realizes that she had come between Jia Hua and Xi En? They were just about to get married happily and all because of her, the wedding was cancelled. This will only add to her sadness. This will make her feel even more miserable even though the guy that she likes is right there by her side. Jia Rui should actually be the one to help Zheng Jun step out of her trauma. Of course, Jia Hua can help a little, but that doesn’t mean that he will be there all the time just to help Zheng Jun. He still has a life. He still has a girlfriend to take care of. The priority for Jia Hua should definitely be Xi En first, followed by family then Zheng Jun. Jia Rui shouldn’t be so selfish as to get Jia Hua to cancel the wedding just so that he can help repay Zheng Jun for saving his life. Jia Rui said that he thought of the interests of Zheng Jun and wanted his brother to do so as well. If Jia Hua thinks of the interests of Zheng Jun, who will think of the interests of Xi En? Won’t she feel neglected? It is really saddening to see the person you deeply love help his ex-girlfriend who still has feelings for him walk out of her own trauma. 

    It isn’t Jia Hua’s fault. I mean, no one asked her to save Jia Hua. Jia Hua didn’t force her at all. She chose to kill him herself. It was actually out of self-defense. Instead of just running away from the problem, I think that she should actually just admit it and accept the fact that she has killed someone. She shouldn’t hate her brother for this. Her brother just tried to protect his little sister and helped her get away so that she won’t get caught and sent to jail. Did she want that to happen? Won’t that be more scary for her? To think that she will have to stay in a prison cell. Anyway, I thought that this episode was disappointing. I started to dislike the parts with Jia Hua and his mother. The part where they reconcile was not at all touching. It was just so unrealistic to me. I’m sorry but I just dislike Hao Jie. I know she is afraid, but that is why she should reconcile with her son, so that he can spend more time with her. Well, I just hope that Xi En will find a man who truly loves her and cares for her, and not a man who would neglect her. Looking forward to the next few episodes!

  9. if  i were  jia hua   i will  beat  up  my  brother for  ruining my  wedding  , the  wedding  is nice but  it  turn  out to be   a funny   show  .   if i were   xi  en  i wouldnt    call  off  the wedding   no matter  what  ,  xien   is  so   stupid  and  call  off   the   wedding  she said  she   didnt prepare  then  why   did she    want   to  get    married ,   be   matured

    • To be fair xi en was rushed for this weeding. She didn’t pick her own dress or ring or anything else for that matter all of this weeding stuff has ways been about the mother first so I understand her. Honestly chocolate has been pissing me off since he found out Hao jie was his mom

  10. so I just want to say that I loved wei li and xiao xiao xD and well I’m just not going to comment on the other parts of the episode…

  11. What I really don’t get is, why is it that Zheng Jun KILLED someone (even if it is for Jia Hua) is a good thing? It is really bugging me, I know it’s selfdefense but she should at least report it … The fact that Jia Rui is using this against his own brother makes him retarded -_-‘

  12. OMG this is taking too long you see they break up and then together and then break up and then together quickly do the happily ever after OMG is starting to get BORING!!!!

  13. ouh did anyone noticed – when Xi En said she wanted to call off the wedding (the scene with Hong ma, Xi Hui & Chocolate), she was panting really badly and even requires to sit to talk about it….i really think that its because shes suffocated coz of the tight wedding gown….=X

  14. I’m guessing the breakup was mainly so Xi En could discover herself and find her own happiness. She does state in the preview that she’s doesn’t know what her own happiness is any longer because she always used to think that fulfilling the wishes of those important to her was where her happiness lied( i.e. her family(1st) and wedding was because of Jia Hua’s mother) so I suspect the break-up was for her to discover happiness outside of everyone else. She states in the preview “I love you” but I haven’t prepared myself to marry you yet and quite frankly, Jia Hua needs to settle his own issues as well. I personally like the idea of them breaking up so they can have separate lives away from each other. 

    As for the Zheng Jun character. I mostly just feel pity toward her. I find her annoying yes, but at the same time, killing someone accidentally or intentionally is still a pretty hard mental block to bear. I know I’d probably be pretty guilt-ridden if I killed someone, even if it was accidentally and not intentionally. Zheng Jun, other than the beginning when she entered has never tried to break them up. Heck she constantly tries to move on from it, but it’s other like Jia Rui who keep on constantly bringing it up and forcing her to re-live it. I actually really dislike Jia Rui in this scene because the best option for her is to move on and not constantly relive a past that was 5 years ago. The only way for Zheng Jun to heal is to not be constantly reminded of her past and Jia Rei breaking up with her and attempting methods to get her back with Jia Hua because he thinks that Jia Hua should get together with her out of guild only furthers any mental issues that ZJ has.  For the record, Jia Rei’s logic also makes no sense.. a relationship born out of guilt is not a basis for a relationship and yes, both parties just end up being hurt in the end.  

