Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 57

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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75 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 57

  1. I FREAKING HATE HEARING THE “1 years old = birth,  3 years old = happiness, 6 years old = hope etc etc OMG SHUT UP ALREADY 

  2. 我覺得家瑞真的有點壞,他的頭腦是短路到甚麼程度呀???

  3. I’d be so PISSED, if this was my wedding day!  He will never see me again!  That’s the END of the relationship PERIOD!!!

  4. Isn’t it suppose to be their wedding day? Why is he giving a presentation instead of focusing on his wedding? That’s really inconsiderate and disrespectful. 

  5. 我真的认为希恩不是因为紧张才深呼吸。。。而是因为婚纱太紧 - 喘不过气。。。=X

    • apparently wang zi yi had too much on his schedule and got really sick, so they had to cut this drama out of his schedule. 

  6. 拖戲…


    希恩真是寬宏大量,希望希恩不要到最後成落跑新娘才好啊! 而且家瑞該不會在結婚典禮舉行前跟希恩或驊說出五年前君離開的真相和爲了救他殺了人才被迫離開吧?

    • no xien is not, its not like they’re still dating, they broke up for five years, i dont think XiEn is the third person 

    • I feel sorry for big brother when he had to watch her cry.. he must be in lots of pain to finally reunite with his sister but have to watch her be in pain… (Zheng Jun be a better sister to him! ) . 🙁 

  7. 好感人哦,小小与威力的部分 。期待007,希望他早日Xihui在一起。加油。应该不会到80 episode了吧,少了王子翊的部分。

  8. Zheng Jun asked 007 if he knew how it felt to be forgotten and left behind by someone.  Of course he knows because he thinks Xi Hui has left her feelings for him behind and moved on.

    I tried posting a preview from YouTube of 007 and Xi Hui but it’s still awaiting approval.  Well in the preview, Xi Hui told Xi En that getting back into university is an agreement between her and Boss.  It’s how she will proof her feelings for him is series.  It also showed Zheng Jun and 007 and then Xi Hui probably at the university holding the her hair accessory that 007 put in the time capsule.  At the end of the preview, Xi Hui started running probably towards 007.  I think they’ll deal with 007 and Xi Hui’s storyline next week and thus the preview.  So if I’m correct, Zheng Jun and Xi En will be instrumental in bringing 007 and Xi Hui back together.

  9. Not a bad episode oh! Love it when 007 appears the moment the vid loads! 
    Love how sweet XiaoXiao and Weili is! 

    Then im not sure about the rest of the storyline…arent they supposed to get married? Why is it not a wedding cake but a “mommy”cake? It just feels wrong. Why is the script writer making it so complicated?
    Why can’t they carry on the competition as per mentioned earlier, then he successfully found his mom who is ill and well perhaps rejected the reconciliation, then thats when the whole 巧克力乐园 comes about. I think its more realistic if he did this presentation during his mom’s birthday (look at the cake!). And how is it even possible to build something in 2 months? Did i miss out something? Im pretty sure i did with all the fast-forwarding.All the actors and actresses are great, its just the storyline. I do hope that it’ll be a happy ending…

  10. omg please, no more bad news for choc n xi en. zheng jun is enough drama, not to mention his mum who keeps rejecting him. if now they two cant get tgt or something, im gonna flip!!!

  11. this is like a presentation more than wedding..
    how come xi en can still be so calm? she didn’t even mad with chocolate..
    she only ask him few questions and forgive him…..

  12. Zheng jun needs to see a psychologist.. not evn kidding. okay now Jia rui go get a psychology degree, become a psychologist, make Zheng Jun happy again, then she’ll fall in love with you after you cure her screwed up mentality, then we can stop seeing her moan about Jia Hua, and then she can stop screwing up QiaoKeLi + Xi en and 007 + Xi hui’s relationship… yay. 

  13. Finally, mother & son acknowledged!!! i waited until i gave up and just focus on 007 & XI Hui part.

    xiao xiao & wei li part so touching 🙂 felt that their part is the best of this episode.

    I dun like xi en wedding gown too complicated with the glitter stuff on the ribbon & gown.
    even Xiao Xiao dress is nicer simple & elegant. Xi hui is also pretty in her red dress & hairstyle

  14. 今天的一集非常非常好看.
    最后还是希望快乐的结局. (*_*)

  15. why xi en crying to ask him wish his last wish?? negative thinking… pls dun let it be because he know about zheng jun and wanna break wif her! 

  16. 007 and Zhengjun had a moment of reconciliation in this episode! Though she still professed that she “hated him”, they embraced and 007 was so gentle when he comforted her about ckl. 007 is so suave *drools*. Where has Bobby Dou been all this time? Clearly I haven’t been watching enough Taiwanese dramas. 007 also spoke good sense when he berated Jiarui for wanting Zhengjun to break ckl and Xi En up just before marriage! My hero, man. At least someone has their moral values sorted out now that he’s left the triad. Pardon all the swooning, but once again I must say that Bobby Dou killed this role. (:

    I actually quite enjoyed this episode because of the element of fun. Xi Ping, as always, is hilarious! He with the toy light sabre and the lion mask to scare away the bad guy i.e. ckl’s dad. And even though the Weili-Xiaoxiao romance is so utterly ludicrous (she’s probably twice his age), the scene where Weili presented her with the hand-sewn bridesmaid’s dress was touching. 

    And as always, the writers allowed Hong Ma to give her spiel on marriage and loving each other despite their faults. Nice touch though, felt that the actors were giving their all in the scene where ckl picked Xi En up, although I was REALLY distracted by Xi En’s cleavage.

    The chocolate tour was totally unnecessary. Honestly I think chocolate just gives one a sugar rush and pimples. I would never try and make chocolate symbolize anything other than a nice dessert that more than makes up for our calorie count. However, I am so relieved that ckl and Hao Jie have acknowledged each other. Credible acting on Van Ness’ part here, I actually teared up here.

    But in the lighthearted vein that this episode was, I leave with one parting word: Grandma Fang has funky specs!!!

  17. ok srsly zhengjun… you killed someone… your blaming 007 for seinding you overseas to save you from legal punishment… and you’re saying the worst thing is you never got a proper farewell + chance to explain things to jia hua …..

  18. It really annoys me how jia hua treats xi en so bad and every time jia hua gets told off by xi en’s family and friends, all he does is just say all these sweet things which I think is just fluff and pretty useless because action speaks louder than words.. you can just SAY xi en is important blahblah I think you actually have to SHOW it 

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