Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 56

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Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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69 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 56

  1. ugh. chengjun was fine and then jiarui just had to ruin everything =.= she was already doing the right thing by letting go >.> jiarui has lost his innocence and has turned into something ugly and selfish.

  2. 其實我個人是覺得編劇一開始其實就設定好角色的搭配了:希恩配巧克力.政君配家瑞.凱莉配王子.小小配威力.政廷配希惠,不然為什麼一開始政廷出場就是遇到希惠,而凱莉現在也沒什麼戲分,應該也是因為王子辭演的關係吧!而且片頭威力要把巧克力給凱莉,卻被王子吃掉,就代表凱利會被王子搶走的意思…

  3. why do they make jia hua and zheng jun working together seem so couple-ly and romantic when zheng jun cries …

    • In ep 55, around the 10-th minute, Jia Hua mentioned that the investor already has a physical building that is the same as his design concept. As long as they work hard, they would be able to get the Chocolate Park set up within two months 🙂

  4. 究竟由那位掌控現在的拖拉劇情… 浪費演員的演技… 還好他們都是專業的… 否則我一早不看了… !!
    ( 我估計 ~~~ V當初看到的劇本是如此的爛… 他一定不接拍這個可怕的戀母狂角色!!!! ) 
    把家瑞拍成K 形….!!!!
    荒廢了重本建成的巧克力店…. !!
    當初火熱的比賽去了那裡…. ??
    如果7惠的感情線不得善終…. 我會大駡自己為何愚昧地追看….. !!!
    最不值是糟蹋了我最愛的 VVVVVVVVVVVVV .. V !!!!!!!!!!!! 

    為何下一站幸福能令人愛死男女主角和小小彬, 同時也愛上拓也….拓也的戲份也多, 演出亦超水準喔, 卻一點也不爭戲…. 這是全劇的成功 !!!

    抱歉得罪了 !!!!!

  5. 威力還蠻可憐的… 本來劇本安排他和另一個女配角配對(極有可能是凱莉,看片頭就知道),所以之前他一直跟小小澄清說他有喜歡的人了.. 

    現在因爲王子辭演,劇情少了一個男配角,所以要更改劇本. 原本要王子和希惠配對現在變成是兄妹情轉向要情侶不情侶的7惠配對…



  6. It’s good that jiarui blasted at zhengjun, about time he roared at her.  Hopefully he will shun her  and zhengjun will come to miss him, just like weili who hankers for weiwei’s attention when she finally pays him no attention at all. I think there is a deliberation move to introduce the weili-weiwei pairing and relationship at this stage just so that it will be contrasted and compared with the development of jiarui-zhengjun relationship; these 2 relationships will mirror each other, though one will take on a more serious tone and the other in more light hearted manner.
    As for 007 and xihui, I think there may be less airtime on them for now, so that ckl n xien, the intended lead characters, may come to the forefront again and recoup viewers’ interest in them. Otherwise 007 and xihui will truly be crowned the lead characters of this drama  if their popularity rating continues to jump and far exceeds that of xien and ckl. Tbh, I think the ckl-xien relationship lacks the omphh factor and that may explain the lack of  many viewers’ substantial interest in their characterization and storyline.

    • I had made a comment yesterday but somehow the moderator hasn’t posted it yet. I thought Jiarui was so manly when he lambasted Zhengjun! However I do identify with Zhengjun because I think as a female you can’t go for your man when you know he clearly won’t reciprocate. It will come off as desperate  and surely hurt the people involved. All you can do is silently watch the one you love, be with the one he loves.

      Yeah they needed to lay off on the 007 and Xi Hui scenes. It was getting too exciting for us viewers. 

      I don’t actually understand why Weili started to like Xiaoxiao. One of the reasons is probably because Hannah Quinlivan is no longer in the show (WHY?) because I thought that was the original pairing. Other reason is they had to distract us from the fact that Wangzi had to quit the show. I find it really strange though; does he really like her or is he just being nice to her?  

      • i agree with u that weili’s interest in weiwei, oops i mean xiaoxiao, could be an attempt to distract us from wangzi. hope ur earlier comment will be posted by the moderator; looking forward to read it. 🙂

  7. so boring with the choco concept .. i accept chocolate somehow brings up happiness but in this movie, i dont think CHOCO ppl have this faking look. Everything supposes to have the proper story line , not too much -_-!!!

    too many charactors really look fake n overacting.

    btw, i miss 007 , he didnt show up today 🙂

    • or there was already a chocolate building existing in Taiwan and they just went there to film the scene (the concept was already planned ahead of time in the script so they dont have to build the actual thing.. ).. hahah. 😀 

    • There is really an actual building existing – It’s called the Hunya chocolate museum in Taoyuan, Taiwan. But ya, the construction workers really built it in double quick time! LOL 

  8. they’ve overcome this ordeal that jia rui created! hope he doesn’t create any more chances for zheng jun! please!

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