    Also, as much as I love Vaness, he isn’t necessarily the best actor, which may be one reason why some are saying that Joanne and Vaness don’t have the best chemistry. In a lot of the scenes involving anger, it almost  seems like he’s forcing himself to be angry whereas the other actors, Pei Long, Jia Rui actually seem genuinely angry.

  15. I really don’t know how they’re going to go on for another 22 episodes.  It’s already boring enough now.  It should not take 22 episodes to resolve the relationships of all 3 couples.  I just hope that the writers won’t destroy the 007-Xi Hui storyline by putting in stupid things like 007 taking the murder charge for Zheng Jun especially since it was self-defense to begin with.  But I definitely would like to see 007 confuse his feelings to Xi Hui loud and clear.

  16. 我觉得这将是皆大欢喜的结局. 巧克力和希恩最后
    真的希望皆大欢喜的结局. (*_*)

  17. reli dun understand why Jia Hua wants to break off with Xi En??
    another 21 ep to go, dont tell me they will patch back only at the last ep???
    and dont tell me this ZhengJun will be appeared fr now onwards???

    in fact, I love to watch it till ZhengJun appeared, tot of she will disappear from the drama after Jia Hua and Xi En wedding, who knows… OMG!!!!!

    should i quit watching it??

  18. OMG, Jia Rei needs to go die…im so freakin pissed off rite now . . . i agree that sympathy and love is different…zheng jun is nothing to jia hua. . . why does she makes it so everyone feels bad for her? She needs to get over it…srsly. . .

  19. wow this is mad retarded. inborn love was much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously? is everything in this episode necessary??!??! the director should add 007 and xh, they are MUCH more interesting…..

  20. 前面真的有夠拖的!! 要認不認,還在遲疑什麽? 很明顯每個人都知道她是媽媽,她還問你們都知道了? 吃完巧克力才決定要不要相認,而且最好是有巧克力是”我的寶物是媽媽,可是我找不到她”的味道! 很扯!!!

    方董說”是我”的時候有必要那麽嚴肅嗎? 吃飯都差點噴出來了…

  21. LOL, at the start Vanness has so many lines to say to “his mom” (soliloquy of some sort) and 02:32 Joanne and the Master are just smiling away while he’s saying his lines. 

  22. Why is Jia Rei only caring about Sheng Jun’s happiness? Whay about Jia Hua and Xi En’s happiness? Why force someone to marry another person that he doesn’t love? Jia Rei is really selfish, especially for telling his brother all that right before the wedding was about to begin. I mean, he knew about it for a while now, just not the illness, but he knew that Zheng Jun killed someone for Jia Hua and he decided not to tell his brother until the moment right before the wedding?1

    • 家瑞真是個神經病!越看越生氣!好像只有政君是人,希恩不是人,所以不用在乎希恩的感受!拖戲拖成這樣,我不用看啦,直接看最後一集好了!!!

  23. Jia Rui is such a bastard…WHY!!!! just cause he cant have a happy ending he can use zheng jun as excuse to break others happy dreams!?

  24. I quit watchng this drama and stated watching Gong Hay Fat Choy – SETTV‘s new 9 pm daily drama on Wednesday, June 27,2012 when it was 1st posted under Drama Updates.

  25. this show is getting stupider… unnecessary events that drags the show to 80 episodes-.-”””’ would rather watch more korean dramas: rooftop prince,  big,  and dr.jin, here I come!

  26. ZhengJun & JiaRui are such losers, they just messed up everybodys life including themselves, JiaHua didnt get married but still dont want to deal with ZhengJun, how sad of her..bitch.

  27. Okay, I know the air in this forum is a bit heavy but I’ve got lighten up to say.. Wow.. SO not expecting Xiao Xiao and Wei Li to walk the red carpet together.. AHAHHAHA…. we even got grandma cleaning her funky glasses and saying.. “um I dont remember xi en being that wide around the edges??”

    SO hilarious.. I think that was the one thing that made the episode into happy mode. 🙂 

  28. 这哪门子跟哪门子的事啊?!!!为了感恩,就不结婚啦?!!!天啊!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 真的很失望欸!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    事情都已經弄成這樣了, 現在就因為家瑞這麼一鬧, 害巧克力跟希恩要分手…

    不過 也對啦.
    政君那邊是不能放著不管, 可是這樣處理, 真的很難讓人想再看下去.

  30. omg cancelling the wedding was the best thing xi en did. I mean i would have cancelled it the first day i realized jia hua was marrying because of his mom. I mean they used to be such a sweet couple now its so complicated. i think jia hua is so selfish i mean u marry someone because u love them and hes marrying because of his mom == this drama is seriously messed up 

  31. omg.. the more i watch, the more girly i think jia rei is becoming! he’s so gay and selfish!! it’s just ONE girl! get over it! and zhen jun is retarded too! it’s been 5 years! get over it! maybe you should go to the police and admit u did a crime, so maybe that can help you get over it and take it as closure! what the hell!!! two selfish people in this series have to ruin other people’s happiness! 

  32. Agree with Jltl. Basically i only part that i enjoyed was Xi En expressing her feelings and her firm decision to cancel the wedding. Bingo! This is best thing she had done for herself. Initially i found Hao Jie ok but started to dislike her more & more, her crying scene doesn’t engage me at all. Mother & Son had acknowledged, but it wasn’t touching at all. Director should have chose another actress to be  Jia Hua mother, wrong choice man.

  33. 其實很不喜歡把他們的婚理變成相認大會,新娘像個助理一樣= =


  34. stupid Jia rui
    he has to screwed it all !
    congratulation bitch !
    u lost … n everybody is losing too bcuz of one stupid person….
    stupid bitch zen jun !
    fuck off!
    don’t know what happened to the sweetie n funny Jia rui !
    he was one of my faves character in here…
    now I hate him for being so stupid n selfish ..

  35. Wow, didn’t get to catch the drama when it first aired here earlier so I read the numerous comments below before I watched… Seems like Jiarui is really attracting some strong comments!

    I have some ruminations that only arose today when I thought about how the storyline was progressing. Wait, no, it’s regressing. Whose bright idea was it to have the wedding at the chocolate museum, where the focus was not the bride and groom but the tearful reconciliation between mother and son? I watched the first ten minutes of this episode with great irritation because the actress who plays Hao Jie doesn’t engage me AT ALL. I’m sorry, I know she’s trying her best, but I finally put a finger down to why I don’t like the  Hao Jie character. She exhibits a superhuman ability to forgive and forget the people and circumstances surrounding her separation from her beloved son. It’s too unrealistic. And maybe it’s her unnatural tresses as well. She looks like an aged Xiao Long Nu.At this point, I have a logical flaw to point out to the writers, if they are reading: Zhengjun did not kill someone FOR Jiahua. Zhengjun killed the person attacking her out of self-defense. What happened was just a series of unfortunate incidents and Jiahua shouldn’t be made to feel indebted to Zhengjun. It was not like Jiahua wished Zhengjun to be in personal danger or put a gun to her head saying “kill this person for me”. Zhengjun, in the heat of the moment, killed a dude. Why should Jiahua then feel guilt-laden, when he himself was a victim of kidnapping? As much as I enjoyed the lightheartedness of the previous episode, this episode disappointed. I only liked it that Xi En called off the wedding and expressed her serious doubts that she wasn’t ready. Possibly because Jiahua was constantly fussing over his mother and chocolate playground, and not her (duh). Good on her. Xi En deserves someone who wants to marry her for the sake of marrying her, and not for the attendant benefits it brings! 

    On a side note, am really starting to appreciate Peilong, Jiahua’s dad. He speaks so much sense here; he says his two sons do things without thinking about the consequences.  

    So that solves the mystery of why there are 22 more episodes. The wedding that we thought would inevitably happen, did not happen. Jiarui wins first-class idiot award in this episode. He’s just not listening to what every single person is saying. Zhengjun is already so mentally unstable, do you think she can handle the fact that she broke up Jiahua and Xi En’s marriage? 

    In the preview unfortunately it appears that Xi En and Jiahua break up so that Xi En can “find herself”, a common theme in these sort of shows. Zhengjun gives Jiahua a kiss so I think they’re sorta back together. What will happen next? This has piqued my interest a little, although today’s episode really wasn’t the best in the series. More of Bobby Dou, please! 

    • I kinda think that Zheng Jun’s depression stems from needing to feel atoned for what she has done (killing a person is pretty serious) and to be justified for the trauma that she has gone through. Yes, she killed someone out of self-defence, but if she didn’t go to save Jia Hua (at crucial times it’s hard to think rationally sometimes), she wouldn’t have put herself in such a mess. So I think I can empathise with her trauma of killing someone. Thus I actually can’t hate Zheng Jun though she is so mopey. However, what i think is that, her love for Jia Hua is not really love any more, rather I see it as a means for her to transfer her trauma elsewhere. Besides, throughout the five years, she has been clinging on to her “love” for Jia Hua in the hope that all that she has gone through can be justified. But when she came back to find that her love is unrequited, all her suffering seems to be for nothing. It must have been a black hole of despair. It really seems to me that she thinks that Jia Hua is her only redeeming hope out of her ordeal. And I don’t think that is love.

      And yes! I fully agree with you that Jia Hua need not feel guilty at all! I so wanted to slap Jia Rui when he kept saying: “Don’t you have to take half the responsibility for what she has gone through?” blah blah blah. Even Xi En thinks that Jia Hua is indebted to Zheng Jun “-_-  Zheng Jun tried to save him but along the way got herself into such a mess. But it wasn’t Jia Hua’s fault indeed.

      Actually, besides the first 10 minutes which I skipped, I did enjoy today’s episode. Everyone is talking things out, though it’s a whole can of worms. The brothers. Jia Hua and Xi En. Sensible Mama Hong. I especially love how Xi En was honest with herself and everyone. It’s also good that Xi En can find herself (though, as you said, it’s a typical plot), I would hate to see her being taken for granted by Jia Hua so that he can fulfil his whims and fancies. And yes, I agree with you. Papa Fang is the most sensible of all today! 🙂

      And oh no! I really hope Jia Hua and Zheng Jun won’t get back together. That’s the worst way to help Zheng Jun out of her ordeal. Ain’t there other ways??? 🙁

      • Haha yes smiletea, Zhengjun may not be feeling love, I never saw it that way, thanks for that observation. She really needs a shrink. I remember reading a comment either yesterday or the day before saying that Jiarui should go study psychology and become Zhengjun’s shrink, then they can fall in love LOL. 

      • Can I just comment about how ZJ was able to send letters to the JR while she was away for 5 years but none of them were for chocolate or carried any explanation for why she left

  36. I think 007 will be back tomorrow.  If you go to Love TV Show then you’ll see the entire preview for tomorrow when Zheng Jun, 007, Xi En, and Chocolate show up for Xi Hui retaking the university entrance exam.  Can’t wait for 007/Xi Hui to resume their relationship but they’ll still have to deal with Xi Hui’s father.

  37. 政君旳演技真的很爛,每次看到她出來就受不了,只想跳過不想看。請鄧安寧導演用用你的心思來導戲,就算是商業作品也需要維持一定的水準。

  38. Hmm is this the original plot or they changed it in between?

    I was attracted to the show in the beginning, it was pretty fun and light-hearted when  Xi En was still boy in disguise, the constant bickering between Chocolate and her was fun to watch, it seems like they have so much chemistry….then somehow the director decided to speed up the storyline – by making them an item so soon, they stop bickering…did anyone realized they basically CHANGED their personality too?!
    I strongly feel that the script writer has a problem with “tempo”. First they are so eager to let Chocolate find out about Xi En’s identity, then *BOOM* they fall in love, and for the next 20 episode……..i cant recall what they did as a couple….oh because they decided to let 007 & Xi Hui falls in love! Then while everyone is excited about it…..they decided to cut their parts and move back to Xi En and Chocolate…..

    Suddenly they are getting married and suddenly Wei Li loves Xiao Xiao.

    Suddenly Jia rui becomes an idiot. Suddenly Zhengjun becomes a loony.

    I believe they can better construct the drama since there are 80 episode, but this is really not a good plot. I’ll watch for the sake of 007 & Xi hui….oh and the new couple Xiaoxiao & Weili. Hope the last 20episode is good….

    • Ya the beginning was good, i enjoyed the first 20 episodes a lot then it starts to get too draggy and i just skipped a lot Chocolate & Xi En/Hao Jie parts and focus on 007 & Xi Hui or Xiao2 & Wei Li

    • ya, the drama especially the main storyline captured my attention initially but it failed to sustained my interest. tbh, i couldnt have done a marathon with this drama without 007 and xihui and all the comments posted by all of us. 

  39. 方家瑞! 你个超级大混蛋!!!你是吃错药了吗?!没吃错药你犯屁毛病啊?!

  40. 家瑞才是最自私的人,完全不顧大家的感受,心裡只有那個女人,好愚蠢的愛人方式!>_________<

  41. omg-_- 分手代表又要拖戲..
    強逼跟政君一起 最後政君放棄 追回希恩-.-
    007 come back>< stop making this drama too boring


    • 方家瑞只會說方家驊很自私只有想到自己

  43. 越看家瑞越觉得很不爽. 其实这一切都是他造成的, 政君根本没有叫他这么做! 这个剧本简直是太烂了, 无法看下去. 只能期待007与希惠的部分吧, 希望他们之间的剧情也不要令我失望!

    Jia Rui seriously deserve more than just a punch . He is actually hurting Zhengjun indirectly . -____-

  44. talk about losing the plot!!! 
    who’s stupid idea is this?
    家瑞…政君…to be honest 越看越 ‘都兰’. it’s time they take a ‘hike’

  45. really hate jiarui in this episode, so selfish.. haiz… stupid.. if i have to watch zheng jun more and more on the next episode, so irriating.. i dont like at all..
    can it change to 007 please, no more zheng jun..

    • if the next few episodes is showing zheng jun that will be so boring! and what’s more there is still 22 more episodes! =_=

      • Exactly!!!
        What the F*** going on in this ep!!!! Was looking forward to their wedding…
        ZhengJun, u know u r very 噁心!

  46. 我真的恨死方家瑞, 他搞砸了巧克力和希恩的婚礼. 真的很讨厌看到方家瑞………….
    等待最后一集但是还是希望将是皆大欢喜的结局对,巧克力和希恩. 🙂

  47. “The reason why I want to marry you so urgently isn’t entirely for my mother” YEAH SURE JIA HUA… FROM THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN TREATING XI EN I DON’T THINK SO..

  48. why do i get the feeling that jia hua is so keen to marry xi en just because that his mum’s wish and not actually because he “loves” her as he says 

    • uh totally. i cant really feel the ‘love’ between them two. thou i really like the couple n they are really sweet tgt, but they just dont give off the “in love” atmosphere or feel even thou its already 58 episodes. things just kind of got really messed up bcuz of how the director n script writer keeps trying to prolong the show by adding this and that into the whole drama.

  49. They spent 10 minutes crying at the beginning, I was looking closely like what was the mother’s reaction and I got nothing! @@ Has Jia Rui become a psycho or what ? Think about you’re going to marry someone and somebody told you “you cant marry her/him” =.= its so odd and bad…Overall.. i think the rest of the episodes will be interesting?

    • i HOPE the rest of the ep will be interesting. bcuz i really like vanness and i also like the main couple and 007 couple. BUT the way they are ruining the whole storyline by adding too much rubbish… sigh. i dont know how are they going to save the drama from here. i predict its going down down down.

      • me too! I like the main couple, 007 couple and … WEI LI couple ! hahahaha.. the next episode better be good! grr!

  50. 那政君从一出现到现在就是一个破坏王来的,每次只会用哭来利用家瑞的爱去帮他破坏巧克力和希恩。去死吧。。。。。。

  51. i hate jia hui frm the start. he lets his love for zheng jun blind him from right or wrong. and now his love shows how stupid he is to spoil the wedding btwn choc and xi en.

    • As much as I disagree with his intentions to break up jia hua and xi en,  I don’t think telling jia hua about zheng jun was wrong, wouldn’t it be better to let jia hua know before it’s too late and he’s already married to xi en. By then, things would really be at the point of no return. So it’s also good for xi en and jia hua to resolve their issues before rushing into marriage because of other obligations … i.e. the mother ugh 

      • i know, i agree it shld be before the wedding, but what i actually meant was the things he did all these while, [not just before the wedding. bt seriously, he couldve told him earlier, aftall he didnt only know of it b4 the wedding, bt the day he eavesdropped on the siblings]
        anw what i meant was how he tried to make chances for choc and zheng jun. he shldve rectified the whole matter beforehand, not at the wedding. isnt it abit too late and more hurting for xi en this way?but ya, i dont agree them marrying to finish the mom’s wish. its just wrong. but i dont want them to break up either 🙁 

  52. Super dislike JiaRui in this ep. I know how he tries to help ZhengJun, but then XiEn & JiaHua really love each other. A really selfish act of JiaRui, I must say.

    Anyway, no 007 today. =(

  53. The preview seems kinda contrived… like when jia hua says “let’s break up” it didn’t feel heartbreaking at all. I guess this couple doesnt have the sizzling chemistry OTPs have

    • ya, the jiahua-xien breakup is undramatic and lacks intensity, unlike that of 007 and xihui. i feel  the producer got the wrong guy for the male lead; this jiahua-xien pairing could have seen better rating if the jiahua-role had been played by a potently male  guy. how could a gay-looking guy and a normal gal evoke sizzling chemistry in a normal boy-gal relationship?

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